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Will Attack on Titan have a happy ending (2023)?

Will Attack on Titan have a happy ending (2023)?

Attack on Titan has walked into the realm of climax. The upcoming Attack on Titan Season 5 (Shingeki no Kyojin Final Season Part 2) has been established as its final installment within the series, and the manga series is already over.

As the Shingeki no Kyojin series is finishing up its narrative for a thrilling face-off, and the question of its ending emerges. So, will Attack on Titan have a happy ending?

In fact, Hajime Isayama has abandoned his original plot of a shocking ending for a more delightful or less traumatizing one.

The final panel of a man holding a baby and telling him “you are free” seems to coincide with this ending plot. It is unknown what the cost for a delightful ending is.

Will Attack on Titan have a happy ending: What is Isayama’s Original Ending?

Will Attack on Titan have a happy ending (2022)?

Hajime Isayama has revealed in several interviews that the Shingeki no Kyojin manga series has evolved throughout the years as he keeps adding new elements and details to it.

But the most considerable evolution of the manga comes from Isayama’s original ending. He also revealed that his editor didn’t allow the story to be published without an end in mind.

Originally, Shingeki no Kyojin’s ending was meant to be a shocking one. The author stated that there were changes in the original plan due to the tremendous support the Attack on Titan series gained after its release.

However, Isayama’s abandonment of the original ending may not be an indicator of a happy ending. Still, it is likely to move away from a shocking one.

So, it is unclear whether the series will have a happy ending since nothing is set in stone in terms of the plot evolution.

So, will Attack on Titan have a happy ending?

As per our theory, the series’ cynical undertones are likely to prevent a happy ending and would settle on a bittersweet one.

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