Kingdom Chapter 700 Spoilers, Leaks & Review

Kingdom Chapter 700 Spoilers, Leaks & Review

In this blog article, we bring you updates on Kingdom Chapter 700 review, spoilers & leaks!

Kingdom Chapter 699 Recap

  • Kingdom Chapter 699 began with Kanki telling Ei Sei that he is the one responsible for all these killings;
  • Kanki’s soldiers were surprised that their commander would talk that way to Ei Sei;
  • However, Kokuou took it in her stride, and called Ei Sei the biggest murderer among them all;
  • As she was about to keep cursing the emperor out, Ei Sei stopped her;
  • The Emperor treated their words as childish silliness;
  • However, Kanki is not letting the subject go;
  • Ei Sei reminded him how he had never permitted him to slaughter his prisoners, and Kanki told him that it was only a result of a war he had began;
  • Ei Sei replied that he won’t permit any of the current six greats to become like Haku Ki who had buried 400 000 prisoners alive;
  • The Emperor explained how badly it would affect their future campaigns and their dream of unifying China;
  • Kokuo said that she will never be friendlies with Zhao;
  • Sha said that no matter what their unification plan is, she will hunt down every last Zhao, the people responsible for killing Raido;
  • Kanki said that the Emperor might have good intentions of unifying China, however the people will never agree to make buddies, and there will be hostilities even after unification;
  • Next, Kanki asked Ei Sei to get on with his penalty;
  • If he decides on decapitating Kanki, he should know that he would die here too, and the dream of unifying China is as good as dead;
  • Ei Sei forgave him, citing Maron’s explanation, then he cited his military achievements to have contributed to his decision;
  • Next, Ei Sei leave Kanki;
  • As Ei Sei sat down next to mountains of heads to comfort himself, Shin arrived, and the best friends met again.

Kingdom Chapter 699 Spoilers, Leaks & Review

Kingdom Chapter 700 Review

Kingdom Chapter 700 Review
  • Kingdom Chapter 700 began withShin coming over to comfort Sei;
  • Ei Sei and Shin left this grim place full of skulls;
  • They gallopped away on horseback;
  • Shin showed Ei Sei the mountain of Eikyuu, where he and his soldiers scaled steep cliffs to get to Kochou’s HQ;
  • Ei Sei admitted that Kanki is a clever, even if he is dangerous;
  • Shin apologized for not being able to stop the killing;
  • This enormous gaffe will enrage the demoralized Zhao people, and Qin will have to face their full rage;
  • Back at the Kanki army HQ, Naki, the traitor, arrived to measure how Kanki’s feeling about the war and his betrayal
  • Naki talked to Maron about Raido’s death and criticized what they did to the prisoners for vengeance;
  • Maron told Naki that it wasn’t revenge, but Kanki’s true nature;
  • Naki asked about Kanki’s location, and it turned out that he is with a girl in a tent;
  • There is also a mask in front of her which is similar to Raido’s;
  • Maybe Raido was more than a close friend to Kanki;
  • Ei Sei encouraged his men, and left 30,000 of them with Kanki;
  • The Emperor also visited the injured Ouhon and shamed Shin for not getting a girl;
  • Kingdom Chapter 700 ends with a messenger who is seen arriving at Kantan, and something is told to be thrilling behind those gates.

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