One Piece 1023 Raw Scans, Leaks, Spoilers & Release Date manga spoilers, One Piece

One Piece 1023 Raw Scans, Leaks, Spoilers & Release Date

In One Piece 1023, we will see the outcome of Sanji and Zoro Vs King and Queen fight! Keep reading this article to know more information about One Piece Chapter 1023 Raw scans, spoilers, leaks & release date.

One Piece Chapter 1022 Recap

In One Piece 1022, we saw:

  • Tobiroppo defeat wad declared to Onigashima;
  • Raizo Vs Fukurokuju;
  • Killer Vs Hawkins;
  • Sanji Vs King Kaido & Queen Big Mom;
  • Perospero was assaulted by Nekomamushi while he was attacking Sanji;
  • Marco helped Zoro to avoid King Kaido attack;
  • Zoro and Sanji Vs Kaido and Big Mom.

One Piece 1023 release Date

One Piece 1023

One Piece 1023 release date is scheduled on August 29th, 2021. However, One Piece Chapter 1023 leaks, raw scans and spoilers are already out since August 24, 2021. You can check them below.

One Piece Chapter 1023 release Date29th August 2021
One Piece Chapter 1023 raw scans and leaks release24th August 2021

One Piece 1023 Raw Scans & Leaks

One Piece 1023 Raw Scans and Leaks has been released on August 24th, 2021. You can check them in the tweets below:

One Piece 1023 Spoilers

  • Zoro and Sanji’s attack didn’t damage King and Queen enough;
  • Zoro/Sanji vs King/Queen fight is still ongoing;
  • Sanji told Zoro that his body is feeling weird after launching the Raid Suit for the second time;
  • Marco thought back about what Shirohige said to him about the land of Gods;
  • Queen mocked Sanji for being a Germa Cyborg, and wondered if his legs are artificial;
  • Sanji replied that he is 100% a flesh-and-blood human;
  • Queen couldn’t believe that a human can generate fire, and asked Sanji about his clan;
  • We move to Zoro Vs King;
  • Sanji used Diable Jambe, but it was too weak compared to King’s strength;
  • Kawamatsu and Hyogoro talked about Zoro while he was fighting Kaido;
  • They said that Zoro reminded them a lot of Shimotsuki Ushimaru;
  • They also compared Zoro with Shimotsuki Ryuma;
  • We have got Multiple fights in various places (Jack Vs Inuarashi, Perospero Vs Nekomamushi, Raizou Vs Fukurokuju);
  • Momonosuke became an adult now, and is 28 years old;
  • Momonosuke transformed into a dragon form in front of Luffy;
  • Luffy said: “Come on Momo! Let’s go back to Wanokuni!”

Where to read One Piece 1023 online for free?

There are two official platforms where you can read One Piece Chapter 1023 online & for free:

These are all the available details about One Piece Chapter 1023. Read them while waiting for the official English & Spanish release.

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