Is Eren Yeager Evil? Is He A Villain or An Anti-Hero (2022)?

Is Eren Yeager Evil? Is He A Villain or An Anti-Hero (2022)?

Is Eren Yeager Evil? Is He A Villain or An Anti-Hero?

Attack on Titan Fans have been divided about whether Eren Yeager is “Evil” or “Good”. Keep reading to find out why no single description could properly characterize Eren’s behavior.

Some Shingeki no Kyojin fans have been eager to declare Eren the “Villain” or the “Anti-Hero” of the story after the change in his behavior in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1.

He has been referred to as “evil” and “despicable.” In doing so, it strips Eren of his motivations and rationale for his acts.

Attack on Titan has a reputation for bending the rules of perception. Now that we’ve “labeled” Eren, where did we go so horribly wrong? Was it “Evil” of him to choose the safety of people he knew over the safety of the rest of the world?

Check out the following section to see Is Eren Yeager Evil? Is He A Villain or An Anti-Hero? And why Eren is an excellent example of why it’s impossible to label someone as “good” or “Evil”.

Is Eren Yeager Evil: What is “Evil”?

To start, it is necessary to define “Evil”. Immorality or cruelty is what the term refers to. An evil person is someone who commits acts of cruelty or immorality only for the purpose of causing harm to others.

An evil act is defined by Hillel Steiner as one in which the “perpetrator’s pleasure”—the desire to inflict hurt or misery for one’s own pleasure—is a key factor.

“Consistency Thesis” is another key factor. There is a lack of empathy or the desire to do something morally correct in those who are evil, according to Daniel Haybron.

There are many who criticize Steiner’s idea since they claim that someone could perform “evil” deeds and not experience any pleasure from them. Clearly, describing someone as “evil” and attempting to pin down what exactly makes someone bad require a great deal of context.

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Is Eren Yeager Evil? Is He A Villain?

Is Eren Yeager Evil? Is He A Villain or An Anti-Hero (2022)?

Is Eren Yeager Evil? The answer is short: Eren is not, in my opinion, a villain or a bad guy!

It’s hard to call Eren’s resistance to the Survey Corps’ acts evil. It’s absurd to categorize Eren as either a “Villain” or a “Hero.” Despite this, his actions were highly criticized by his own fans. To understand if Eren Yeager is evil, we must first examine why he had to do what he had done.

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Why did Eren want to wipe off the World? Is Eren Yeager Evil because of this?

The powers Eren inherited from his father influenced his decision to take action against the Corps Survey and ignite the rumbling.

It was a simple matter of prioritizing the safety of his family members over the interests of the greater good. “A hero would sacrifice you to save the world, while a villain would sacrifice the world to save you,” says a well-known saying.

Taken into account, why would a little boy like Eren sacrifice the few people he has left for strangers who treat him and his race with contempt?

For as long as anybody can remember, the Marleyans and Eldians have been locked in a cycle of animosity. Eren’s determination to wipe out the Titans and everyone else outside of the Paradis Island was nothing more than a straightforward response to Marley’s failed attempt to exploit them.

A Villain is someone who goes out of his way to hurt his own people or commits war crimes for personal gain. While this is not a justification for genocide, it does put things into perspective.

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Is Eren Yeager Evil? Who started this all?

Is Eren Yeager Evil? Is He A Villain or An Anti-Hero (2022)?

The conflict grew personal because Eren was under a lot of stress.

Eren was embroiled in a war that had raged for two millennia before he arrived. While he sought to eliminate titans, he was a valuable asset to Paradis because he was a smart titan. Everyone’s hopes were raised when they realized they might have an ally in the small child.

Eren now had to face the weight of being a titan shifter with a terrible past. He didn’t realize how personal this struggle was until the unveiling at Shiganshina.

He became aware that his ability was more potent than he had anticipated, and that his titan might have a particular talent of its own. Nothing could be more shocking to Grisha than seeing the death of his younger sister and the transformation of restorationists into titans, the very titans he had pledged to eliminate.

He was pushed over the line by the memories he witnessed when he kissed Historia’s hand. As time passed, Eren was more and more afraid to tell anyone what he had seen, so he chose to isolate himself from the rest of humanity.

Seeing his father make such a sacrifice may have convinced Eren that this battle belonged to him. It seemed to him that his burdens would be better served if they were kept to himself.

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Is Eren Yeager Evil: The change in Eren’s relationships

Is Eren Yeager Evil? Is He A Villain or An Anti-Hero (2022)?

The sight of Eren standing on the other side of the fence, alone, is something we all hoped we’d never have to witness. They’ve all narrowly missed death, but they’ve also shared a few serene moments along the way.

As previously stated, his harsh treatment was motivated by “tough love.” He didn’t want anyone close to him to have dirty hands.

Early in the game, Eren realized that he could only be stopped by death. This explains why he stood by and let his friends shoot him. Knowing that he could atone for his actions, he pushed through with the plan.

Eren has been referred to as “Evil” in a variety of ways, but here are some of the more common:

Mikasa and Armin’s final encounter with Eren

Eren’s chastising of Mikasa and Armin after the Yeagerists kidnapped them is one of the story’s most heartbreaking moments. Eren unleashes a torrent of savage insults at Mikasa, claiming that he despises her.

Eren had a good purpose for doing this, even though it may appear to be an act of detachment from his boyhood pals on the surface.

Desperate Eren assumed that ending on a sour note would be enough to keep both of them away from him, since he was disturbed by the prospect of enlisting his pals in a plan that guaranteed certain death.

Eren admits that he pushed his buddies away in order for them to later kill him. He did not intend to harm anyone.

Hange is attacked by Eren

When Eren threw a punch at Hange, a lot of people stopped seeing him as a “hero.” Eren, like other shonen protagonists, had an optimistic vision of the future.

The moment he realized there was life beyond the walls, his worldview crumbled. As soon as Eren’s morality and idealism were stripped away, he was branded the role of the Anti-hero: The Villain.

It was at this point when Eren realized the consequences of kissing Historia’s hand all those years ago. Using his father’s memories, he was able to see Zeke and himself in the paths. Eren didn’t want to die, as he says in Chapter 139, since he wanted to be with Mikasa and the others.

In the end, Eren was forced to continue because of the future he had seen. It’s likely that his rage at Hange stemmed from a lack of patience. A solution that would help him avoid a bloody path was what he craved.

Is Eren Yeager Evil: Conclusion

Is Eren Yeager Evil? Is He A Villain or An Anti-Hero (2022)?

To conclude, it will not be fair to limit Eren or his deeds to constrictive statements that restrict our ability to see things from all angles.

Eren’s acts were motivated by a desire to save his comrades, even if it meant risking the entire world and his own life. As a result, labeling him a “villain” or “evil” places him in the category of characters that function as roadblocks in the way of a hero’s achievement of a goal. Eren’s deeds, in reality, gave him the freedom to do whatever he desired.

The story’s gloomy conclusion appeared to be unavoidable. Whether one agrees with Eren’s actions or not, it is difficult to deny that he died heroically. What are your thoughts? Is Eren Yeager Evil and a villain, or is there more to him?