While the manga shelves are overflowing with novelties in bookstores, Anime Troops invites you to discover the best works of the genre published the last year. He is our Selection of Top 5 Best Manga of 2021.

It should be noted that this selection of the 5 Best Manga of 2021 highlights new releases only, and does not take into account remakes of certain titles.

Best Manga of 2021: Blue Period


Blue Period readers are invited to a vast lesson in the history of art. By following the daily life of Yatora, a young high school student who takes a passion for painting and drawing, readers will offer themselves a dizzying dive into an often-dark environment for the layman.

Thought at the base as a pure Shounen, Blue Period very quickly raises the level by also having an educational will. The mangaka, Tsubasa Yamaguchi, likes to explain to us the different currents that drive artists, like Picasso’s famous blue period which gives its name to this manga.

Above all, the mangaka draws the real competition that takes place in Japan each year, between students who dream of being future stars of art and manga in particular.

Crowned with the prestigious Manga Taishô Award of 2020, Blue Period is also knowing a great success in the land of the rising sun by getting a tv anime series (Fall 2021).

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Best Manga of 2021: Ningen Shikkaku (No Longer Human)

Best Manga of 2021: Ningen Shikkaku (No Longer Human)

Ningen Shikkaku isa work in three volumes written and illustrated by Junji Ito. We discover the life of Yôzô Ôba, a man who would nevertheless have everything to please. Handsome, intelligent and funny, he actually hides a much darker side because he does not understand what happiness is, nor the concept of passion.

Devoured by his inner demons, our protagonist recounts (like a biography) his long journey towards depression, even if everyone perceives him as a clown.

A decay that the mangaka depicts with all his know-how, competing in ingenuity to better surprise us, disgust us or horrify us with the detours of skilfully constructed boards.

This work is taken from the novel of the same name written by Osamu Dazai and published in 1962, very close to the stories of HP Lovecraft and which fans will appreciate.

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Best Manga of 2021: Kusuriya no Hitorigoto (The Apothecary Diaries)

Best Manga of 2021: Kusuriya no Hitorigoto (The Apothecary Diaries)

Another big release at the start of the year 2021, Kusuriya no Hitorigoto stands out as one of the new strong titles in our selection of top Best Manga of 2021.

A manga which takes its story from a best-selling novel by Natsu Hyuuga in Japan, and which is here drawn by Nekokurage and Itsuki Nanao.

This adaptation leads us directly into the secrets of the imperial palace where the young Mao Mao, 17 years old and apothecary (the ancestor of pharmacists), finds herself projected in spite of herself into this place of power where assassinations are legion.

If her destiny was to become an obedient servant, her life changes the day she turns into a real detective to investigate another death by poisoning in the castle.

And her knowledge of plants and poisons did not go unnoticed at court, where she was named a taster. Carried by a particularly neat design, the historical story of this budding detective is not to be underestimated for fans of the genre, because it turns out to be full of surprises and subtle twists.

Best Manga of 2021: Sarissa of Noctilucent Cloud

Best Manga of 2021: Sarissa of Noctilucent Cloud

Sarissa of Noctilucent Cloud is definitely not to be missed for Sci-Fi fans. In this inspired sci-fi tale, the future of humanity is threatened by giant entities that roam the stratosphere. Countries are therefore arming themselves with fighter planes capable of going to battle in the skies.

However, to put an end to these celestial creatures, weapons alone are not enough and you have to rely on the gifts developed by some children to hope to gain the upper hand.

This is how the young Shinobi embarks, who has the strange ability to make herself invisible to others. And if she perceives this power as a social handicap, it will quickly become an asset.

We salute the originality of Sarissa whose graphic bias gives to admire impressive boards. While we can only remain admiring of the meticulousness brought to the planes by the authors Kome (drawing) and Miki Matsuda (story).

This title that should appeal to Sci-Fi fans who like to look up at the clouds.

Best Manga of 2021: BURN THE WITCH

Best Manga of 2021: BURN THE WITCH

Bleach fans have been waiting for it impatiently and their wait is finally rewarded. Tite Kubo’s new work is called Burn the Witch and transports us to a world where dragons of all kinds live in a world parallel to ours.

However, portals connect us to the land of dragons and guardians have been responsible for keeping this secret preciously for several centuries.

We then discover Verso-Londres, a parallel version of the famous British capital with a crazy magical folklore. Accompanying the animated series of the same name available on Crunchyroll, Tite Kubo’s manga is in line with Bleach, since it is considered a spin-off.

Fans will also discover several details from the original manga. Particularly well-paced, Burn The Witch takes advantage of the sublime and trendy line of its author.