Kingdom Chapter 720 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 720 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

In this blog article, we bring you updates on Kingdom Chapter 720 spoilers, leaks, raw scans, release date and where you can read it legally!

Kingdom Chapter 719 Recap

In Kingdom Chapter 719, we saw:

  • On the Qin side, one of the Gakukas asked if the HSU will be fine with this;
  • The Gakukas replied that they will be fine because they are great;
  • Denei said that they are trained in this type of strategic approach;
  • As Kou told Bihei to come to him because he doesn’t understand what the formation means, Bihei was freaking out;
  • After reaching Kyoukai, Rei asked if the formation is that pointy thing, and Kyoukai confirmed it;
  • When Rei asked who will go to the front, he said that if the front doesn’t work, it won’t work;
  • At the front, Koukai said that it’s Shin and Mouten;
  • On the Zhao side, Riboku received word that the enemy was forming a wedge formation;
  • In Riboku’s opinion, it seemed they are trying to escape the situation they put them in;
  • They will have a hard time getting out of it, though;
  • It will be interesting to see how strong the Seika generals are;
  • Also, the Seika generals received a report saying the enemy is forming a wedge formation and appeared to be leaving the Kanki army behind, claiming it is an interesting move;
  • One Seika general asked the other how to humiliatingly take down a wedge formation, and the other replied that he does not;
  •  After forming up, both the HSU and Gakuka charged forward;
  • The Seika army then switched formations, and also adopted a wedge formation and began to charge;
  • Mouten noticed this change, and told the others to prepare for the hit as he wondered if all the numbers would really come out at the same time;
  • Ten told Shin and Mouten to move back, and Shin said that there is no way since the first team to lose momentum will lose;
  • Riboku noticed this and found it hard to believe that they would defend against the Qin in this way;
  • Back to Qin, Shin told Gakuka and HSU soldiers not to do something useless, while Gakuka and HSU soldiers said that they won’t move in front of Shin and Mouten;
  • The two collided, and Shin was dismounted;
  • He said that it is fine and to keep going because he is fast on his way;
  • Mouten was told by Rikusen to move to the back a bit because being at the front doesn’t make sense to him;
  • Gakurai led the Hihyou forward while Garo told him not to get too far ahead and that those as young as him should head forward first;
  • Considering they are only 2-3 years apart, Gakurai thinks that’s nonsense;
  • Upon reaching the Seika general, Gakurai was told not to go, but he charged anyway and got cut down;
  • Seika told the HSU not to be sad since no one will be able to escape the hunting grounds that Riboku has created;
  • Shin told Garo to move aside and attack General Seika instead as he charged at him in rage;
  • Shin’s attacks were blocked by the general and he stated that “it’s already too late for Qin”.

Kingdom Chapter 720 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 720 Release Date is scheduled on May 15th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 720 Raw Scans & Leaks

Kingdom Chapter 720 Raw Scans & Leaks are released. Such raw scans usually start surfacing on the internet 1-2 days before the official release of the chapter.

So, you can expect Kingdom Chapter 720 Raw Scans & Leaks to be available by May 15th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 720 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date
Kingdom Chapter 720 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date
Kingdom Chapter 720 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date
Kingdom Chapter 720 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 720 Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 720 spoilers are not released yet. Such raw scans usually start surfacing on the internet 1-2 days before the official release of the chapter.

So, you can expect Kingdom Chapter 720 spoilers to be available by May 15th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 720 spoilers status: Available. 

