One Piece Chapter 1018

One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

The One Piece Chapter 1018 will carry on the fight between Jinbe and Who’s Who. “Sun God”, a legendary warrior, will also be mentioned in this chapter. Read the One Piece Chapter 1018 spoilers to find out what actually occurred.

One Piece Chapter 1017 Recap

In the previous chapter of One Piece (One Piece Chapter 1017):

  • Tama ordered all the soldiers who ate Dango Fruit to become allies of The Samurai;
  • Luffy was saved;
  • Queen transformed into her hybrid form and attacked Sanji;
  • Chopper had some side effects after using The Rumble Ball Attack.
  • Jinbe vs Who’s Who fight began;
  • We had some shocking revelations about Who’s Who: He is a former CP-9 member and a current Flying Six Fellows member. He has been imprisoned 12 years for robbing the dragon fruit.

One Piece Chapter 1018 release Date & Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1018 release date will be on July 4, 2021, in the upcoming Weekly Shounen Jump issue.

One Piece Chapter 1018 Raw Scans are out. They show the silhouette of the legendary warrior “Sun God”.

One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers

  • Tama is targeted by Kaidou’s fellows;
  • The Gifters and Shinuchi will protect her;
  • Tama and Nami got on Speed’s back;
  • Nami told Zeus that he can see them as fellows;
  • Zeus was very delighted after hearing Nami saying that;
  • CP-0 tries to analyze the battle after the recent change and mentions Who’s Who;
  • The major part of the chapter is about Jinbe and Who’s Who battle;
  • Who’s Who blamed Shanks for robbing the Devil Fruit;
  • He was mad at Luffy because he is wearing Shanks’s hat;
  • In the prison, a guard told Who’s the story of “, a legendary warrior;
  • This story helped him surviving the prison cruelty;
  • The guard disappeared, so Who’s Who decided to run away from prison;
  • On the last page of the chapter, Jinbe used a new move against Who’s Who.

Next week, One Piece manga will have a break!

Where to read One Piece Chapter 1018 online?

One Piece Chapter 1018 Spoilers

You can read One Piece Chapter 1018 legally and for free on:

  1. Viz Media website;
  2. Manga Plus official website and App.

These are all the information available for One Piece chapter 1018 for now. Enjoy reading them while waiting for the official English and Spanish release.

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