Why Mikasa Killed Eren at the end of Shingeki no Kyojin Manga (Chapter 138)?

Why Mikasa Killed Eren at the end of Shingeki no Kyojin (Chapter 138)?

When Mikasa killed Eren, it was the event that ended two gory wars that brought misery in their own unique ways.

But first, did you read the Shingeki no Kyojin manga till its end? If you didn’t understand why Mikasa killed Eren, so don’t miss this blog post!

Actually, Shingeki no Kyojin is just another synonym for “painful surprises”. Well, seeing Eren dying wasn’t really surprising, and a bloody end seemed ineluctable.

That being said, why Mikasa killed Eren? How else could the mangaka give us one last heart attack if it was any other way?

With the multi-dimensional approach to Attack on Titan storyline, there is no one answer to why Mikasa killed Eren.

In this blog post, let’s look over the two main motives to understand why Mikasa killing Eren can add more weight to the plot.

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Mikasa Killed Eren To Stop The Rumbling

Why Mikasa Killed Eren at the end of Shingeki no Kyojin Manga (Chapter 138)?

The four-year time skip in the story (the beginning of the Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1) changed many things. Most remarkably, a deep change in Eren’s behavior.

Over the few last chapters of Shingeki no Kyojin manga series, it becomes clear that there is a wall between Eren and the others.

As the plot progresses it gets evident that at the end, Eren would be standing without the support of his friends. It’s really painful when you look back at the previous arcs that solidified their friendship and dedication for each other.

Sadly for Armin, there was no possibility to discuss and make things better. To understand why Mikasa killed Eren, let’s look at Eren’s character development.

First of all, Eren managed to go rogue when the Survey Corps came to Liberio. Eren walked out of the convention the group was attending once the meeting’s decision proved fruitless.

The others didn’t meet Eren again for at least the next two months. During this period of time, Eren infiltrated the Marleyan military and ended up meeting Zeke upon Yelena’s incitement.

To make things worse, Eren’s intention of getting to Marley were the exact opposite of Hange’s prudent approach. The desire of attacking the foe from within, a sick play on how Reiner did the same to Eren years ago solidifies when Eren assaulted Liberio to declare war in his own way.

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Mikasa confronted Eren, reminding him that he walked all over innocent young kids to take vengeance. This change into a brutal and autonomous approach signals sirens for the remaining characters.

If the communication gap between Eren and the others couldn’t widen, then it does when they arrive on Paradis Island. Now locked up, Eren refuses to talk about the reasons behind his actions and what he plans to do.

With the rise of the Yeagerists who created public resentment against the military, Paradis was involved in a bloody civil brawl.

Then, Eren has a last conversation with Armin and Mikasa. This is the last time we see the three talking to each other in the current events.

Fast forward to the last few chapters of the manga and Eren’s deadly end seemed inescapable. With the Rumbling in tow, its later revealed that Eren managed to kill off 80% of the world population.

Now, Eren has reached a point where finishing off what he began was easier than going back and fixing anything.

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Therefore, killing Eren was the only way to stop him. When he summoned the Alliance to the Paths, Eren said the same. With Mikasa being the strongest of them all, it made sense that she was the one who has to free the world, and Eren, from suffering.

Symbolically, Mikasa killing Eren obviously has a lot of weight. To see Mikasa, who had risked her life several times to save Eren in the past, killing him was heartbreaking. It was a sorrowful ending to a tragic love story.

Despite so, we also know that Eren couldn’t leave Mikasa with his horrible last words. Implanting a “dream sequence” in her brain, Eren incites her to forget about him and live on when everything is over.

This makes Mikasa figures out that she had to be her, who brought Eren Yeager’s downfall. And with this, she freed a girl so similar to herself, yet so different, Ymir Fritz.

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Mikasa Killed Eren to Fulfill Ymir’s Decisive Choice

Why Mikasa Killed Eren at the end of Shingeki no Kyojin (Chapter 138)? attack on titan, Shingeki no Kyojin, Shounen

One aspect of the Attack on Titan story is that the truth isn’t known to Paradis and perhaps the rest of the world. Barring the main reason, Eren’s true intentions and Ymir’s misery remained in the dark.

It hurts to know how the conflict could’ve been sorted out much quicker than the dark ending we see in chapter 139.5.

Ymir’s story finally unraveled in front of us. She too, was waiting for someone to free her. However, her situation was one where she got trapped due to her complex relationship with the King “Karl Fritz”.

Weirdly enough, it was not her hatred of the world that made her “choose” Eren to carry out the Rumbling, but it was her Love for Karl Fritz that burdened her.

Love has been an important yet invisible theme in the story, so seeing it make a bold return at the end was something that Hajime Isayama deserves praise for.

According to Eren, Ymir Fritz had been in love with Karl Fritz all along. It’s probable that she developed Stockholm Syndrome after Fritz took her in as his concubine and exploited her.

In reality, Ymir was waiting to see if another woman, burdened by love, would be able to put her love aside and bring the downfall of her beloved person.

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With the release of chapter 139.5 it becomes clearer why Ymir had pinned her hopes on Mikasa; Ymir had killed Karl Fritz too rather than letting him live.

Mikasa did exactly the same with Eren, she gave Ymir the emotional stability she had been craving for millennia to break free.

However, Ymir’s freedom needed the sacrifice of a 19-year-old young man who was fighting a war that he didn’t have a clue about.

Eren and Armin’s final conversation is a testament to the fact that Eren was the most important factor in Ymir’s journey to freedom, but not the chosen one.

Eren admits that his role was to just carry out actions that would result in Mikasa killing him; this was needed by Ymir so she could set herself free.

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Why Mikasa Killed Eren: Conclusion

Why Mikasa Killed Eren at the end of Shingeki no Kyojin Manga (Chapter 138)?

In a nutshell, Mikasa killed Eren so not only could the Rumbling stop, but the Power of the Titans could come to an end. Which, would only happen when Ymir accepts herself and sets herself free.

With Ymir doing the same, the titan powers finally vanished from the world.

While killing Eren and bringing an end to this conflict only garnered temporary peace, the Alliance managed to save the world from extinction. Shingeki no Kyojin’s beauty lies in its realistic sarcasm of sacrifices, as the end shows us that conflict can never really end.

What do you think about Mikasa killing Eren? Do you think Eren should have survived? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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