Kingdom Chapter 712 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 712 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

In this blog article, we bring you updates on Kingdom Chapter 712 spoilers, leaks, raw scans, release date and where you can read it legally!

Kingdom Chapter 711 Recap

In Chapter 711 of Kingdom manga series, we saw:

  • Kingdom Chapter 711 started in the North with Kansaro arguing about the role of Qin’s commander;
  • He believed that the commander had lived his tenure and it was his time to step down;
  • However, his men argued that under the leadership of the commander, Zhao would surely fall;
  • Just then, Kansaro got a report finding that Qin had already attacked Jiaga;
  • Zhao had ended up covering more than 50,000 men of the Qin;
  • However, compared to the 200,000 they had been expecting, this was quite a small number;
  • Later on, Marron asked Ten about what are her opinion was;
  • She concluded that 50,000 was a good enough number to attack Gian;
  • In addition, even if they knew that the attack was going to happen, there would not be more than 20 000 soldiers spare for the attack;
  • Towards the end of the chapter, Riboku, who is at Gian came to know that Qin was approaching them with the fullest force;
  • Kingdom Chapter 711 ends.

Kingdom Chapter 712 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 712 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 712 Release Date is scheduled on March 7th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 712 Raw Scans & Leaks

Kingdom Chapter 712 Raw Scans & Leaks are released. Such raw scans usually start surfacing on the internet 1-2 days before the official release of the chapter.

So, you can expect Kingdom Chapter 712 Raw Scans & Leaks to be available by March 6th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 712 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 712 Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 712 spoilers are released. Such raw scans usually start surfacing on the internet 1-2 days before the official release of the chapter.

So, you can expect Kingdom Chapter 712 spoilers to be available by March 6th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 712 spoilers status: Available.

  • Kingdom Chapter 712 started with Ousen receiving a report that Kanki absorbed the 50 000 soldiers, and decided to continue on towards the target;
  • Souou asked if he can take 10 000 with him to head to Kanki;
  • Ousen stopped him and said don’t go yet and just watch for the moment;
  • As Kanki’s army is heading toward their target the terrain started to change;
  • Bihei’s unit began to feel the change and the mountains becoming more worrisome to travel by;
  • Ten warned the unit that if the enemy were to attack it would be in this location;
  • Ren said that she can see a star despite it being daytime and that it’s a really bad star to see;
  • The Najyaro member that joined Heki’s army told him that he’s had a bad feeling ever since they left Atsuyo, and that if they keep going no one will come back;
  • Heki told him to not say such things and then he said that it’s a good thing the Najyaro came with because their elders have a ritual for things like this, and asked Heki to participate;
  • Shin kept heading forward, and passed by Heki and his group carrying out the ritual and laughed at them while asking what he’s doing;
  • Heki told him to not laugh, because it’s the Najyaro’s ritual, and they told Heki that it’s not over and to focus. Ten sees them and asks what’s happening and is shocked at Heki;
  • Kyoukai said to not laugh because that’s a legitimate exorcism;
  • Rei agreed and said that if anything Shin should join them because he has a bad feeling about this battle and even he felt something off;
  • Shin told her that if it was something that could have been solved with exorcism then it wasn’t a threat in the first place;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 712, Rei said that she knows that, but in a battle there’s still the element of “luck” to consider;
  • Shin wondered how much further they will go, and told Rei if she doesn’t want them to battle she should go dance with them as their representative;
  • She told him that the captain should go, and Shin said it’s the captain’s orders and Rei said that she will never go;
  • The Kanki army continued advancing further into the Zhao territory and to their surprise they approached Gian without facing any opposition from the Zhao;
  • Naki went in front of the HSU recon team and said that for a war this dangerous he wants to see ahead with his own eyes;
  • He told the team to wait and noticed some horses;
  • At first they thought it’s the Zhao, then thought it’s Kanki’s recon team;
  • Naki wondered if it’s Kokuou’s and his soldier didn’t think she’d send her team to a place like this;
  • As they were speaking they saw the recon team got attacked and killed, and thought there’s an ambush set up to kill recon teams;
  • Naki then told some soldiers to go back and tell Ten that he’s going a little deeper to find more info;
  • Marron is dumbfounded that they got to Gian in a day and a half without having to fight anyone;
  • He said that maybe it’s because of their usual deeds and Shin said that it’s because they were focused on holding their castle none of them came out;
  • Another general said that it’s still outside of their expectations that this happened, and Heki said they were probably afraid to fight the 140 000 they have at the moment and decided not to attack their invading force;
  • Ten said that it might appear that way, but it’s still weird that they were let through with no opposition, and that now they face a problem because their recon teams are getting killed here so they can’t get more info about the city;
  • Mouten’s lieutenant agreed, and Marron said that coincidentally they faced the same issue;
  • Heki and the other general realized recon teams were sent out;
  • Ten said that they got a report saying Naki went further in, but they haven’t gotten as far as Jukryeo yet;
  • In Kingdom Chapter 712, Marron focused on Naki and Mouten focused on Jukryeo;
  • Ten continues saying Jukryeo is a small castle right by Gian, and she thinks they should take it before attacking Gian, because it will give a foothold for Qin to go back to if the battle with Gian goes long;
  • Mouten’s lieutenant agreed, and said that Mouten was saying the same thing earlier;
  • Marron said that he thinks it’s a good idea, because they’d rather relax at the castle than outside a castle;
  • Shin asked if this means it’s finally starting and Mouten said that’s how it is;
  • Marron asked how they want to deal with this, because after that they have to attack Gian which is much bigger, and Ten said that she thinks if possible they should leave it to just one army;
  • She added that it shouldn’t be the Kanki army because the Zhao would be in higher morale because of their massacre;
Kingdom Chapter 712 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date
  • Shin said that it should be left to the HSU who brought it up and Ten agreed;
  • Mouten said that they have to wait, and wondered if they could leave it to the Heki army;
  • Heki was surprised;
  • Shin called out to Mouten, and Mouten said that it’s because of the two units’ specialties;
  • Both the HSU and the Gakuka were independent units since their 300-Unit days and there’s no doubt they developed their skills in reacting to new situations;
  • If the recon teams can’t move forward then it will be important in the battle with Gian where they know so little;
  • Shin said that they will be the ones to take Jukryeo;
  • Heki told him that they’ll take care of Jukryeo so he should prepare to advance towards Gian;
  • Shin is surprised while Ten, Mouten and his lieutenant thanked him;
  • Heki told Shin to not misunderstand;
  • He said that compared to their two units the Heki army isn’t outstanding, however they have the skill to handle every situation sensibly;
  • If an orthodox method is needed the HSU is not the best at I,t and the Heki army is much better at it than them;
  • The Qin approached Jukryeo and saw no soldiers deployed outside;
  • Heki said that he mistakenly said he’s good at sieges and wondered how he will begin the attack;
  • His soldiers said that they’re in position and are ready to attack at any time;
  • The narration said that the Qin would begin their battle in the north and the first battle would take place at Jukryeo;
  • Heki sent his archers and infantry forward;
  • Kyoukai and Rei noticed something and when Rei is asked about it she said “what…that castle…”
  • Kingdom Chapter 712 ends.

Where to read Kingdom Chapter 712 online?

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