Top 7 Best Assassin Anime You Should Be Watching In 2022!

Top 7 Best Assassin Anime You Should Be Watching In 2022!

This may not be the most popular genre of Japanese animation, but all of these assassin anime are worth checking out if you’re looking for something new to watch.

Explore the underground world of professional assassins as they stalk their prey, inching closer and closer toward their next targets.

The shows that are listed in our list of “Top Best Assassin Anime You Should Be Watching In 2022” may have different sub-genres, but they’re all about taking out people for some reason!

Best Assassin Anime: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom)

Best Assassin Anime: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom)

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (Assassination Classroom)  is the anime adaption of the manga with the same name that premiered on January 9th, 2015. The series is produced by Lerche and directed by Seiji Kishi.

The second season titled “Assassination Classroom: Second Season” (renamed Final Season after the conclusion of the manga) began on January 7th, 2016.

This assassin anime begins when a mysterious creature slashes the moon to a permanent crescent, the students of class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Middle School find themselves confronted with an enormous task: assassinate the creature responsible for the disaster, Koro-sensei, before Earth suffers the same destiny.

However, Koro-sensei is able to fly at speeds of up to Mach 20, which he demonstrates freely, leaving any attempt to kill him in his extraterrestrial dust.

In addition, the misfits of 3-E soon find that the weird, tentacled monster is more than just indomitable, he is the best teacher they have ever had!

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Best Assassin Anime: Akame ga Kill!

Best Assassin Anime: Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill! is an assassin anime series based on the manga of the same name. The story follows halfway through the manga while delivering an anime-only ending.

This assassin anime is set in a fantasy world, and it starts with a talented but rather naive swordsman named Tatsumi, arriving in the Empire’s capital city and looking to make a name for himself.

He quickly finds himself being stripped of his meager savings by a certain feline-looking woman called Leona, but comes across a rich family who decides to courteously shelter him.

That very same night, a group called Night Raid hits the household with the intent of assassination. Through a series of twists that exposes the family’s atrocities, Tatsumi accepts the offer to join Night Raid and starts on the path towards assassinating those who they deem to be responsible for plaguing the Capitol with corruption.

However as he and his teammates continue their campaign against those who stand in their way, the Empire responds by creating their own unit of elite soldiers called The Jaegers to hunt down Night Raid.

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Best Assassin Anime: Darker Than Black

Best Assassin Anime: Daker than Black

Darker than Black is an assassin anime TV series created and directed by Tensai Okamura and animated by studio Bones.

One night, as meteors streak across the star-studded sky, Shion Pavlichenko becomes a Contractor. Despite her brother’s transformation, Shion’s twin sister Suou continues to live a peaceful life, attending middle school with her friends and getting caught up in the awkwardness of growing up.

However, everything changes when her home is invaded by a masked man cloaked in black, destroying any sense of normality she once had. Revealed to possess latent Contractor abilities of her own, Suou is caught between family, friends, and her own sense of purpose as she ventures into the ruthless world of cutthroats and espionage that Contractors call home.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, investigation surrounding Hell’s Gate’s sudden collapse is underway, and prophetic signs of doom point in the direction of a silver-haired doll.

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Best Assassin Anime: Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Best Assassin Anime: Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom is an assassin anime TV series based on the Phantom of Inferno 2000 video game. It was animated by Bee Train and directed by Koichi Mashimo

This assassin anime series is about a Japanese national who gets kidnapped by an assassin syndicate called “Inferno” after he had personally witnessed an assassination while visiting the United States. Inferno is a criminal organization attempting to unite all known underworld mob gangs into one conglomerate.

In order to achieve their goal, Inferno deploys its assassin operatives codenamed Phantom. Among them is an amnesiac girl named Ein and the Japanese national, who was given the name Zwei as his codename after being brainwashed from his previous memory.

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Best Assassin Anime: Code Breaker

Best Assassin Anime: Code Breaker

Code: Breaker is the anime adaption of the manga with the same name that premiered on October th, 2012. The series is produced by Kinema Citrus and directed by Irie Yasuhiro.

Riding the bus one day, Sakura Sakurakōji looks out the window to see people being burned alive with a blue fire as a boy her age remains unharmed and stands over the people. When she goes back to the site the next day, there are no corpses or evidence of any kind of murder, just a small fire.

When Sakura goes to class, she discovers the new transfer student is the same boy she saw the day before. Sakura soon learns that he is Rei Ōgami, the sixth “Code: Breaker,” a special type of assassin with a strange ability and a member of a secret organization that serves the government.

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Best Assassin Anime: Danganronpa

Best Assassin Anime: Danganronpa

Danganronpa is a Japanese visual novel franchise created by Kazutaka Kodaka and published by Spike Chunsoft since 2010. Currently the franchise includes four console games and two major anime series, with associated manga, novels and stage play spin-offs and adaptations.

Hope’s Peak Academy is an elite high school that accepts only the most talented students. Individuals who successfully enroll receive their own unique titles, suitably reflective of their skills and abilities.

Of the 15 students admitted to the exceptional school that year, Makoto Naegi is a completely ordinary dude who has been accepted by fair chance, with the title of “Super High School-Level Luck.”

Naegi and his fellow classmates are initially ecstatic to be chosen to study at this prestigious school, but these feelings of happiness are short-lived. They are soon confronted by Monokuma, the principal and resident bear, who traps them inside the school.

The pupils’ hopes of escape and graduation hinge on one of them successfully murdering one of their peers without being discovered. However, if the killer is caught, he or she will be executed, and the remaining survivors will be left to continue the deathmatch until only a single victor remains.

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Best Assassin Anime: Black Cat

Best Assassin Anime: Black Cat

Black Cat was originally a Japanese Shonen Jump manga series written by Kentaro Yabuki. The series was adapted into a 24-Episode anime series by Gonzo studio.

Perfecting every job with inhuman accuracy, Train Heartnet is an infamous assassin with no regard for human life. Donning the moniker “Black Cat” in the underground world, the elite assassin works for the powerful secret organization known only as Chronos.

One gloomy night, the blasé gunman stumbles upon Saya Minatsuki, an enigmatic bounty hunter, and soon develops a weird friendship with her. Influenced by Saya’s positive outlook on life, Train starts to rethink his life.

Deciding to abandon his role as the Black Cat, he instead opts to head down a virtuous path as an honest bounty hunter. However, Chronos, and especially Creed Diskenth, Train’s possessive underling, is not impressed with Train’s sudden change of heart and vows to resort to extreme measures in order to bring back the emissary of bad luck.