Vinland Saga Chapter 187

Vinland Saga Chapter 187 Spoilers, Leaks & Review

Vinland Saga is a very popular seinen manga series and fans are breathlessly waiting for the release of the upcoming chapters after the latest short but lovely Vinland Saga chapter 187.

Cordelia was the spotlight of the Vinland Saga chapter 187 and fans are guessing that maybe Yukimura is preparing Cordelia’s character for potential corruption.

If you are intrigued about how the Vinland Saga Chapter 187 unfolds, continue reading this blog post about Vinland Saga 187 Spoilers and Review!

Vinland Saga Chapter 186 Recap

In Vinland Saga Chapter 186 (Chapter title: “Cordelia’s Agony”), we saw:

  • Cordelia is shown being manipulated. Actually, we got the sense that her role is becoming more noticeable in the Vinland Saga series;
  • Thorfinn being undervalued as usual in regards to his combat skills;
  • Evyar was considering Thorfinn as naïve;
  • A heart-to-heart conversation between Thorfinn and Karli;
  • Thorfinn tried to encourage Karli to make amends with his friends;
  • humorous and smartly done parallel drawn between the kids combat and the adults combat in the beginning of the Vinland Saga chapter 186.

Vinland Saga Chapter 187 Spoilers & Review (Chapter Title: “Nisqauji’j’s expedition”)

Vinland Saga Chapter 187 Spoilers
  • Vinland Saga Chapter 187 started with the Norsemen finding underground water and checking if it’s potable;
  • Some of the Norsemen found it a bit salty and realized that it could be due to the coast being near them;
  • Thorfinn put himself forward to test if the water is venomous, for a month;
  • Einar mentioned that he had a feeling that Thorfinn would do that and told him to stop drinking the water if he feels sick;
  • The Norsemen decided if the water is venomous, they will make a canal from the river so that it won’t cause bother to the settlement;
  • Bug-Eyes mentioned that it seems hard work and told that it will work out if he is on it;
  • As they were discussing the water, the Lnu tribe arrived in the village;
  • Thorfinn saw them walking on the wheat fields and tried to stop them;
  • Finding out how to say stop in the Lnu language from Bug-Eyes, Thorfinn tried and let the Lnu people know;
  • Nisqauji’j’ asked Bug-Eyes in her language, but he didn’t understand anything she said;
  • After letting her know that he didn’t fully get the language, Nisqauji’j’ left with a dull face;
  • Some dudes mentioned how he made Nisqauji’j’ upset, but Bug-Eyes thinks otherwise;
  • Later, Nisqauji’j’ walked through the settlements, and wondered how she will learn about the Nordic people if she couldn’t speak their language;
  • She remembered her dream of fields of land and how the people will change it;
  • While exploring the settlement, Nisqauji’j’ found a ship and was fascinated by it;
  • When Nisqauji’j’ tried to touch the vessel, Eyvar told her not to do so;
  • Terrified by Eyvar’s approach, Nisqauji’j’ ran away and bumped into Cordelia and got asked if she’s fine;
  • Then, Nisqauji’j’ was in front of Bug-Eyes and got rammed by a sheep;
  • Bug-Eyes told her that the sheep did that to most people;
  • Nisqauji’j’ pointing at the sheep said: “Goqweinet?” and Teluisi figured out that “goqweinet” means “what’s that?”;
  • Teluisi taught Nisqauji’j’ the translation, and she found out the animal is a sheep;
  • Nisqauji’j’ was pleased because she learned some new words from Bug-Eyes, and they got acquainted;
  • Vinland Saga Chapter 187 Ends.

Where to read Vinland Saga Chapter 187 online?

You can read the Vinland Saga manga series by buying the manga from Kodansha USA. They are currently 12 volumes behind with only 11 of 23 translated so far.

If you want to read Vinland Saga Chapter 187 as it is simultaneously released in Japan, then you can read the translations done by online fan groups.

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