Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 (99.1) Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 (99.1) Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

In this blog post, we will be talking about Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 spoilers, raw scans, leaks, release date and the official ways through which you can read it (It can also be identified as Noragami Chapter 99.1).

Noragami Chapter 98 Part 2 Recap

  • Noragami Chapter 98 Part 2 started with a flashback of Father and Izanami in Yomi, carving masks;
  • Father told her about his experience with the monk;
  • Izanami asked him about whether he believes in Eternal Paradise, and he replied that he took the appearance of a monk because it was convenient to travel, and that he did whatever it took to survive;
  • Then, he commented that gods can crush mountains and reverse the tides, yet wondered why they would do that;
  • He went on to say that he learned the ways of the Immortal World of shinki, ayakashi, and the Gods’ Greatest Secret, and showed an interest in Izanami’s brushes;
  • When Izanami dropped the mask she was making, he accidentally calls her “Kaya”, for which he apologized;
  • She replied that it’s fine because he sees her face as the face of his loved one, and asked him to tell her Kaya’s story next;
  • Back in present day, Amaterasu continues to take the Stray’s names;
  • She begged for her not take the name “Mizuchi” and apologized profusely;
  • Yukine, however, interrupted Amaterasu before she is able to take the Mizuchi name, straying her hand, and said that he has heard enough of these kinds of cries;
  • the Goodness Net continues to aggressively expand over the town:
  • Several vents opened all across the area, which Father’s Masked Ayakashi took as a sign to swarm the people on the Near Shore;
  • Two gods are caught in Hagusa’s Net, wondering why a vent has opened and stating that they need to purify it before the ayakashi possess people;
  • Chaos erupted on the Near Shore as people start attacking and accusing each other;
  • Arahabaki saw the commotion from above and wondered what’s going on;
  • Amaterasu then tried to take Mizuchi’s Chiki name and Hagusa’s Yuuki name;
  • However, she was unable to take the names;
  • Mizuchi rejoiced that her name couldn’t be taken;
  • Amaterasu was shocked;
  • Father mused that this is the law of Yomi, and that Izanami said so herself;
  • Yomi is full of filth and ayakashi who have lost their spirit so they have no names or human forms, but they can be given names and controlled like puppets with the Word which is infused with Izanami’s spirit;
  •  The laws of Heaven have no effect on beings bound by the laws of Yomi;
  • Father provoked Amaterasu, saying that if she wants to punish them, then she should do so with her own hands;
  • He wondered how he is different from them when they have been doing the exact same thing, but Heaven is the one who claims to be “good” and pointed out that these are the vents that they opened, a Goodness Net that they have been trapped in, and a city that they have burned;
  • Father remarked that they are the ones who are unnecessary;
  • Meanwhile, a large ayakashi is seen causing chaos;
  • It was about to devour an elderly goddess, but Yato slayed it, and she thanked him, stating that there was suddenly a huge storm;
  • Yato approached her and took her Divine Garment, flying up toward where the battle with Amaterasu is raging.

Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 Release Date

Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 (99.1) Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Noragami manga series is serialized under Kodansha’s Monthly Shōnen Magazine where new chapters are published on the 6th day of each month. Following this patterm, Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 (99.1) release date is scheduled on March 4th, 2022.

However, it usually takes some time (at least 3-4) before the English translations come out.

Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 Release DateMatch 4th, 2022
Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 Raw Scans & LeaksMarch 2nd, 2022
Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 SpoilersMarch 2nd, 2022

Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 Raw Scans & Leaks

As of writing, Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 Raw Scans & Leaks haven’t come out yet. Such raw scans usually start appearing on the internet 3-4 days before the official release of the chapter.

So, you can expect Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 Raw Scans and Leaks to be available by March 2nd, 2022.

Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 Raw Scans Status (Updated): Released.

Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 (99.1) Spoilers

As of writing, Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 spoilers haven’t come out yet. Such spoilers usually appear online 3-4 days before the official release of the chapter. So, you can expect Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 Spoilers to be available by March 2nd, 2022.

Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 Spoilers Status (Updated): Released.

  • Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 started with Father’s monologue about the Gods’ effect on the Near Shore;
  • He asked Amaterasu what she thought when she saw the destruction, considering she has a human face, and wondered for what goal she has senses, even power, names and wealth; if she simply watches like any mountain or river;
  • Father remarked she might as well admit she is not even trying anymore;
  • He pointed out that this is “Heaven’s sin”, and the people who would absolve them of it are complicit, while ayakashi wreck havoc on the Near Shore;
  • Mitsurugi called Father a fool for believing Heaven can be punished, and said that they have a general idea of who he is and that beings who dwell in Yomi should stay there;
  • Mikagami is seen holding out her hands while Amaterasu similarly looks at her hands with a confused expression;
  • One of the Treasures called out to her, and Father attempted to stab Amaterasu, who looks shocked, remarking that even she can make such an expression;
  • However, he is interrupted by Yato’s arrow piercing him in the chest;
  • Father turned around to see where the shot had come from, but can’t see anyone, yelling that Yato will pay for that;
  • The Three Treasures told Amaterasu to fall back, and were seen shielding her from Father;
  • Father wondered whether she will just watch from on high again, and Amaterasu affirmed this, saying that she had missed some things, and helped out with others, and that those who take human lives are necessary, yet she can’t allow Father to cause so much disorder;
  • A barrage of arrows head toward Father, and Amaterasu left with one last remark about how it is not the weak that die, but rather the living that live and the dead that die;
  • Back on the ground, the arrows rained down on a large ayakashi while Father crouched on the ground;
  • He yelled at Mizuchi, asking if she can’t sense Kazuma’s presence since they’re bound by the snake curse, but Mizuchi remarked that there is nothing and they are probably targeting him far away from the back;
  • Father kept yelling at a distraught Mizuchi, while Yukine started looking panicked;
  • He saw the chaos and destruction going on in the world below, people fighting and arguing, broken windows;
  • However, he heard someone whisper “Haru”, and recognized the voice to be his sister’s;
  • He took off while Yato chased after him, calling his vessel name, and pleading him to come back;
  • Back at Ebisu’s company, Kofuku and Tenjin were discussing the situation;
  • Tenjin remarked that family is more important to Yukine than a master because he died so young, and that all he can think of is the original “me” that he was as a human;
  • He brought up a saying: “till death do we part, and in death we shall meet again”, and Kofuku responded that it’s an old saying, but Tenjin retorted that it doesn’t matter, and that what matters is the belief that they will be happy when they meet again;
  • He added that it’s not good for the dead to dwell on their past, since twisted thoughts give birth to demons;
  • Kofuku panicked, asking what they could possibly do to save Yukine because even Yato wouldn’t be able to compete with Yukine’s family;
  • Tenjin asserted that the wounds of those parted by death can never heal, and remarked that saving such a child could be impossible;
  • Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 ends with Yukine landing in front of his sister’s house.

Where to read Noragami Chapter 99 Part 1 online?

Currently, there is no official way to read the latest chapters of Noragami manga series online other than to wait for Kodansha USA to publish the English translated volume of it.

As of now, Kodansha USA has released a total of 21 volumes in English which are available both in digital and paper forms.