Kingdom Chapter 710 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans & Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 710 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans & Release Date

In this blog article, we bring you updates on Kingdom Chapter 710 spoilers, leaks, raw scans, release date and where you can read it legally!

Kingdom Chapter 709 Recap

In the previous chapter of kingdom (Kingdom Chapter 709), we saw:

  • Kingdom Chapter 710 started with Shin meeting Mouten and asking for an explanation on why Ousen is suddenly unable to move from this spot;
  • Mouten said that they are about to go into a long general’s meeting to hear this explanation;
  • Denrimi started by saying that they have lost suffered 3 times as many casualties than expected;
  • They must also leave a certain number behind to defend Atsuyo in order to prevent the Zhao from taking their flank;
  • Right now they’re not in a position to really leave behind an army and just leave like that so they must choose one of two options;
  • One option is to wait at Atsuyo with the whole army and recover as many Ousen soldiers as possible before carrying out this original plan;
  • Along with that plan is a need to send a report to Qin’s northeastern army to meet them at another location;
  • The second option is to leave just the Ousen army behind in Atsuyo and the other armies will continue toward the target and merge with the northeastern army, and the Ousen army will immediately come to them once they regain their strength;
  • Ten said that initially the Ousen army was meant to have the most soldiers so, if they leave without them, it will be like they’re down to half and asked Denrimi if he is asking them to do that;
  • Denrimi asked if she didn’t hear properly, and said the Ousen army will immediately come after them when they can;
  • Denrimi also asked if the HSU are only full of members with bad manners;
  • Shin is ready to argue while Ten apologized;
  • Mouten said that the difference in the two plan is time;
  • Denrimi said that’s right, and that there’s a chance the Zhao can attack the other army and lower their number as well while the Ousen army is waiting to recover;
  • Ten asked how many are in the northeastern army and Denrimi said that they have 200,000;
  • The others thought they had 20,000 and are surprised to hear they have 200,000;
  • The generals all agreed that the amount is more than enough to leave the Ousen army behind and continue the march;
  • Souou then asked Kanki what he thinks since he has been quiet all this time;
  • Kanki told them to shut up about Riboku and Taewon, the city the northeastern army is at, because none of that matters to him;
  • All that matters is that there is nothing to take from Atsuyo anymore, and Marron said this means they will leave as well;
  • Shin said that’s cool, but that doesn’t mean he will let them do as they want;
  • Ousen warned Kanki to be more careful than usual since they don’t have much info on Zhao’s northern cities;
  • Kanki said that he’ll figure it out once he gets there and then told Ousen to take his time and follow after him since the Kanki army will take everything;
  • The Kanki army along with the Gakuka, Heki army and HSU left Atsuyo to meet with the 200,000 from Taewon;
  • In Taewon more Qin soldiers were gathering at the location in addition to the already gathered 200,000;
  • In order to avoid the Zhao from finding out the true number in Taewon Shouheikun gathered as many soldiers in the location at once before they left with a total of 210,000;
  • The Qin general is a new one named Jopagwang who was in charge of the northeast army;
  • He said that he never imagined a day when they would march with this many soldiers and the army’s morale is very high;
  • One of his soldiers ask edif they must serve under Ousen once they merge and the general said that it can’t be helped since he’s one of the six greats;
  • The general said that he will use this opportunity to take the last seat of the six great generals;
  • As they say how possible it is the general notices something on the cliffs, but says it’s nothing when a soldier asked what’s wrong;
  • Above the cliff are the two Seika generals who said that they have been waiting half a year for this;
  • Kingdom Chapter 710 ends.

Kingdom Chapter 710 Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 710 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans & Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 710 Release Date is scheduled on February 28th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 710 Raw Scans & Leaks

Kingdom Chapter 710 Raw Scans & Leaks are not released yet. Such raw scans usually start surfacing on the internet 1-2 days before the official release of the chapter.

So, you can expect Kingdom Chapter 710 Raw Scans & Leaks to be available by February 27th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 710 Spoilers

Kingdom Chapter 710 spoilers are not released yet. Such raw scans usually start surfacing on the internet 1-2 days before the official release of the chapter.

So, you can expect Kingdom Chapter 710 spoilers to be available by February 27th, 2022.

