Solo Leveling Chapter 167 Spoilers, Leaks & Analysis Manhwa, Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Chapter 167 Spoilers, Leaks & Analysis

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Solo Leveling Chapter 166 was full of emotion, and explained many details about Sung Il Hwan’s mission. At the end of I Alone Level Up Chapter 166, we saw so many hunters from all around the world who have gathered in one place to face the Colossal Gate.

If you’re here for that, keep reading this article about Solo Leveling Chapter 167. Since the chapter is already out, in the sections below you will find all what you want to know about Chapter 167 of I Alone Level Up (Spoilers & Analysis).

Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Recap

  • Sung Il Hwan wa speaking with his son about his mission: the Rulers lent him their strength, and ordered him to stop the Monarchs, including the Shadow Monarch;
  • Sung Il Hwan accepted the mission, and went back to earth to fulfil his mission, however, he couldn’t do it properly;
  • Rulers gave to Sung Il Hwan a new order: he has to protect the Shadow Monarch because they need his power to prevent the world destruction, and that’s why he helped him;
  • We had an emotional discussion between Sung Jin-Woo and his dad
  • Sung Il Hwan disappeared;
  • Sung Jin-Woo was so angry, and spoke out loud saying that Monarchs will definitely pay the price for what happened today;
  • We are back to the battlefield, and we saw Thomas Andre who was not in a life-threatening condition;
  • Ambulances were transporting the injured to local hospitals;
  • Sung Jin-Woo went back to his home where we can see him embracing his mum and sister;
  • The Hunter Bureau announced that the monsters that appeared in the city are unidentifiable demoniac beasts;
  • The damage caused by these Demoniac Beasts was huge, but the true disaster was about to come in a few days with the appearance of the Colossal Gate;
  • So many hunters from all around the world have gathered in one place to face it.

Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Spoilers, Leaks and Analysis

Solo Leveling Chapter 167 Spoilers

Solo Leveling Chapter 167
  • The hunters commenced the attack, then Sung Jin-Woo told them to stop;
  • That was the Shadow Monarch’s Army and not the enemies;
  • Sung Jin-Woo announced the start of the real war;
  • A few days later, at the Korean Hunter Association, the foreign press is requesting to release an official explanation of what happened;
  • The American Hunter’s Bureau was asking the Korean Hunter Association to reveal Sung Jin-Woo’s location;
  • Sung Jin-Woo has disappeared;
  • Sung Jin-Woo was in a practice battle between his shadow army;
  • Beru asked Sung Jin-Woo to test his qualifications for the Grand-Marshal position;
  • Beru challenged Grand-Marshal Bellion to a battle;
  • Bellion neurtralized Beru’s Attack in one second, and the battle is already over;
  • Meanwhile, we see hunter Liu Zhigang talking about his will to support South Korea in their battle;
  • Then, a colossal gate is opened, and we see so many dragon soldiers getting out of it.

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