Kingdom Chapter 701 Review

Kingdom Chapter 701 Spoilers, Leaks & Review

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Kingdom Chapter 700 Recap

  • Kingdom Chapter 700 began with Shin coming over to comfort Sei;
  • Ei Sei and Shin left this grim place full of skulls;
  • They gallopped away on horseback;
  • Shin showed Ei Sei the mountain of Eikyuu, where he and his soldiers scaled steep cliffs to get to Kochou’s HQ;
  • Ei Sei admitted that Kanki is a clever, even if he is dangerous;
  • Shin apologized for not being able to stop the killing;
  • This enormous gaffe will enrage the demoralized Zhao people, and Qin will have to face their full rage;
  • Back at the Kanki army HQ, Naki, the traitor, arrived to measure how Kanki’s feeling about the war and his betrayal
  • Naki talked to Maron about Raido’s death and criticized what they did to the prisoners for vengeance;
  • Maron told Naki that it wasn’t revenge, but Kanki’s true nature;
  • Naki asked about Kanki’s location, and it turned out that he is with a girl in a tent;
  • There is also a mask in front of her which is similar to Raido’s;
  • Maybe Raido was more than a close friend to Kanki;
  • Ei Sei encouraged his men, and left 30,000 of them with Kanki;
  • The Emperor also visited the injured Ouhon and shamed Shin for not getting a girl;
  • Kingdom Chapter 700 ends with a messenger who is seen arriving at Kantan, and something is told to be thrilling behind those gates.

Kingdom Chapter 700 Spoilers, Leaks & Review

Kingdom Chapter 701 Review

Kingdom Chapter 701 Review
  • Notices of slaughtered Zhao soldiers have been put in the streets of Kantan;
  • People were angry that the Qin wouldn’t let even prisoners survive;
  • Some of them are looking to enrol in the army;
  • The Kantan Nobles were also apprehensive, and were discussing the safety of Bujou and Heiyou;
  • Kansou advised Prime Minister Kakukai not to worry since they have enough soldiers posted at these locations;
  • Kansou then, in a formulated way, told everyone if things worsen, they have to go to the hills;
  • Kakukai didn’t like the idea, so he sent a messenger to the exiled General Renpa;
  • The messenger convinced Renpa to come back to Kantan and help them;
  • The noblemen asked Kansou if it is okay for Renpa to come back because even a tiny mistake on their part would get them slaughtered by him;
  • Kakukai told the messenger that the king has prohibited Renpa’s return;
  • Kansou was upset and asked for a chance to talk to the king;
  • Seeing his refusal to let it go, Kakukai slackened at first, but in secret ordered the messenger to be killed;
  • Kakukai couldn’t think of other way than to ask help from Renpa;
  • A messenger was sent from Kantan to Seika;
  • A year later, Li Mu arrived with his soldiers to battle Kanki in a war;
  • Kingdom Chapter 701 ends.

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