Why Mikasa Killed Eren at the end of Shingeki no Kyojin Manga (Chapter 138)?

The Rumbling in Attack on Titan: Why Did Eren Yeager Start The Rumbling (2022)?

The Rumbling in Attack on Titan: Why Did Eren Yeager Start The Rumbling?

The commencement of the Rumbling shocked Shingeki no Kyojin. Learn why Eren Yeager took one of the most audacious moves ever taken by a main protagonist by reading on.

Spoilers Alert: This blog post contains heavy spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga series!

Eren committed genocide against the rest of humanity because he wanted to be free and desperately wanted to defend his homeland.

For Eren, as long as Paradis was safe, he could tolerate his crucifixion by the rest of humanity.

In spite of the more bleak than predicted ending of Attack on Titan, it simply served to illustrate that the rumble could not stop the mankind from fighting.

The Rumbling had what purpose? What caused it?

The Attack Titan, which in itself is a paradox, holds the key to resolving the enigma. Eren’s drive was fueled by the very fact that the power existed.

As a result, it only makes sense to begin with Shiganshina, where we learned how Eren ended up.

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Why Did Eren Yeager Start The Rumbling: The truth found in Shiganshina

The Rumbling in Attack on Titan: Why Did Eren Yeager Start The Rumbling (2022)?

It is important to mention Shiganshina. This is where everything begins and comes to an end. It had been Eren’s principal goal to reclaim Wall Maria by destroying the Titans, who were his archenemies.

Attack on Titan was a thrilling mystery up until the reclaiming of Wall Maria, which took the series in a new direction.

Erwin Smith was the only one who could have imagined that humans could exist outside the walls. However, when the truth was ultimately revealed, the plot began to take shape. These new facts forever altered Eren’s life.

The way the rest of the world treated Paradis only served to strengthen Eren’s convictions. For as long as Eren can remember, his belief in the right to life has never wavered.

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For the benefit of his people, he would go to great lengths. For the sake of his people, Eren was willing to slaughter everyone across the seas.

First and foremost, Eren has witnessed the deaths of many of his fellow citizens who were innocent of any wrongdoing.

That the current generation of Paradis Eldians will be held responsible for the mistakes of previous generations. Eren never felt right about being the face of anti-Eldian propaganda.

He’d always thought it was his duty to look out for the people in his own homeland, and he still did. Particularly in light of the horrors he witnessed when he first set foot in Marley.

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Eren Yeager has also lost his friends. They all died because they had no idea what awaited them beyond the dense Paradis forest; they had no idea that an ocean separated them from a world that had already changed.

The tragic demise of the Levi Squad, who gave their lives protecting Eren, left a lasting impression on the community.

Aside from the rest of his first team, he also lost Marco in the fighting at Trost. Eren subsequently realized that he can never take their deaths for granted, and that it is up to him to ensure that their sacrifice was worth the effort they put into their lives.

Eren has also come to terms with the fact that he inherited the Attack Titan, which has a bloody past. Grisha accepted the titan’s inheritance since he was on the verge of death.

It’s clear now that the titan’s inheritance was all a part of a larger plan. In addition to his own father’s death and Eren Kruger’s enigmatic promise to keep Armin and Mikasa safe, Eren’s memory was scarred forever by these events.

Eren’s one-track plan became more complicated after Shiganshina’s revelation.

Up until Zeke Yeager turns out to be an “ally,” the Survey Corps seemed to be stuck without any hope of development. However, Zeke’s plan was never going to be relevant with Eren.

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Why Did Eren Yeager Start The Rumbling: Zeke’s plan shocked Eren

The Rumbling in Attack on Titan: Why Did Eren Yeager Start The Rumbling (2022)?

Both Eren and Zeke’s strategies for putting an end to the fight went to extremes. The “Euthanasia plan” was Zeke’s preferred method of eliminating all Eldians.

While Eren, on the other hand, prioritized protecting Paradis above all else, he did so at the expense of the entire world. There were considerable philosophical disagreements between the two camps.

As a result of his background, Zeke was terrified of living as an Eldian. Eren grew up with a “never say die” mindset, stressing the significance of living one’s own life unrestricted.

Evidently, Eren’s disdain towards Zeke’s creation is understandable. His Founding Titan’s full powers were awakened when Eren transcended time.

In the absence of any other options, Eren was compelled to take the gory path toward his loved ones’ demise in the rumbling.

This demonstrates that Zeke’s strategy would not be Eren’s last resort. It’s not that difficult to see why this is happening!

Eren had always known that the worst thing a human could do was to accept oppression and reject freedom for a more “pleasant” life.

It’s likely that Zeke’s plan sounded shameful and tasteless to him. Even if the rest of the world was willing to forgive and forget, Eren would never compromise who he is and what he represents.

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Refusing to be brainwashed by Zeke, Eren starts the Rumbling.

In order to save the world, Eren would rather have his own people killed than have them sacrificed for the sake of the world’s happiness.

The idea of rumbling crossed Eren’s mind as he was leaving the meeting the Survey Corps was attending in Marley. While watching people get on with their daily routines, he realizes that they are no different from his own family and friends.

