Solo Leveling Chapter 171 Spoilers, Raw, Leaks & Release Date Manhwa, Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Chapter 171 Spoilers, Raw, Leaks & Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 171 Spoilers, Raw, Leaks & Release Date

This week, Solo Leveling manhwa will return with an exceptionally hot chapter! A lot of intense events are blasting, not only for Sung Jin-Woo but for the entire world.

Can’t wait to learn more about Solo Leveling Chapter 171? Keep reading this blog post about Solo Leveling Chapter 171 spoilers, raw scans, leaks and release date!

Solo Leveling Chapter 170 Recap

  • A Demonic Beast came from the Colossal Gate in Solo Leveling Chapter 170;
  • He was looking for Hunter Sung Jin-Woo;
  • He talked to Adam White;
  • Sung Jin-Woo heard the Demoniac Beast tormenting humans via the phone call with Adam White;
  • Sung Jin-Woo thought that he didn’t take the right decision by dividing their forces since the enemy already knew about his Shadow Army’s abilities;
  • Sung Jin-Woo has been tricked by the enemy since the latter had created 8 Gates, and managed to appear far from him;
  • In Canada, the Dragon Monarch is excited to hear human’s scream and to see them dead;
  • All the S-Rank Hunter in Canada were killed since they are too weak;
  • The Dragon Monarch commanded his dragon soldiers to blow everything;
  • In the US, a guy is worried about humans and these incidents;
  • He believed that all Hunters would die and nothing could stop this catastrophe;
  • He thinks that it will not take long for the dragon army to come to his country, and he understands why Sung Jin-Woo told everyone to run away since they are facing with an unbeatable threat;
  • All of a sudden, Sung Jin-Woo appeared in front of this American guy who was drinking, and told him that he is looking for the Rune Stones left by Kamishi;
  • The man asked Sung Jin-Woo why he needs the Rune Stones;
  • Sung Jin-Woo told him that the Rune Stones will help him launching a counterattack;
  • The two had a brief talk about why Rulers sent the Demonic Beasts to the Earth;
  • Sung Jin-Woo revealed that the Runes Stone, taken from the Demonic Beats’ bodies, are gifts from the Rulers in order to help Hunters beating the Demonic Beasts;
  • Sung Jin-Woo vowed he will try his best to stop the Dragon Monarch using Runes Stone;
  • Sung Jin-Woo met with lady Elner, and asked her about his future;
  • Elner saw Sung Jin-Woo’s future, and shed tears, wondering why he wants to stand this burden alone;
  • Sung walked out, knowing that he will triomph, but it will come with sacrificing his life;
  • Sung Jin-Woo called Cha Hae In before starting the battle, and said that he would see her later;
  • Hunters from around the world had made alliances and headed out to face the Dragon Army;
  • Thomas Andre is also there along with his team;
  • Sung Jin-Woo learned that the Dragon Monarch had killed tens of millions of humans;
  • The final battle is about to start.

Solo Leveling Chapter 170 Spoilers, Leaks & Analysis

Solo Leveling Chapter 171 Release Date & Raw

Solo Leveling Chapter 171 Release Date & Raw

Solo Leveling Chapter 171 release date is scheduled on Wednesday, the 27th of October, 2021.

Solo Leveling Chapter 171 Raw scans will be available on October 27th, 2021 too.

Solo Leveling Chapter 171 Spoilers

Solo Leveling Chapter 171 Spoilers status: Available.

  • The Dragon Monarch was shown in the ruins of a city as he wondered where is Sung Jin-Woo;
  • all of a sudden, a missile hit the Dragon Monarch right in the face;
  • However, it caused no damage to the Dragon Monarch;
  • The Dragon Monarch quickly transformed into his dragonic form and took down the aircraft that shot at him;
  • Sung Jin-Woo was shown sitting in his castle;
  • The Shadow Monarch was talking with Bellion, Igris and Beru;
  • All three shadows informed their Master that they think his plan is a horrible idea;
  • Sung Jin-Woo replied that he thinks this is what the previous Shadow Monarch, Ashborn would do;
  • Bellion thinks to himself that Sung Jin-Woo now resembles his previous master;
  • All three shadows promised to stay by their Master’s side;
  • Bellion asked if he will contact his family first before engaging, to which Sung Jin-Woo replied simply, no;
  • Sung Jin-Woo added that if he hears their voices now, he won’t go through with his plan;
  • Then we cut to the battlefield as Sung Jin-Woo sweeped in and saved a man, by killing one of the dragons;
  • Sung Jin-Woo said that this is the first step of war, as he walked to the bodies of the Beasts he killed.

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