Kingdom Chapter 716 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 716 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

From what happened in the previous chapter (Kingdom Chapter 715) so far, fans could assume that things are not going well for the Qin army.

In this blog article, we bring you updates on Kingdom Chapter 716 spoilers, leaks, raw scans, release date and where you can read it legally!

Kingdom Chapter 715 Recap

In the previous chapter of Kingdom manga series, we saw:

  • Riboku’s take on the incoming army;
  • Riboku’s men informed him that all the troops were out in the field;
  • On ground zero, Bafuuji called Bananji, and wished him luck for the battle;
  • The General from Gian said the Riboku was the only true ruler of the North;
  • After what he had done year after year, Riboku deserved to be the man who ruled this land;
  • On the other side in Qin, the armies are still shocked;
  • All the men finally understood that they were dragged into an isolated land only to get outnumbered by the enemy;
  • Mouten claimed that there was only one man who was capable of pulling off this plan;
  • He was pointing towards Riboku;
  • He also understood that the place was ready for battle;
  • Towards the end of the chapter, Ten got the report that the right side of their army was in trouble;
  • It turned out that even though the Zhao army was less in number, their strength was certainly more than theirs.

Kingdom Chapter 716 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 716 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 716 Release Date is scheduled on April 10th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 716 Raw Scans & Leaks

Kingdom Chapter 716 Raw Scans & Leaks are released. Such raw scans usually start surfacing on the internet 1-2 days before the official release of the chapter.

So, you can expect Kingdom Chapter 716 Raw Scans & Leaks to be available by April 9th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 716 Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 716 spoilers are released. Such raw scans usually start surfacing on the internet 1-2 days before the official release of the chapter.

So, you can expect Kingdom Chapter 716 spoilers to be available by April 9th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 716 spoilers status: Available.

  • In Kingdom Chapter 716, we see at the right wing the HSU was getting pushed back and the same thing is happening for the Gakuka on the left;
  • The narration explained that usually on a flat ground battle if there is an overwhelming difference in numbers then a battle doesn’t happen unless there are unique strategies being employed like with Kanki and his battle against the overwhelming numbers of the Kochou army;
  • Kanki was leading Kochou from the beginning of the battle;
  • it’s the complete opposite as the Zhao were the ones who fooled the Qin with the hidden soldiers and their preparations;
  • The Qin were faced with this situation as soon as the battle started;
  • The Qin soldiers are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of Zhao in front of them, while the Zhao soldiers have high morale saying the Qin only has 140 000, and they will kill those who stepped foot into their land;
  • Heki’s soldier is telling him to pull back, but Heki said that there is still time to regroup, and tried to give orders while getting reports of his troops getting wiped out;
  • The Heki soldiers asked Kanki’s army for reinforcements, but they don’t appear to be moving and the Zhao saw Heki and threw their spears;
  • As Heki told them to call the Northeastern army that joined them, the spears are about to hit and the Najara member knocked them away while yelling “NAJARA!”;
  • The Najara are pushing back the Zhao ,and the Najara member told Heki that if he doesn’t retreat right now it will cause big trouble;
  • Heki said that he can’t just leave since it will hurt the whole army, and the Najara said that there is no time for that, and dragged him away while Heki resists;
  • On the left the Gakuka are struggling to keep up the defense because every spot is calling for reinforcements;
  • His lieutenant is handling one area, but they need more soldiers and are not getting any response from Kanki’s army;
  • However, 2 000 from the Northeastern army came to their aid and as Mouten got the report another report comes saying the Zhao broke through their left wall, and he sent the 2 000 there right away;
  • His soldiers are getting taken out one by one, and he thinks that unless they can think of something Riboku couldn’t have planned for, they won’t be able to get out of this, and doesn’t know what it could be;
Kingdom Chapter 716 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date
  • In Kingdom Chapter 716, On the right Ten is also wondering why the Kanki army isn’t responding, because once they’re through the Zhao, they will immediately come for Kanki at HQ;
  • All the HSU is also calling for reinforcements from all sides, but are receiving none;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 716, Futei’s soldier asked if he is bored, and Futei said that it’s not like that because he surprisingly likes this, and the battles they will win in the future;
  • Riboku said that this battle is one where they kept careful track of the enemy’s number and kept theirs hidden;
  • Because of this, they will simply crush the Qin with numbers just like this, and Riboku told Kanki there’s no way out;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 716, Kanki received reports that each side is asking for reinforcements and that it will be really bad if they don’t get help;
  • Kanki was really nonchalant about it, and when Marron asked why he is not sending any help, Kanki said that he has no reason;
  • Marron said that it’s not time to say stuff like that because once those armies are done they will be done for to which Kanki said that to chill out because this battle just got started;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 716, on the right the HSU is trying to fight with a smaller number of cavalry and infantry;
  • Denei saw Shin looking out into the distance, and wondered what he’s doing standing still at a spot like that when he’s usually right in the front of the fray;
  • Shin said that it’s really dangerous because the fire is going out, and if it keeps going like this, it will be completely out;
  • He added that he has to somehow light the fire, and looks for a spot where he can do that;
  • As he looked around, he said that he found a spot, and called for the Captain’s Emergency Call Flag to be drawn up;
  • As his soldier started to yell out, Shin called out louder to tell the HSU to listen up;
  • He told them starting right now they are to break away from their fight, and they will leave their role as the wall of the right wing;
  • Everyone is shocked, and Ten freaked out asking what Shin’s up to;
  • Kingdom Chapter 716 ends.

Where to read Kingdom Chapter 716 Online?

Unfortunately, there are no official ways to read Kingdom Chapter 716 online.