Boku no My Hero Academia 331

Boku no My Hero Academia 331 Raw Scans, Leaks, Spoilers & Release Date

Every My Hero Academia fan is excited for the upcoming Boku no My Hero Academia 331 will feature how Number 1 American Hero Star and Stripes will act to hold Shigaraki back.

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Boku no My Hero Academia 330 Recap

In Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 330, we saw:

  • BNHA Chapter 330 started with one of the pilots of the jets telling Star and Stripe that the person in front of her is Tomura Shigaraki and not All-for-One;
  • The pilots asked the American Number 1 hero if they are going to attack or retire;
  • Star and Stripe replied with “Smash, obviously”;
  • The jets attacked Shigaraki;
  • Shigaraki used many techniques, but the jets avoided all of them;
  • Star and Stripe was planning to do her best in this fight;
  • A big transparent star forming appeared around Shigaraki;
  • Shigaraki’s eyes were bleeding, and he couldn’t breathe;
  • Star and Stripe’s quirk is called “New Order”: When she touchs something and calls its name, The American Pro Hero can impose a new rule over it;
  • Shigaraki was frozen, and the jets began firing lasers from all directions;
  • Shigaraki Thought that they defeated him;
  • He used the “Reflect” and “Diffuse” attack, and sent the lasers back, then he jumped towards Star and Stripe;
  • Star and Stripe did the same and kicked him in mid-air;
  • An internal monologue from Star and Stripe;
  • Actually, Star and Stripe can only create two rules at a time, and she always saves one for herself which gives her super strength;
  • Star and Stripe was thinking about her past where she was saved by an exchange student from Japan who is All Might;
  • From that time on, All Might became her spiritual master;
  • The American Pro Hero said: “If Tomura Shigaraki moves 1 centimeter his heart will stop”;
  • All-for-One was almost controlling Shigaraki’s body;
  • A new personality is rising inside him which is neither Tomura Shigaraki nor All-for-One;
  • Star and Stripe was shocked because Shigaraki’s heart has not stopped;
  • In the last page of BNHA Chapter 330, we saw a huge explosion in the sky surrounded by black-lighting.

Boku no My Hero Academia 330 Raw, Leaks, Spoilers & Release Date

Boku no My Hero Academia 331 Release Date

Boku no My Hero Academia 331 Release Date

Boku no My Hero Academia 331 Release Date is set on October 31st, 2021. MHA Chapter 331 raw scans, leaks and spoilers will be available on October 28th, 2021.

My Hero Academia 331 Release DateOctober 31st, 2021
My Hero Academia 331 Raw Scans ReleaseOctober 28th, 2021

Boku no My Hero Academia 331 Raw Scans & Leaks

As we said above, My Hero Academia 331 Raw Scans and leaks will be out on October 14th, 2021. You can check some of theme below:

Boku no My Hero Academia 331 Spoilers (Chapter Title: “I and I”)

Boku no My Hero Academia 331 Spoilers status: Already out.

  • The Boku no My Hero Academia chapter 331 began with Star and Stripe (Number 1 American Pro Hero) being thrown away by the impact of the huge explosion created by Shigaraki;
  • Star remarked that Shigaraki’s hair grew all of a sudden;
  • Shigaraki said that he actually understands how Star and Stripe’s Quirk works;
  • Shigaraki added that even though she is the most powerful, there are limits to her powers;
  • The limitation of the quirk when used on living beings is the name-calling part;
  • This was the reason behind why Shigaraki was still alive even after Star and Stripe activates her quirk;
  • A pilot wondered what they are going to do to defeat Shigaraki, as neither New Order nor lasers are working on him;
  • Star ordered the pilot to send a message to Commander Aghbar;
  • The American Pro Hero added that Shigaraki is a danger that threats the entire world;
  • Then, she created a new order “The atmosphere will be solidified into a shape that is 100 times my size!”;
  • There is a big aura forming next to Star ans Stripe;
  • Star and Stripe used “Fist Bump to the Earth” and attacked Shigaraki again;
  • She already knew that this attack is not enough to beat Shigaraki because the latter can heal himself quickly;
  • Star and Stripe doesn’t know Shigaraki’s real name, so she can’t use New order on him;
  • The Number 1 American Pro Hero ordered her pilots to shoot their lasers at her, and created a new order “The lasers will solidify into a single beam”;
  • The pilots thought that it’s over, but Star and Stripe added that it was just to hold him back;
  • Star and Stripe received a call from Commander Aghbar who was angry at her for being careless;
  • Commander Aghbar told her that it’s her time to overcome All Might who couldn’t arrest this villain;
  • Star and Stripe asked about the preparations;
  • On the last page of Boku no My Hero Academia 331, we saw numerous missiles heading towards the location where the fight between Star and Shigaraki is happening;

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