Solo Leveling Chapter 155 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw & Release Date Manhwa, Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling Chapter 155 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw & Release Date

Solo Leveling Chapter 155 will feature a sweet date between Sung Jin-woo and Cha Hae-In. You can read the Solo Leveling chapter 155 spoilers and leaks below to find out what exactly happened.

Since 2018 when the fantastic webtoonSolo Leveling” by Korean artist Chugong was released, it has become one of the most popular Korean ongoing works.

Solo Leveling takes place in batches called “seasons” and we are currently in Season 2 after the first one ended in March, 2020. The popularity of the manhwa means that an anime adaptation is not unthinkable in the near future!

The story follows Sung Jin-woo, the weakest hunter in his world, who almost died but wakes up as a player with access to stats, inventories and levels that will allow him to grow infinitely stronger.

Many fans, in Korea and elsewhere, were delighted to read about his adventures. If you’re one of them, we’ve got you covered.

In this post, we’ve put together everything you need to know about Solo Leveling Chapter 155, from the new chapter’s release date to any spoilers!

Solo Leveling Chapter 155 release date

Solo Leveling is a weekly manhwa, and although there has been talk of a possible disruption for some time, that day has not yet arrived. The Solo Leveling Chapter 155 release date will be Thursday, the 10th of June at Midnight Korean Standard Time.

In the different time zones, including the United States, Canada and Europe, this corresponds to the 9th of June, 2021.

Solo Leveling Chapter 154 Recap

Solo Leveling Chapter 155

The doctor doesn’t want the recent door to bring any drama. Meanwhile, Sung Jin-Woo opened the door to investigate his Ring of Power. He is amazed as to why he can’t walk through the door.

Sung Jin-Woo tries to cross, but he feels like he’s hitting a wall and wondering if there is an obstacle. Then he decided to break the wall to enter through the door. He wonders what kind of door is too difficult for a Monarch to go through.

He thinks that the creatures in the gate might be different from what he saw. Sung Jin-woo already knows that this is the fate of the world and that his family will face tragedy if he lets these creatures go.

Sung Jing-woo is suddenly summoned by Chief Woo Jin-Cheol. But the two couldn’t speak properly, and Chief Woo Jin-Cheol asked if he could call Sung Jin-Woo back.

Cheol replies that he gets used to loving, but he doesn’t think he is worthy of working in the office. The door and the association of hunters are mentioned by Sung Jin-Woo and Cheol.

Cheol points to another door, except one through which Sung Jin-woo is trying to break through. For more than three hours, the gate appeared, and the world wondered if the other doors could hide and emerge one by one.

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Solo-Leveling Chapter 155 spoilers

Solo Leveling Chapter 155

Spoiler alert to anyone who waits for the English chapter every week and doesn’t want to spoil anything. All spoilers here are from a Solo Leveling light novel, and in chapter 211-214 of the light novel, you can find Solo Leveling chapter 155.

Seoul has the biggest gate, and when it opens, the whole country is preparing to stop it. Even powerful hunters come from all over the world because they know the world is over if they cannot stop it.

If Sung Jin-Woo can’t stop anything from coming out of this door, no one can. This is why he comes to it with hunters from all over the world.

While waiting to open the door, Sung Jin-Woo decides to practice a little bit and he decides to go for a walk or even you can say a date with Cha Hae-In. They meet and choose to go to a park.

The date continues and Jin-Woo decides to go somewhere quiet and a little charming and private. The Solo Leveling chapter 155 is going to be good as Jin-woo and Hae-In get lovey-dovey in the hunter way, but now what will happen all of the sudden? 

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Where to read Scan Solo Leveling Chapter 155 online?

The current official Manhwa reading platform for Solo Leveling chapter 155 is KakaoPage. Since Solo Leveling doesn’t have an official online reading platform for all other fans around the world, online Reddit discussion threads are the best solution.

These sources have some chapters listed for free to read, but for the whole manhwa, you need to purchase a subscription plan.