Kingdom Chapter 710 spoilers status: Available.

  • As the Qin north army was marching, the soldiers asked how many actually are gathered because a lot of them are from smaller units who were called over and they recognized units from different cities around them;
  • They joke around saying some of them are from towns too small to have seen a number this big and they tell each other around 200,000 are gathered;
  • Some soldier said that he heard news of the other army taking Gyou and pushing even further in and thought they wouldn’t have a chance to get in on the action;
  • One soldier worried that with an army this size the war will be longer and wondered when he will go back home;
  • Another soldier mocked him for wanting to go back when they just started marching;
  • A general of the unit came by to ask why he’s saying such demoralizing thing instead of getting excited;
  • He kept saying that Ousen and Kanki are waiting ahead of them for them to join so they can fight together;
  • The soldiers got excited by the thought of fighting with 2 of the great six;
  • As the general continues to talk he noticed the enemy coming down the hill and told the left side to get in formation;
  • The head general heared some noise from the back, and asked what’s going on;
  • He turned and noticed a few figures on top of the cliff by his side;
Kingdom Chapter 710 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans & Release Date Kingdom, manga spoilers
  • Kansaro got news that Jiara has begun his assault and Kansaro said that according to his standards he has waited long enough and that Jiaga will wreak havoc in their rear while they go straight for the head;
  • The Qin general told his side to get ready as well and figured the Zhao are from Roumou from the north;
  • He went on to say that they have the numbers advantage and they should hurry down so they can take care of the Zhao;
  • The Zhao soldier wondered whether it’s honor or stupidity that’s keeping the general from moving away;
  • Kansaro said that he is going to test it out and charged with his troops;
  • Riboku and his group are in a city between Gian and Kantan receiving reports on the developments;
  • They are notified that the Qin army has left Atsuyo, but it appeared that Ousen’s army is not with them;
  • The others praised Riboku for the success of his plan and Riboku attributed it to Atsuyo’s strength;
  • A man named Nakchang from Seika said that it happened like Riboku wanted, the Qin has lost half its strength;
  • Futei said that there should be another development soon and they receive a report saying the Qin has 200,000 in the north army and that their army has left Roumou as well;
  • Futei was surprised at the number but Kaine says Riboku has guessed there would be about that much;
  • Bananji and Riboku guessed they’re engaged in combat by now;
  • Bananji wondered if things will go well there too, and Nakchang said that it won’t be too tough because Riboku has set up Roumou properly for this moment;
  • Jiara is known to be the strongest in Seika and Futei said that when Ordo attacked 3 years ago, he alone took out about 100 soldiers;
  • Sanghwaryong from Seika said that Jiara is born to a giant monkey and a human to which Kaine got surprised, and Nakchang told him to stop spouting lies;
  • Sanghwaryong refutes saying the strongest in Seika is himself;
  • The Qin general is being told that the enemy is getting closer to them;
  • The general wondered what is going on, and how Roumou’s army is this strong;
  • As he wonders what kind of soldiers are facing them, Kansaro said that if they prepared half a year in advance then the soldiers can be strengthened and said that the Qin general was careless;
  • The Qin general asked if they have 200,000 too, and Kansaro said that the reason why it feels like they have that many is because the quality of one of their soldiers is 2 of them;
  • They probably thought with sheer numbers alone they would win the battle already, however the Zhao have been training for half a year in order to defend their nation from the Qin;
  • He knew that they would win since before the battle began;
  • The Qin general asked what he’s talking about regarding the half a year ago comment and asked if they knew the Qin would attack them since half a year ago;
  • Kansaro replied that it’s exactly so, and that it’s all due to Riboku;
  • The Qin general thinks that Riboku is one of the 3 greats, and that even though it makes no sense that he could predict that far ahead it’s happening right now;
  • Kansaro then said that the Qin general is probably feeling the effect of the half year of preparation right about now;
  • He added that the Qin will lose because the north is a black hole Riboku has prepared in order to swallow them all up;
  • He said that they might think they’re the ones invading, but the Zhao will completely annihilate the Qin with the war in the north;
  • Kingdom Chapter 710 spoilers ends.

Where to read Kingdom Chapter 710 online?

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