Kingdom Chapter 724 Release Date

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Kingdom Chapter 723 Recap

In Kingdom Chapter 723, we saw:

  • Rei finally came back to the safe side after escaping from the Zhao tribe;
  • Shin was the first one to hold her back in safety;
  • Later on, Ten told her not to open the circles, or they would end up losing a huge chunk of their army;
  • Meanwhile, Shin and Kyoukai decided that they were going to be on the right side so that the formation was intact;
  • However, it was En-San that pointed out that things were not going to go in their favor;
  • On the other side, Gakuka was the first one to see that HSU was emerging inside the encirclement;
  • Asien also noticed that they had all come inside the circle;
  • The final act of the chapter takes a look at a chase sequence between the HSU and Gakuka;
  • The chapter came to an end with Riboku asking his men whether these armies had any kind of weakness or not.

Kingdom Chapter 724 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 724 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 724 Release Date is scheduled on June 19th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 724 Raw Scans & Leaks

Kingdom Chapter 724 Raw Scans & Leaks are not released yet. Such raw scans usually start surfacing on the internet 1-2 days before the official release of the chapter.

So, you can expect Kingdom Chapter 724 Raw Scans & Leaks to be available by June 19th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 724 Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 724 spoilers are not released yet. Such raw scans usually start surfacing on the internet 1-2 days before the official release of the chapter.

So, you can expect Kingdom Chapter 724 spoilers to be available by June 19th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 724 spoilers status: Available. 

  • In Kingdom Chapter 724, Kokuou saw that the HSU and the Gakuka made it out on the left and now the only ones defending the HQ are the Heki army at the front and another family that moved to the right to cover that area;
  • Ringyoku’s soldiers asked him what they should do as he looked back at Kanki while the soldier was wondering why the boss was not doing anything;
  • Riboku’s soldier asked him what Kanki’s weakness is as Riboku watched the Zhao army steadily make their way forward;
  • Heki’s soldiers also noticed that the HSU and the Gakuka were out and said they should do the same;
  • Heki stopped them and said that it’d be too irresponsible of them to leave their position as they are in the honorable position of the center army charged with holding back the enemy;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 724, Heki’s soldiers looked with worry and one of the mountain people said that Heki is too naive;
  • Another tribe member said that’s not the case because Heki is at the front risking his life that the time Kanki has to come up with a plan is being extended and that it’s because of people like him that armies do not easily fall;
  • He then said that a man like Heki is too valuable to lose;
  • They then noticed that the Heki army was past their limit and said what they should do now is to make sure Heki made it out alive otherwise the chief of the Mera tribe will give them hell;
  • At Kanki’s HQ, they noticed that the Zhao had broken through the Heki army and were getting closer;
  • Marron turned to Kanki begging him to make a move because they’re all goners if they just sit there;
  • Kanki said that it’s still fine and sent the remaining few from the Northern army to the front;
  • Riboku’s soldiers saw that their army was steadily marching towards Kanki’s HQ and wondered why they were not seeing any movement from Kanki’s HQ;
  • One soldier wondered if there’s a purpose to him not moving and Riboku cut in saying that it’s because even if he wanted to make a move Kanki simply can’t;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 724, Riboku then went on to talk about Kanki’s history of how he started his rise to fame 9 years ago serving under General Mougou in his battle with Renpa;
  • In that battle they saw Kanki leave their HQ and take the head of Genpou;
  • Then at the battle of Kankoku Pass they saw Kanki do the unthinkable and leave his position to take the head of the Han general after coming down;
  • Then at Kokuyou Hills, he beat Keisha and even got Kisui to leave to take Kokuyou Hills;
  • Most recently, in the face of the Kochou army who outnumbered his army 3 to 1 he got to Kochou’s HQ and took him out to win the battle as well;
  • Riboku then said that from these 4 battles there lies 1 common theme between all of them;
  • A soldier deduced that it’s the “surprise attack” and “unorthodox” and Riboku confirmed it;
  • He then continued saying that this also means Kanki has never won a battle in an orthodox way;
  • His soldier said that it was because all the situations required something special to turn the tables, especially that battle against Kochou;
  • Riboku agreed but said that the Kokuyou Hills battle was different;
  • When the HSU pushed past the Zhao left wing and was in a favorable position to attack the Zhao Kanki did nothing despite how no matter which method of fighting he went with it would have been favorable for the Qin;
  • Just like now, Kanki did nothing and let go of that amazing chance;
  • A soldier said that led to Keisha moving down and getting taken out because of it in the end;
  • Riboku replied that if Keisha chose to stay and made use of the inaction then the Zhao would have won;
  • No matter what he should have remained to defend the hill instead of going on the attack;
  • Riboku said that the inaction wasn’t because Kanki knew this would happen but rather he didn’t know what to do with the situation the HSU presented;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 724, because Kanki has not won a single battle using orthodox methods he knows that Kanki simply just does not know how to fight using those tactics;
  • Kanki was put into battle as soon as he was recruited with no chance to really learn the basics of battle after becoming one of Mougou’s arms;
  • Despite this he kept winning his battles and Riboku had no choice but to call him a genius and a monster;
  • However, underneath all of that lies Kanki’s weakness of not knowing how to fight other than using unorthodox methods;
  • As the soldiers stand in shock Riboku says this is why Kanki is unable to move right now;
  • In this situation where he cannot pull any special move he simply doesn’t know what to do;
  • He then went on to say that if there’s anything to be careful of it’s to make sure they don’t make any big moves;
  • In Kochou’s case he was basically about to win but moved too far forward and because of that he lost his life;
  • His soldiers asked if that’s why Riboku hasn’t moved generals like Bananji yet;
  • Riboku said that they will use the strength of their numbers to slowly take out the enemy and through that situation where Kanki won’t be able to do anything they will kill him as well;
  • As the Zhao got closer to Kanki’s HQ the soldiers are freaking out telling Marron everything and Marron says he knows and assumes Kanki’s still doing nothing but he looks back and realizes Kanki is just looking at the sky;
  • Kanki chuckled then said that he has orders to Marron;
  • Marron asked who the orders are for and Kanki replied by saying that it’s for every head of the clans that make up the Kanki army;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 724, Riboku thinks to himself that they almost took out all the enemies who block their way to Kanki’s HQ and thinks if Kanki’s HQ is going to do anything now is the only chance they have;
  • Then, he noticed movement in the Kanki HQ and the clans were all scrambling to get into the positions given to them by Kanki while yelling at each other to hurry up and get it right;
  • Riboku’s HQ saw this but had no idea what was happening at first;
  • They then realized that the Kanki soldiers were putting themselves into a formation;
  • At Kanki’s HQ, they confirmed one by one that the clans are in their correct positions but when asked what this formation is Marron says he hasn’t got a clue;
  • Riboku’s soldiers realized Kanki’s using some sort of strategy but had no idea what it is because they’ve never seen or heard of a formation like what Kanki put together before.
  • Kingdom Chapter 724 ends.

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