  • In Kingdom Chapter 720, Gakurai was told by another soldier that they’re receiving a punk who can’t speak well and only fights with others and is told to raise him up;
  • Gakurai asked for his name and the guy said “Garo.”
  • Gakurai yelled at him that it should be “My name is Garo”, and smacked him;
  • In another scene, Gakurai told Garo to get back, but Garo moved ahead of him saying he will kill them all;
  • Then as they were retreating, Garo called Gakurai an old man, and told him to leave him;
  • Gakurai told him to be quiet because his stomach got injured, and that he’s only 3 years older than him;
  • When they are put into Duke Hyou’s army, Garo asked who that sloppy looking old man is, and Gakurai hit him saying it’s their great general Duke Hyou;
  • Garo then asked if they’re in that Duke Hyou army with the bad reputation, and Gakurai covered his mouth while the other soldiers told Duke Hyou they said nothing when he asked if they said anything;
  • As they kept battling, Gakurai was promoted to 1000 man commander and Garo became a 500 man commander;
  • Gakurai praised him, and Garo said that it doesn’t matter because he likes seeing Gakurai succeed;
  • Then, he pulled off Gakurai’s helmet, and said a lot of his hair disappeared, then got scolded by Gakurai;
  • After Houken took down Duke Hyou, Gakurai was in disbelief;
  • As he grieved, Garo told the others to leave him alone;
  • Gakurai then said that he’s thinking about joining the HSU who Duke Hyou entrusted his shield to in the end, and asked Garo what he’s planning on doing;
  • Garo said that’s a stupid question because he’ll follow Gakurai since he’s the one and only person he thinks of as his family;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 720, as Shin was fighting the enemy general Garo, the other Hihyou soldiers tried to get revenge for Gakurai;
  • The others were blocked by the Zhao while Garo made it to the general and gave him a cut;
  • Shin told him to keep holding him down like that, but then they were attacked by the other Zhao soldiers;
  • The Zhao general called them his two arms, and one of them said that they should have been at the front from the beginning then said that they should finish it up soon;
  • Over by the Gakuka, Mouten was also face to face with the enemy general and was being shielded by his soldiers;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 720, Riboku was told that the Qin left wing’s charge had halted and the spearheads disappeared;
  • The soldiers couldn’t believe that the HSU and the Gakuka were actually held back by using that type of defense method, and were impressed by the Seika army’s strength;
  • Then, they said that it’s really the strength of Riboku that was able to sway the heart of Shibashou of Seika;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 720, Ten received news that Gakurai was taken out, and that the two commanders were currently held down by the enemy;
  • One soldier asked Ten what they should do, and she thinks to herself that she needs to get herself together otherwise they’re all dead;
  • When the soldier suggested they should gather by Shin to support him, Ten said that it’s not the front that’s important right now, but the middle where Kyoukai is located;
  • Rei told Kyoukai that the spot where Shin was, looked dangerous, and asked if they should change course to go help him;
  • Kyoukai looked and said they’re not going to save him to Rei’s and everyone else’s surprise;
  • She said that if they will save him, then they won’t be able to get out of Riboku’s formation, and Rei said that even if they get out, it would still be bad if the captain dies;
  • Kyoukai said that there’s nothing else to do, but trust him at the moment, and she also pointed out that Ten’s orders are for them to continue advancing;
  • Kyoukai then ordered her troops to push through the enemy, and to get out of this.
  • Ten saw that Kyoukai was advancing as planned, and said that if they don’t get out of this situation and mess with Riboku’s formation, then nobody will be left alive;
  • She then asked what the Gakuka side looked like since the strong lieutenant wasn’t at the front, so she thinks he’s in the middle as well;
  • If they can get out of this formation too; then the enemy will be shaken;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 720, Aisen’s soldiers said the same thing around him about going to save Mouten, but Aisen said that Mouten’s orders were to continue the advance;
  • He then told his troops that Mouten’s orders were for them to continue the advance without caring about himself;
  • As he roused the troops to start the advance, he thought of Mouten and hesitated to complete the order;
  • Over by Mouten, his soldiers were currently holding the enemy back while telling him to get out of there;
  • Mouten told them to not worry about him, and the soldiers lost their path of retreat;
  • Rikusen was trying to get to Mouten because his soldier said that all those around him and in between them are all monsters;
  • Rikusen said that he knows, but he is being held back by the enemy 5000 man commander Huon;
  • Rikusen then saw Mouten getting stabbed;
  • He charged at the enemy, and got his hand sliced in the process;
  • An enemy general charged towards Mouten, and appeared to have cut him down.
  • Kingdom Chapter 720 ends.

Where to read Kingdom Chapter 720 Online?

Unfortunately, there are no official ways to read Kingdom Chapter 720 online.