Was Grisha Yeager A Good Father In Shingeki no Kyojin?

Was Grisha Yeager A Good Father In Shingeki no Kyojin?

Was Grisha Yeager A Good Father In Shingeki no Kyojin?

From pushing his first kid, Zeke Yeager, to his breaking point, to burdening Eren, his second child, with a conflict two thousand years old, Grisha Yeager‘s journey of fatherhood is nothing short of a roller coaster ride.

While he may have had his redemption arc with his second son, was it enough to make him a good dad? Was Grisha Yeager a good father in Attack on Titan?

Anime fathers are known for either being absent or causing noise for their children, but Grisha Yeager had a significant first impression! This kind, brown-haired man came off as a tender dad who raised his son properly. Fast forward a few seasons, and turns out that Grisha Yeager did some horrible things.

So, keep reading this blog post to know more about Grisha Yeager as a father, and was he a good dad or not?

Was Grisha Yeager A Good Father: Grisha’s Upbringing

Was Grisha Yeager A Good Father In Shingeki no Kyojin? attack on titan, Shingeki no Kyojin

Was Grisha Yeager A Good Father? Grisha’s own ambitions pushed him to become the father he was. Grisha’s chastisement for “losing” his sister came not in the form of a beating, but watching his parents surrender to Marley.

For a child who just desired to see a mark, this was a far more brutal punishment. As a result, his ideals and principles changed forever after experiencing the bitter reality of the world.

The absence of his own dad’s understanding to his emotions had probably played a big role in shaping his first fatherhood. Just like his own dad, he had expected his son to be the one who would fulfil his own ambitions.

A child is more susceptible to prove a parent wrong, and Grisha was a classic case. Now, married to royal blooded Dina, their unborn child would be more of a tool than anything.

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Was Grisha Yeager A Good Father: Grisha & Zeke Relationship

Was Grisha Yeager A Good Father In Shingeki no Kyojin?

Was Grisha Yeager a good father to Zeke? If there is one thing that most fans agree on, it’s that Grisha was a terrible father to Zeke. As mentioned above, Zeke’s royal blood made him a tool that the restorationists had to restore Eldia glory.

Despite knowing how it feels to be deceived by your own parents, Grisha’s ambitions came in his way of being a good father to Zeke.

Grisha has no respect for Zeke’s own ambitions, both him and his wife pinning all their hopes on him. Kids, despite their age, can understand things very well which can force them into behaving in certain ways. Zeke was slowly getting burdened and developed low self-esteem.

With Zeke, Grisha spent most of his time undoing the educational propaganda of Marley. While Zeke understood the “role” he had to play, unfortunately, he wasn’t lucky enough. Neither physically gifted or sharing the determination of his comrades, Zeke was left behind.

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So, what does Grisha do? He Lost hope in him.

It is important to place emphasis on the fact that Grisha saw Zeke more as a tool than a child. Its flagrantly clear with how he discusses with Dina over Zeke’s lack of competence. Worse, he walked away from his own kid as he saw him fail.

Nowadays, fathers like Grisha Yeager are prevalent in our realm, but can his ethical values give him the authorization to emotionally break his own son?

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Was Grisha Yeager A Good Father: Grisha & Eren Relationship

Was Grisha Yeager A Good Father In Shingeki no Kyojin? attack on titan, Shingeki no Kyojin

Was Grisha Yeager a good father to Eren? Grisha did a complete 180° with Eren. Be it the scare of being unmasked by another son, or just realising the mistake he made, Grisha was an ideal dad for Eren.

Actually, the change was so huge that Zeke couldn’t wrap his head around it. Grisha brought up Eren to adopt his own qualities and do as he wants.

Grisha was now conscious that letting a child grow into his own person is crucial. He let Eren be a hot-tempered boy with a sense of duty. Grisha told Eren he would let him see what is hidden in the basement, defending his curiosity while his wife was on guard because of Eren’s foolhardiness.

We feel even more terrified by Grisha, who seemed emotionless of Eren’s lust. That is what we thought.

Its only in Chapter 121 of Shingeki no Kyojin manga series (Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 4) that we see how horrified Grisha was at what Eren said. He knew that this thought process was self-destructive; he would never want his son to go down the same path.

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His calm life in Paradis Island came to an end with the breaking down of the wall in 845. We do, however, see a big change in his attitude. Before that, he was okay with shortening Zeke’s life for a goal. This time, he begs to Freida to let Eren live on.

This shows that Grisha most likely learnt his lesson, and wanted to explore the option of negotiating so he could prevent his son from getting involved.

And again, we see Grisha putting his duty onto Eren before allowing himself to be eaten. This drives Eren on the deadliest path taken by a man in that world, which ultimately leads to his own doom.

Was Grisha Yeager a good father to Eren? Unfortunately, Grisha failed as a father, again.

And You, what do you think about Grisha’s fatherhood? Was Grisha Yeager a good father? Don’t hesitated to share you point of view with us!