Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Spoilers, Leaks and Analysis Manhwa, Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Spoilers, Leaks and Analysis

Chapter 165 of Solo Leveling was full of action, and concluded a battle that lasted many chapters. With the Shadow Monarch in his full power, his enemies don’t even have a single chance against him.

However, there is another possible fight that may start in the upcoming chapters, and of course, there is this last panel that made us think that Solo Leveling Chapter 166 is going to be very sentimental.

If you’re here for that, keep reading this blog post about Solo Leveling Chapter 166. Since the chapter is already out, in the sections below you will find all what you want to know about Chapter 166 of I Alone Level Up, including a summary of the chapter and an analysis of its events.

I Alone Level Up Chapter 165 Recap

Solo Leveling Chapter 166
  • The Frost Monarch acknowledged that the gap of power between him and the Shadows Monarch is too considerable;
  • The Shadow Monarch declared that he will take care of the Beast Monarch first, then he will take care of the Frost Monarch for last;
  • The Beast Monarch is waiting for the king of dragons to come back with his army while hiding in the forest;
  • When he saw Sung Jin-Woo, the Beast Monarch lowered his head, and asked for forgiveness, wishing to be one of The Shadow Monarch allies;
  • The Beast Monarch said that the King of Dragons will arrive soon, and offered his assistance to the Shadow Monarch to beat him;
  • Sung Jin-Woo replied that’s okay;
  • The Beast Monarch was surprised by Sung Jin-Woo attitude, and thought that he isn’t the real deal;
  • He thought that he can buy time until the King of Dragons comes back;
  • He pretended that he should serve the Shadow Monarch with Loyalty, but the latter interrupted him, and said that before that, they need to take care of each other’s debts;
  • The Shadow Monarch added that he had 5 scars from the Beast Monarch’s claws that pierced his heart. So, the Beast Monarch must survive 5 attacks from him if he wanted him to forgive him;
  • The Frost Monarch was observing the Knight of Death healing humans in the battlefield;
  • Igris came toward the Frost Monarch, and Sung Jin-Woo appeared from his shadow declaring that the Beast Monarch is dead;
  • The Shadow Monarch said that the death of The Beast, the Plague and the Frost Monarchs will serve as a warning to the other Monarchs, then he killed the Frost Monarch;
  • Sung Jin-Woo asked Igris where is the person who protected him earlier;
  • This mysterious person is Sung Jin-Woo’s Dad.

Solo Leveling 165 Raw Scans, Spoilers, Leaks & Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 166 Spoilers & Summary

Solo Leveling Chapter 166
  • Sung Il Hwan told his son about his mission: the Rulers lent him their strength, and requested for him to stop the Monarchs, including the Shadow Monarch;
  • After losing all means of escape, he accepted the mission, and went back to earth as the Rulers’ Emissary;
  • Sung Il Hwan couldn’t fulfil his mission;
  • Rulers, whose sole focus was to stop the complete advent of the Shadow Monarch, changed their stances;
  • Rulers gave to Sung Il Hwan a new order: Protect the Shadow Monarch;
  • Rulers had realized that, in order to stop the Monarchs’ plans, they need the power of the Shadow Monarch, the only one able to stop the destruction;
  • Sung Il Hwan told Sung Jin-Woo that’s why he helped him;
  • Sung Il Hwan asked Sung Jin-Woo if he hates him;
  • Sung Jin-Woo replied: Yes, sometimes;
  • Sung Il Hwan said that he is sorry;
  • Sung Jin-Woo told his father that when he first started out as a Hunter, he barely survived to see his mother and his sister again, and that was him who always appeared in his mind;
  • He added that he always hated him, but he also missed him;
  • Sung Jin-Woo asked his father if he missed them;
  • Sung Il Hwan replied that he missed them all the time;
  • Sung Il Hwan embraced his son tenderly while crying with warm tears;
  • Sung Jin-Woo asked his dad if the Rulers are the ones controlling him, and throwing him away;
  • Sung Il Hwan replied that they simply gave him an opportunity to make a choice, and he chose to protect him;
  • Sung Il Hwan added that he wanted to talk to his son more, to stay with him longer, and that he is really sorry for not being a great father, then he disappeared ;
  • Sung Jin-Woo spoke out loud saying that Monarchs will definitely pay the price for what happened today;
  • Thomas Andre is not in a life-threatening condition;
  • Ambulances are transporting the injured to hospitals;
  • The monster who massacred the citizens is stopped;
  • Sung Jin-Woo is back to his home where we can see him embracing his mum and sister;
  • The Hunter Bureau announced that the monsters that appeared in the city are unidentifiable demoniac beasts;
  • The damage caused by these Demoniac Beasts was tremendous, but the true calamity was about to come in a few days with the appearance of the Colossal Gate;
  • So many hunters from all around the world have gathered in one place to face it.

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