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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

The fight between the two gangs is getting intense as many senior members are taking on each other in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247, however, who knows what will this fight put up against Takemichi.

So, keep reading this blog post for more details about Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 spoilers, raw scans, leaks, release date and where to read it online and for free!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 246 Recap

In Chapter 246 of Tokyo Revengers manga series, we saw:

  • Kakucho was still in shock after Takemichi punched him;
  • He was lying on the ground for some time;
  • Ran Haitani was shocked while watching Takemichi’s power;
  • Sanzu said that he is the same guy who confronted Mikey in three deities battle;
  • Mitsuya said that he was the one who defeated Taiju;
  • Then, Tokyo Manji Gang charged Kanto Manji with full power;
  • Kanto Mangi Gang members were considered weak, but they are super strong;
  • Inupi and Sanzu took on a number of members at a single time;
  • Mikey said some harsh words to Kakucho, and he was on his feet again and beat many Tokyo Manji members;
  • Mikey then added that he now remembers that he used to look up to Takemichi as a hero when he was a young.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Release Date is scheduled on March 22nd, 2022.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 raw scans and leaks will be available on March 20th, 2022.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 spoilers will be out on March 20th, 2022.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Release DateMarch 22nd, 2022
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Raw Scans ReleaseMarch 20th, 2022
Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 SpoilersMarch 20th, 2022

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Raw Scans & Leaks

As we said above, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Raw Scans and leaks will be out on March 20th, 2022. You can check some of theme below:

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Spoilers

As we said above, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Spoilers will be out on March 20th, 2022.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Spoilers status: Available.

  • Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Title: “Hey Dude”;
  • Akkun looked worried to see Chifuyu who was beaten by Kakucho, but Chifuyu said he was fine;
  • Takemichi is still fighting with Kakucho, everyone is stunned to see Takemichi who can match Kakucho’s strength;
  • Chifuyu said that for now it was Takemichi who could face Kakucho, then suddenly a scream came from Yamagishi;
  • Makoto and Takuya lay helplessly on the ground due to being defeated by Shion;
  • Yamagishi said that Shion was no match for them because Shion was the former president of Black Dragon;
  • Akkun and Chifuyu got annoyed and intend to beat Shion, but suddenly Chifuyu is pulled by Mochi;
  • Mochi said “I’m your opponent, right? Let’s settle this, Matsuno Chifuyu”;
  • Chifuyu replied “That’s what I wanted, you idiot”;
  • Mitsuya was busy fighting Kantou Manji members, but suddenly he saw Mikey who was sitting leisurely on a pile of carriages;
  • Mikey just watched the fight and did nothing, he sat on the top looking like he was watching a Gala;
  • Mitsuya ran towards Mikey because he wanted to drag Mikey down, but suddenly Mitsuya was blocked by Haitani Brothers;
  • Ran said that he would not let Mitsuya go to where Mikey was so easily;
  • Mitsuya mocked Ran by saying “Oh… so this time you came and intend to attack from the front ? I thought you guys were just brothers who could only win with dirty tricks.”
  • Senju and Pahchin mustered all their strength and beat up Kantou Manji’s members;
  • Inupi was also busy fighting, but suddenly he saw Koko and he tried to call his name;
  • Back to Mitsuya and Haitani Brothers, Mitsuya hit Rindou but Ran immediately hit Mitsuya and when Mitsuya hit Ran, Rindou hit Mitsuya;
  • Mitsuya kept getting attacked from the front and back;
  • Rindou said: “Where are you looking, Mitsuya!”
  • Mitsuya replied: “You son of a bitch! You’re slapping my head from behind”;
  • Ran responded: “Haha, that’s because we can only win with dirty tricks.”
  • Suddenly, Hakkai came from behind Ran and hit him hard;
  • Hakkai said that he heard Taka-chan’s voice saying “Help me”!
  • Mitsuya said: “I didn’t say that, idiot.”
  • Ran got up, and there was no more smile on his face;
  • Rindou’s expression also turned more serious.
  • Takashi Mitsuya & Hakkai Shiba Vs Haitani Brothers.

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Where to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 online?

You can read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 on Kōdansha. This platform provides the newest chapters of Tokyo卍Revengers manga series for free. To read the complete manga series you will have to pay, or buy the volumes on Amazon.

These are the available details for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Raw scans & leaks until now and if we receive any more information on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 247 Spoilers then we will update this article as soon as possible.

About Tokyo卍Revengers Manga Series

TokyoRevengers is a Japanese Shounen manga written and illustrated by Ken Wakui, and published in English by Kodansha.

Takemichi Hanagaki’s life is at an absolute low. Just when he thought it couldn’t get worse, he finds out that his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, was killed by the Tokyo Manji Gang: a group of vicious delinquents that has been disturbing society’s peace for quite some time.

Wondering where it all went wrong, Takemichi suddenly finds himself travelling through time, ending up 12 years in the past when he was still in a relationship with Hinata. Realizing he has a chance to save her, Takemichi decides to infiltrate the Tokyo Manji Gang and climb the ranks in order to rewrite the future and save Hinata from her tragic fate.

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