Kingdom Chapter 698 Review

Kingdom Chapter 698 Spoilers, Leaks & Review

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Kingdom Chapter 697 Recap

  • Kingdom Chapter 697 started with pictures of mountains of human heads belonging to the trapped Zhao soldiers;
  • There is misrule in Kantan, and the Zhao citizens are distressed that their surrendered soldiers are not back yet;
  • In Kanyou, Lord Mikai received a message that made him fall to the ground;
  • News reached the Nobles that Kanki has slaughtered his captured prisoners;
  • The Kanyou court is surprised, and Emperor Ei Sei asked how many Kanki has slaughtered;
  • The messenger informed them that 100,000 prisoners were decapitated;
  • Ei Sei sat down to assimilate this dreadful news;
  • Ri Shi pointed out how this move of Kanki’s has landed them in a much greater mess;
  • Now that this butchery has become known, forces from all over China will send their soldiers to the gates of Qin;
  • As Ri Shi said that Kanki should never have become one of the Six Greats, other nobles told him that this is not the time to be talking about this;
  • Ri Shi hit them with an “I told you so.”;
  • Ei Sei ordered for soldiers to be sent to Kanki;
  • At Heiyou’s suburbs, Kyou Rei was seen vomiting, and she asked why their captain’s place is so clamorous;
  • She is informed that they are discussing how Kanki slaughtered his war prisoners;
  • Shin decided to go and kill Kanki, but Ten convinced him otherwise;
  • Ten asked Shin to follow General Kanki’s orders because there might be an all-out war;
  • Ten saied that Kanki will pay for his crimes, but the one who will make him pay is not Shin, but the emperor Ei Sei;
  • News reached Maron that an army is headed their way from the southwest;
  • Maron told the messenger that it’s not enemies but probably reinforcements;
  • The messenger replied that the army does not belong to the enemy, but is headed by the emperor.

Kingdom Chapter 697 Spoilers, Leaks & Review

Kingdom Chapter 698 Review

Kingdom Chapter 698 Review
  • Maron came to know that Ei Sei is here to meet them in person with a huge army;
  • He flipped out over what the emperor is going to do to them;
  • He rapidly gathered Kokuou, Rin Gyoku, and all the most powerful clans;
  • The emperor’s side received the message that Kanki’s men are going to meet him at the northwestern plains;
  • Hearing this, Sei ordered his soldiers to spread out their ranks;
  • As they meet, Kanki greeted the emperor sitting with his legs up on the table;
  • Ei Sei didn’t mind much as he wasn’t here to joke;
  • He asked Kanki why he slaughtered all those prisoners;
  • Kanki replied: “no reason.”;
  • Ei Sei told Kanki that his answer wasn’t good enough, and that depending on what he will say next, there might be a decapitation sentence;
  • Kanki kept refusing to give a tangible answer;
  • Ei Sei ordered his decapitation;
  • Kokuou jumped in to save a man who isn’t interested in being saved;
  • Maron jumped in to explain the reason behind this butchery;
  • Maron said that they had to kill them because their numbers, even after defeat, were so high that if they decided to rally together, the Qin army would lose;
  • The Emperor doesn’t think it’s a suitable excuse considering they didn’t necessarily need to kill everyone, and they’ve been killing innocents for years now;
  • Kanki said that if it is such a bad thing, the emperor is the most guilty of them all with the most blood on his hands since he is the one who began this invasion in the first place;
  • Kingdom Chapter 698 ends.

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