Top 6 Types Of Couples In Shôjo Manga

Top 6 Types Of Couples In Shôjo Manga

In all good Shôjo manga, love occupies a central place, which implies that the main character is neither the hero nor the heroine but the couple that they form together. In fact, there are many types of couples in Shôjo Manga.

It can be influenced by a particular external context which makes it evolve or by the nature of the characters who compose it. So what are the different types of couples that we can meet in the Shôjo manga?

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: The Love Hunters

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: The Love Hunters

The first type of couples in Shôjo Manga is the love hunters! The two main protagonists turn around without ever reaching each other.

At the moment when we say that we are there, that they have finally arrived, we return to the starting point … Welcome to the world of perpetual regression where the sentimental handicap makes law!

The slow progress of the story makes it possible to appreciate the skill of the mangaka that manages to maintain the reader’s attention!

Let’s Take “Love so Life” as an example, the heroine is the babysitter of two magnificent twins. Her employer is their uncle.

The progress of the story is slow with a gradual evolution that is very coherent and judicious: a high school student and an older man.

The situation is arduous and can’t be explained or evolved in a rush. The progressive nature of the story leads to the consolidation of the strength of the rising relationship.

We see Shiharu evolving, blossoming and entering adulthood in contact with the unconsciously loved being. Our heart beats at the thought of seeing the moment when they become aware of their existing feelings.

The ultimate pleasure is nevertheless the one where finally everything happens: the love confession, the end of this interminable waiting, questions and hesitations.

Despite all the patience that the reader has to show sometimes, it is certainly annoying but we feel this feeling of satisfaction. We are moved as if it were our own love story that had come to fruition.

Finally, this relationship leads to the impression that we ourselves have passed a stage in our life as if we were living by proxy this love story of the most tortuous.

In the end, love is a long-term job!

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: Opposites Attract

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga Opposites Attract

They are the cutest couples in Shôjo Manga. They don’t look like others but are so touching. We can only melt for them.

Hiyokoi manga represents well the atypical character of the couple that form Hiyori and Hirose. She is really tiny (140 cm) and he, a real giant since he is 190 cm.

But the differences don’t stop there, Hiyori is a very shy and introverted girl to the point where she is terrified by people whereas Hirose, a very extrovert dude, is the darling of the high school. Together they form an improbable couple.

It is precisely the comparison between these two diametrically opposed personalities that makes the specificity of this couple.

Indeed, it is very easy to see that this relationship will bring to Hiyori the courage to open up to others and to bring out her personality.

However, it does not stop at that only because in turn, it will help Hirose to drop the mask and show his true feelings, putting aside the eternal appearance of relaxation and nonchalance that sticks to his skin.

They are certainly not matched at first sight but, on the contrary, they are perfectly complementary: each grows and grows in contact with the other.

Their differences and the atypical aspect of their couple are their strength. Indeed, always having to face the eyes of others, their nastiness and jealousy or even mockery, this allows them to put them at the service of their love in order to make it more solid!

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: From arrangement to love … marriage is never far away!

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga From arrangement to love ... marriage is never far away!

In arranged marriages, the protagonists don’t know each other at the beginning and meet a few days before marriage or even on D-day.

The amorous relationship intervenes after marriage. Often staged in a very amusing way, we let go of our laughter while knowing that the situation is somewhat surprising.

Yet this is done and brings us directly to the couple’s life, once past the desired wedding or not. How can one apprehend life with the other even when one does not know it and what is the place of feelings?

Chiwa and Hokuto from Happy Marriage are two opposites. One is rich, cold, imbued with his person, and the other is a simple employee taken by the throat by her father’s debts, but she is also voluntary and courageous. Chiwa will accept a marriage in order to wipe out all the debts accumulated by her father.

Gradually, in contact with Chiwa, Hokuto will open up to her and let his defaults as well as his true personality appear. He becomes tender, endearing and simply human.

Chiwa strives to make her marriage, of course of convenience, happen at best. It is precisely her investment to make it work, her obstinacy and her perseverance that will lead to a true love relationship.

Despite the reasons for which they have been united, all the vicissitudes never cease to bring them together and thus legitimize their marriage. It then seems very logical that they were made to meet and be together.

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: Beauty and the Beast

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: Beauty and the Beast

Couples in Shôjo manga mixing a supernatural being and a human being. This little mix is exciting, right?

Commonly called “Yokai”, the magical being can appear in various forms: a vampire, a demon, a God … what do I know, there are so many, and in addition all of them are sexy!

