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The 9 Weird Types of Anime Boys/Guys!

In this blog post, we’re going to be looking at the 9 types of anime boys!

In the post about the 7 weird types of anime girls I said things like Tsundere, Yandere, and Kuudere, and you know all the different “DERE” well.

For this post about the types of anime guys, I am not going to speak about “DERE” as I am just going to talk about types of anime boys!

Types of anime boys: The Boring Nice Boy

types of anime boys: the boring nice guy

The first type of anime guys is the boring nice guy. This is the type of anime boys that you can find in almost every Isekai anime.

He doesn’t really have anything special about him in terms of personality, and doesn’t even seem to realize that every single girl has a crush on him, which is kind of ridiculous!

Sometimes, as the anime is taking place in our current era, the boring nice guy will be an otaku or a weeb (what’s the difference between an otaku and a weeb, you can find out the answer here).

Examples of boring nice guys: Okazaki Tomoya (Clannad), Kirito (Sword Art Online), Yuzuru Otonashi (Angel Beats), etc.

Types of anime guys: The Cool Guy

The 9 Weird Types of Anime Boys/Guys!

The next type of anime boys is the Cool Guy. This is the kind of guys who isn’t really obnoxious the way the main character usually is.

He is calm, collective and doesn’t speak too much, but when he does speak, he says something pretty important.

Most of the time, the cool guy is pretty skilled in some way or another (special powers, high intelligence), but similar to Tsundere there are times when they open up and show that they care for you.

Maybe it’s cold outside and you just start shivering or something like that, without saying anything the cool guy will take off his jacket, and put it around you!

Examples of cool anime guys: Todoroki (My Hero Academia), Levi (Attack on Titan), Killua (Hunter x Hunter), etc.

Types of anime boys: The Edgy Boy

Types of anime boys: The Edgy Boy

The next type of anime boys is the edgy boy. This one is kind of similar to the cool guy, but way edgier.

The edgy guy doesn’t see anybody else. He only lives for one goal: to kill somebody or to find something. It’s the only thing that matters to him.

He will also end up saying rude and annoying things to pretty much anyone. And yes, he is almost always overpowered because if he was weak he wouldn’t be able to treat everyone like crap and get away with it.

The weird thing about edgy guys is similar to the boring nice guy. For some reason all the girls like him. He is literally a Tsundere, but without any of the good stuff: he doesn’t have a soft side that opens up later.

Examples of edgy anime boys: Sasuke (Naruto), Judar (Magi), Akutagawa (Bungo Stray Dogs), etc.

Types of anime guys: The Pervert Guy

types of anime boys: the pervert

The next Type of anime boys is the pervert guy. This is the kind of guys most girls don’t like. He just wants all the girls to be his and doesn’t mind taking the consequences.

The pervert guy is always trying to find sneaky ways to get what he wants.

Types of anime boys: The Flirty Boy

The 9 Weird Types of Anime Boys/Guys!

Next, there is the flirty guy and he is someone who was a little higher on the scale. He actually has a chance with somebody.

However, the problem is he can’t make up his mind, and he is usually hanging out with multiple girls at a time. he complimented so many girls so many times that he doesn’t even mean it anymore!

Types of anime guys: The Hero

types of anime boys

The next type of anime boys is the hero. This type of anime character is usually the main character for a Shounen anime.

What is Shounen anime? It’s a genre of manga and anime made for young boys. That doesn’t mean that girls don’t like it too. It’s just that the target audience was young boys.

The hero anime guy has one thing in common with the edgy guy, and that’s the fact that they have one goal and will do whatever it takes to accomplish it.

Sometimes, it’s as simple as just saving everybody, but they will never give up no matter how hard it gets and love is usually the last thing on their mind.

Types of anime boys: The Manipulator Guy

Types of anime boys: The Manipulator Guy

 The next type of anime boys is the manipulator. He is a genius and he strategizes in everything.

If he says he loves you, then he probably wants to use you. If he says he hates you, then he is probably trying to provoke you.

He is the king of manipulation and will lie effortlessly. Because of this skill and heartlessness, they often see themselves as higher beings: they think of themselves as Gods or Kings, and they’re really selfish.

Types of anime guys: The Nerd Guy

Types of anime guys: The Nerd Guy

The next type of anime boys is the nerd. He is obsessed with studying and loves pressing upon his classes when he says something smart.

He has great knowledge of certain things but lacks other common pieces of knowledge like how to interact with people.

Depending on the type of nerd, his style will be different. There are two main types of nerd styles:

  • Classic Nerd (with Italian glasses);
  • Geek Nerd (with oversized t-shirt & messy hairstyle)

Types of anime boys: The Young Guy

Types of anime boys: The Young Guy

Last but not least, is the young guy. This one is kind of weird because basically, the young guy looks like he’s eight or something, but he is actually 18 years old.

Examples: Honey from Ouran HighSchool Host Club or Momiji from Fruits Basket. They are cute, nice, and love having fun, but they are secretly much older than they look.

Why does this kind of anime character exist? I don’t know! 😜

Those were the types of anime guys I can think of. Which type of anime boys is the best? Comment down below.

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