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Tower of God Chapter 533 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

In Tower of God Chapter 533, the monster is ready to assault Baam, but he is preparing some clever plan to contain it. Also, Yama Vs Yasurachya fight continue. Who will win? Will the monster defeat Baam?

Keep reading this blog post for more details about Tower of God Chapter 533 spoilers, raw scans, leaks, release date and where to read it online and for free!

Tower of God Chapter 532 Recap

In the chapter 532 of Tower of God manhwa, we saw:

  • Baam planning to get the monster inside of him;
  • Yama Vs Yasurachya fight began;
  • Yasurachya taunted Yama that there is a big difference in their powers;
  • Yasurachya said that Yama is ignorant and knows nothing of the Lo Po Bia family;
  • He added that “Traumerei” who was one of the family leaders didn’t recognize him as “being”;
  • However, he affirmed that Yama’s father had vain hopes for him;
  • He said that they are all insignificant creatures to Traumerei;
  • Yama replied that his father wasn’t wrong, and he passed on many things to him;
  • He prepared to attack Yasurachya with everything he got;
  • The game in the Cat Tower is over, much sooner than anyone had expected;
  • Yasurachya installed a sealing device around Yama and left;
  • He headed towards Corps Commander Rybolick;
  • Meanwhile, Baam casted his spell, and pulled the monster inside him;
  • The monster found itself in new environs, and wondered why is there still too much space inside of him.

Tower of God Chapter 533 Release Date

Tower of God Chapter 533 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Tower of God Chapter 533 Release Date is scheduled on March 7th, 2022.

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Tower of God Chapter 533 raw scans and leaks will be available on March 6th, 2022.

Tower of God Chapter 533 spoilers will be out on March 6th, 2022.

Tower of God Chapter 533 Release DateMarch 7th, 2022
Tower of God Chapter 533 Raw Scans ReleaseMarch 6th, 2022
Tower of God Chapter 533 SpoilersMarch 6th, 2022

Tower of God Chapter 533 Raw Scans & Leaks

As we said above, Tower of God Chapter 533 Raw Scans and leaks will be out on March 6th, 2022. You can check some of theme below:

Tower of God Chapter 533 Spoilers

Tower of God Chapter 533 Spoilers status: Available.

  • Traumerei instructed Cobalt the frog to bring “the cat and the dog” to him;
  • Cobalt easily managed to do so, transporting Yama and Yasratcha in front of Traumerei;
  • Then Yasratcha and Traumerei ended up having a discussion where there were new revelations regarding the death of their dad;
  • This made Yama angry, who then managed to break free from the prison with the intentions of killing Traumerei;
  • His plans are thwarted when he is restrained by Perseus;
  • Yama however mustered up all the strength and the will power he can, and managed to break free from the reins of Perseus;
  • Traumerei then accused Yasratcha of lying to him, and took control of his cat;
  • With no other choice, Yasratcha is compelled to kill his own cat;
  • Yasratcha then began to transform fully appearing to defy Traumerei.

Where to read Tower of God online?

You can read Tower of God Chapter 533 on Line Webtoon. This platform provides the newest chapters of Tower of God manhwa for free.

These are the available details for Tower of God Chapter 533 Spoilers until now and if we receive any more informationthen we will update this article as soon as possible.

About Tower of God – Kami no Tou – Sin-ui Tap

Tower of God is a Korean Webtoon (Manhwa) created by SIU published on Naver Webtoon since July, 2010.

An anime series was produced by Telecom Animation Film, and premiered on April 1, 2020 on broadcast television (Tokyo MX, BS11, GYT, GTV) in Japan and Navor Series On in South Korea.

In order to find Rachel, the only person dear to him, Twenty-Fifth Bam decides to take all the risks to reach the top of a mysterious tower. To pass each floor, he will have to pass a complex test in which he will play his life every time. Will Bam come out unharmed?

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