The best known, of course, is Tomoe from Kamisama Hajimemashita, whom we will associate here with the heroine, Nanami, foolish and amorous. This is the basic manga to quote to know this kind of couple.

When a human is associated with a Yokai, no matter the story, there is constantly a duty of protection that sets in. Tomoe, the kitsune, must, on the one hand, support Nanami and on the other hand protect her against all the villains who test her or who want her.

He is in a way his servant, since a strange bond was formed when our heroine chose to kiss him (against her will, of course it is always like that at the beginning).

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: Beauty and the Beast

Another manga, perhaps less known but still in the same register, is “Black Bird“. Misao is able to see Yokai but on the day of her 16th birthday, everything changes and she will have to make a choice to live by being protected by her future prince charming, Kyo, not necessarily nice but terribly beautiful or being chased by Yokai who want to eat her.

Yes, you all read that, at her 16 years! In many stories, this is the age at which a problem usually occurs and that will ruin the heroine’s daily life.

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: I love you. Neither do I !

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: I love you. Neither do I !

There are couples in Shôjo Manga who love each other. For us, it’s obvious, but for them it is not. Because they don’t know how to admit their feelings, because they are afraid of what they feel or because they are afraid of not being loved in return, they get stuck in a conflictual and painful relationship.

They believe that making the one they love suffer, will allow them to free themselves from this throbbing love.

Sohta of “Shitsuren Chocolatier” has been obsessed with the pretty Saeko since high school. He loves her to the point of choosing his professional career according to her passion for chocolate.

If at the beginning of the manga, his feelings did not seem shared, they will eventually touch Saeko but is not it too late?

After waiting for years by making multiple efforts, Sohta didn’t he begin the mourning of the relationship that never existed anywhere but in his dreams?

When, in addition, the young woman turns out to be married and gives the illusion of being happy in the household, what hope remains in Sohta?

In this josei, the suffering inflicted by the two protagonists is not of their act. Sohta hurts Saeko by not realizing that his feelings towards her have changed.

These trials, in my opinion, result from the social pressure that the young woman undergoes but also from her personal pride.

The separations are still fairly unpredictable in Japan. In her mind, I think divorce would confess that she made the wrong lifestyle choices.

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: I love you. Neither do I !

In a completely different way, “Pin to Kona” also features a couple who love each other for a long time. On the other hand, more willing to confess their feelings than their elders of the aforementioned manga, the two high school students are required to give up their feelings for professional reasons.

Hiro, although in love with Ayame, will make her believe that he no longer feels anything about her in order to abandon himself to the arms of his master’s daughter.

He chooses the one that will serve his ambition. Far from being offended, Ayame will repel him, understanding that she can no longer support the young man.

Rather than being a ball that would impede his progress in the kabuki world, she prefers to disappear and to sacrifice herself for him to grow.

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: The couple who can’t be together

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: The couple who can’t be together

They love each other but there is an element of their environment or a particular context that comes between them.

The most classic case is Ex Boyfriend, childhood friend or the perfect stranger who has the love at first sight for one of our protagonists. Yes, this is the typical case of the love triangle.

The family can also be an obstacle. When there is a difference in status between the two members of our couple or simply because the chosen person is not to the taste of the parents as in “Otomen” where the mother of Asuka deploys Treasures of imagination to change the strange tastes of her son, even if to interfere in his love life.

Sometimes it is not the character but the destiny that comes to undermine a love story. A professional mutation of the parents can, for example, geographically remove two high school students. Will the distance overcome the powerful feelings that unite them? These are “Bokura Ga Ita” and “Suna-dokei” that immediately come to my mind.

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: The couple who can’t be together

In some Shôjo, the main characters can exercise a profession or have a particular talent that gives them responsibilities. This is particularly the case in manga dealing with music or sport.

In the first case, sports performance should not be affected by romance. The coaches are there to watch over their little prodigy.

In the second case, the menace of the paparazzi weighs on sentimental relationships. This is particularly the case in Nana where managers push Nana Osaki and Ren to formalize their love to cut short the rumors.

Types of Couples in Shôjo Manga: The couple who can’t be together

In Nodame Cantabile, both Chiaki and Nodame must work hard to build their careers, which leads them to move away more and more without realizing it.

Some shojo also feature much more dramatic situations, such as physical aggression or rape. It is then a psychological obstacle that stands between our two heroes. The victim must rebuild to be able to love again. This scenario is beautifully transcribed in the shôjo “Oboreru knife”.Thanks for reading ! Do You know other types of couples in Shôjo Manga?