Spy x Family Chapter 66 Recap & Where to Read it Online

Spy x Family Chapter 66 Recap & Where to Read it Online

The upcoming chapters of Spy x Family manga series are going to be insane! Keep reading this blog post for more details about Spy x Family Chapter 66 Recap and where to read it legally and for free!

Spy x Family Chapter 66 Recap

In Spy x Family Chapter 66, we saw:

  • Spy x Family Chapter 66 started with Loid responding to the news of Yor’s new acquaintance;
  • Loid was startled that Yor had befriended the previous Prime Minister’s wife, something Yor was unaware of;
  • Loid began to wonder what Melinda wanted with Yor as the couple continued to talk;
  • Yor recalled what transpired after Melinda disclosed her true identity in the previous chapter;
  • She questioned Yor whether Anya was her daughter, saying she had heard their kids arguing on the first day of school;
  • Yor apologized, but was quickly hushed by a stern-looking Melinda;
  • According to Melinda’s acquaintances, the Desmond family believes in the autonomy of their children, which means that they rarely interfere with their lives;
  • Melinda became even more fascinated with Yor after discovering that she is Anya’s mother, causing her to urge Yor to become a permanent member of their group;
  • Melinda drove Yor home, still discussing their children;
  • She remarked on how happy her kid appeared to be and wondered whether Anya had anything to do with it;

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  • Yor told Melinda that she thinks Anya and Damian are close;
  • Melinda, visibly disturbed, expressed her wish that their children would remain friends;
  • Yor was telling Anya about all the chocolates Melinda had gotten for her;
  • Loid started to evaluate the scenario while the mother and daughter converse, noting that Melinda was also a person of interest for WISE;
  • Loid questioned Yor’s interaction with Melinda deliberately for a brief while, doubting his wife once more;
  • Anya, listening to what Loid was thinking, yelled that it is her fault Yor had to go that day, prompting Loid to discard his concerns;
  • Yor wished to remain Melinda’s friend;
  • She inquired with Loid about her ability to continue attending Melinda’s Mommy get-togethers;
  • Loid is still worried about the concept, but he told Yor that she should do whatever makes her happy;
  • Yor was overjoyed with the news, and she was thinking about what she should do the next time she encounters Melinda;
  • Meanwhile, Loid mulled over how this may assist him and his goals;
  • Yor would be one step closer to his aim if he became a close ally of Melinda;
  • Anya was terrified of Loid getting rid of her if he no longer required her;
  • To save her father and avoid losing her family, she decided inwardly that she would become Damian’s friend before Yor became Melinda’s;
  • The little girl dashed back to her room to study more before falling asleep instantly;
  • Yor thinks she must notify her supervisor about her new acquaintance;

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  • The Shopkeeper was glad to maintain this new acquaintance the next day, as we can see;
  • The Shopkeeper warned Yor not to engage with Donovan’s political ideals since it will make Loid suspicious of her;
  • Yor stated that Loid would have no objections because he is interested in Donovan’s party;
  • Yor’s supervisor started acting strangely after learning about this, as though he is suspicious of something;
  • The final scene depicted Anya arriving at Eden Academy;
  • As soon as Becky came, Anya expressed her desire to befriend Damian, which Becky saw as a confession of love;
  • Becky advised her friend that she should bump into Damian as he passes at a corner because there is a legend that this action will eternally link the two;
  • Anya attempted this, but Damian was ready to avoid her strike;
  • Enraged by the boy’s ridicule, Anya spilled her meal over his head;
  • Spy x Family Chapter 66 ended with Damian pursuing Anya, who regretted her failed plot.

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Where to read Spy x Family Chapter 66 online?

Spy x Family Chapter 66 Recap & Where to Read it Online

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