One Piece Chapter 1016

One Piece Chapter 1016: The War Takes Another Turn!

One Piece chapter 1016 shows us how the balance of power between the rebellion and the Kaidô crew is shifting, finally making a Mugiwara victory credible.

One Piece Chapter 1016: Review

But how are the Mugiwara and their Samurai allies going to be able to defeat the monsters of the Hundred Beast Pirates, who outnumber them (in the order of 5,000 vs. 30,000)? This is the question we all asked ourselves when CP-0 reported on the forces involved.

And if we began to observe over the chapters certain clues, such as the use of the power of O-Tama, it is in this One Piece chapter 1016 that we finally see the solution to this enigma, which includes at the same time a switch of many soldiers of Kaidô in the camp of the rebellion, and also a big power-up of Mugiwara!

One Piece Chapter 1016

This is what we could still see here with Nami, who is nevertheless part of the “weak three” with Usopp and Choper. The latter had already shown that he was now a force to be reckoned with when we saw him hold out for an hour against a “Queen”.

Today, it is the turn of the “Cat Burglar” to become a powerful figure thanks to the integration of Zeus in his tactful climate, allowing her to complete nothing less than the Tobi Roppo Ulti.

Oda shows us thus that to defeat the band of Kaidô, and to become the crew of the king of the pirates, ALL the Straw Hats will have to become redoubtable, and that there will be no more weak members in the crew. Now, it remains to know what form the power-up of Usopp will take!

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