Until he meets Ramzi, Eren muses over how he will kill them all. When Eren realized he had saved a child who would one day die, he screamed in pain.

The fact that Eren had no choice but to kill everyone reminds us that he was no murderous villain who wanted to kill everyone.

Even if there had been a choice, the moment Willy Tybur spoke, history was made!

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Why Did Eren Yeager Start The Rumbling: The Rumbling was triggered by Willy Tybur’s Speech

The Rumbling in Attack on Titan: Why Did Eren Yeager Start The Rumbling (2022)?

Willy Tybur‘s speech is still one of the most intriguing scenes in the story. When the speech is deconstructed, it reveals more than what can be seen with the naked human eye.

It made us wonder why he would wish to declare war on Paradis, even though he was aware that it would activate the Rumbling.

Willy’s words lead us to believe that Eren’s attack on Marley was far more extensive than anyone anticipated.

What was supposed to be a hubbub to assert power and whisk Zeke away turned into a gory massacre.

Eren smashed the corrupt Marleyan government and worldwide dignitaries in Liberio, as well as numerous brainwashed Eldians.

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After Hange’s rogue conduct, Eren is annoyed by her lack of action. With Willy’s choice of words and connection with the heads of the countries, an attack on Paradis seemed ineluctably inevitable.

Even though Willy was deliberately inciting Eren to respond to the rumbling in order to absolve the Eldians on the continent of their sins, the strategy worked.

It was becoming late in the process for Eren to wait for Hange to take action because he was already persuaded diplomacy with the world that needed Paradis to be the bad guys would not work.

Eren eliminated any chance of peace when he chose to attack first, devoting himself to the struggle to the last end in order to save the island.

After the group returned to Paradis, Hange approached Eren. He reasoned that the Survey Corps couldn’t do much right now, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

In order to understand why Eren was so impatient, one must recall that he wanted to go to Ymir via Zeke and not Historia.

When the Beast Titan used Historia and her progeny as vessels, he was not prepared to see their lives taken away from them by the Titan’s wrath.

Eren’s fear of seeing his loved ones wounded is evident in the above.

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Why Did Eren Yeager Start The Rumbling: Eren’s apprehension about involving his close friends

The Rumbling in Attack on Titan: Why Did Eren Yeager Start The Rumbling (2022)?

It’s safe to conclude that Eren’s actions inflicted the most pain on his family and friends.

The reason for his actions sprang from a deep desire to see his friends happy, no matter how much he longed to stay by their side.

As a result of witnessing individuals who cared about him sacrifice their lives in an effort to save him, Eren had been traumatized.

In addition, he had become tired of future generations participating in a dispute that should have been resolved long ago.

In his own mind, Eren saw how he and his brother, the warriors from Marley, and the youngsters of Paradis were all struggling to perform their roles.

In order to ensure that the conflict ended with him, Eren took the initiative to carry out the Rumbling.

The Rumbling continues to occur as Eren stands firm in his refusal to stop.

However, Eren maintains his attitude of preserving Paradis while allowing his buddies to go free. No one could have predicted that his efforts would remain fruitless.

Eren was prepared to give everything he had to the cause. His pals could do whatever they wanted, but he would never let them do something so heinous.

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Armin concludes in Chapter 139 that Eren was willing to be portrayed as the villain in order to make his buddies “heroes” and negotiate peace.

Eren’s wish came true in the end. Most of his friends made it out alive and well. As promised in the Chapter 138 dream sequence with Mikasa, he and Mikasa have already moved on.

It’s safe to say that Eren’s dream for an end to the conflict didn’t actually happen. He fulfilled a promise he made to himself many years ago, eradicating the titans (which most people forget to give him credit for).

Eren, on the other hand, was unable to guarantee Paradis’ status in the world. Using this strategy is a good fit for modern world. Even the most selfless sacrifices can never bring peace to a quarrel to its fullest extent.

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Why Did Eren Yeager Start The Rumbling: The Rumbling is part of Ymir’s journey to liberty

The Rumbling in Attack on Titan: Why Did Eren Yeager Start The Rumbling (2022)?

It turns out that Eren’s deeds were the final step in Ymir’s journey to freedom, even though Eren had no idea what Ymir was going through. The ability to travel back and forth through time was one of Eren’s abilities.

Awakenings like Eren telling Dina not to eat Bertholdt (since the timeline dictates that he must survive in order to kick Wall Maria, which sets off the tale) and his mother’s death were orchestrated so that he would be forced to carry out the rumbling.

An important aspect of Ymir’s struggle for independence was the rumbling that Eren made. This reveals that Eren wasn’t as free as he believed he was.

Although this was not part of Ymir’s objective, he nevertheless claims that he would’ve carried out the rumbling regardless of that.

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Ymir used him as a bait to draw Mikasa out of hiding. To see if sacrificing your love for the benefit of the world is justifiable or not, a lady who was similar to herself was used.

Eren’s destiny may not have pleased many, but it makes perfect sense in terms of the story’s overall plot. One of the main conflicts in Attack on Titan was the one between humans and Ymir.

Eren was able to accomplish the objective he set for himself when he was nine years old, despite the fact that he had lost sight of it.

What do you think about the reasons behind the Rumbling, and why did Eren start the Rumbling? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!