In this blog article, we briKingdom Chapter 696 review, spoilers & leaks!

Kingdom Chapter 696 Spoilers, Leaks & Review

In this blog article, we bring you updates on Kingdom Chapter 696 review, spoilers & leaks!

Kingdom Chapter 695 Recap

  • Kingdom Chapter 695 started with Kanki’s men who are shown escorting Zhao soldiers;
  • One of them remarked how they won’t be able to catch them all if they began running even with their hands tied;
  • Rin Gyoku, Kokuo and Maron met, and Kokuo noted that she hadn’t been able to kill the guy fighting her, but he was almost dead;
  • Rin Gyoku said that Kanki should have at least told his inner circle about the master plan;
  • Kokuo thought only Maron knew about it, and found out that Maron and Raido both knew;
  • Kokuo grew even more angry as she found out that Raido probably knew before even Maron;
  • Shin’s troops were still fighting beyond the point of Eikyuu when Shin received the message that Kochou is dead and Kanki has won;
  • He was shocked at first and thought that it was a lie, but after the initial shock wore off, he was tasked with looking after the surrendered Zhao soldiers;
  • Rin Gyoku, Kokuo and Maron got to Zhao headquarters, but Kanki wasn’t there;
  • A soldier told them that they found Raido, and that Kanki went there;
  • The soldier explained how Raido was caught, and taken to Kochou;
  • Rin Gyoku wondered if that might mean he is dead;
  • Rin Gyoku, Kokuo and Maron went to Kanki and found numerous heads on a table, but Raido wasn’t among them;
  • Next, they looked inside a box and foundd that he was been torn to pieces;
  • The Saki Clan said that the Zhao did that to make him leak information on Kanki’s plan, and he didn’t say anything because that would have unavoidably provoked their defeat;
  • Kanki called Raido an idiot because Kanki had told them to run away and save themselves when things got bad, but he didn’t listen, and now he is dead;
  • Kokuo asked the Saki Clan who slaughtered him?
  • He said that all the people involved in his slaughter were dead except for one.
  • Kingdom Chapter 695 ends.

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Kingdom Chapter 696 Review

Kingdom Chapter 696 Spoilers, Leaks & Review
  • Kingdom Chapter 696 startedwith messengers from the battlefield reaching the Qin Capital of Xianyang ;
  • The Emperor and the nobles were informed about Kanki’s resounding victory against the Zhao;
  • The fact of defeating the Zhao without reinforcements and killing General Kochou too was too good to be true;
  • Some attributed this win to not only Kanki’s tactics, but also the Hi Shin unit’s unwavering support;
  • Emperor Ei Sei was informed that this win means they can launch a campaign against the castles of Bujou and Heiyou;
  • After those two castles were conquered, there is no more obstacles to the Qin conquering the royal Capital of Kantan;
  • News of Zhao’s defeat reached Kantan and shocked everyone;
  • Ousen and Mou Ten stood at the battle HQ looking confused;
  • Maron asked Kanki if he plans to go through with it, hinting at something grim;
  • The Hi Shin unit was informed that they need to continue the retreating Zhao army towards Heiyou, meaning there is no rest for them;
  • Since they need to stop Zhao’s soldiers from regrouping, and it’s an order from one of the Six Greats, Shin decided to go with his soldiers except for the injured ones;
  • Kyokai wanted to remain with the wounded, but she wasn’t injured, which puzzled Shin since she never stepped back from a fight;
  • The Hi Shin unit was going farther away from the Kanki army;
  • The Kanki army was seen taking small groups of soldiers in groups of twenty and making them circle the different parts of the previous battlefield to free them;
  • The supervisors for these groups kept changing;
  • The Kanki soldier, who took them in the end, asked them to lower their heads for a drink, and then cut out their head;
  • This took place simultaneously in all prisoner camps in order to make sure that the soldiers won’t regroup after being freed;
  • Kingdom Chapter 696 ends.

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