How did Naruto escape Jigen’s seal? (Boruto: Naruto next Generations) Boruto: Naruto next Generations, Naruto, Shounen

How did Naruto escape Jigen’s seal? (Boruto: Naruto next Generations)

All Boruto’s fans were shocked when Jigen sealed Naruto in episode 204 of the Boruto: Naruto next Generations anime. Full of distress and fear, you’re surely wondering, did Naruto escape Jigen’s seal?

Of course, the answer is yes! Now, certainly, you want to know how did Naruto escape Jigen’s seal?

Don’t go anywhere and keep reading to know how did Naruto escape Jigen’s seal. But first, read this post and let’s understand how Naruto was sealed!

How was Naruto Sealed?

How did Naruto escape Jigen’s seal?
Jigen sealed Naruto (Boruto: Naruto next Generations chapter 38)

Jigen decided to bring back Kawaki with him to Kara’s base. So, he went to Naruto’s house expecting that his mission gonna be easy but this could never be true!

In order to get rid of the 7th Hokage, Jigen teleported himself and Naruto to another dimension, planning to leave Naruto behind forever. Fortunately, Sasuke had already followed Naruto’s Chakra and arrived in time at this dimension.

Next, we have got a big fight between the three of them, which in the end resulted in Jigen’s victory. With Naruto and Sasuke weakened after being pierced with multiple black rods capable of absorbing Chakra, Jigen decided to seal Naruto and kill Sasuke.

Luckily, Naruto convinced Sasuke to go back to Konoha, leaving him alone with Jigen. Once Sasuke left this dimension, Jigen has nothing to do except for sealing Naruto. Finally, he sealed Naruto in a black box and left him behind in this dimension.

Naruto being sealed like that is a bad end for Naruto’s great story, isn’t? Naruto seems to be totally powerless and feeble. So, without a doubt, He did succeed to escape the seal! But, you still wondering, how did Naruto escape Jigen’s seal!

This is a detailed explanation of how Jigen sealed Naruto, click here to read it!

How did Naruto escape Jigen’s seal?

How did Naruto escape Jigen’s seal?

In order to make Naruto escape Jigen’s seal, Boruto and Kawaki used their Karma Seal’s power to open the box where Naruto is sealed.

When Kawaki’s artificial arm fell down, it was a bad sign indicating that something terrible happened to Naruto. Kawaki blamed himself for that and decided to do everything he can do in order to save his dear Hokage.

During his conversation with Shikamaru and others about what happened to the 7th Hokage, the artificial arm began lighting again what means that Naruto is still alive!

While thinking about everything Jigen said to him, Kawaki came up with a theory that he can do whatever Jigen can do, and that was true!

In synergy with Boruto’s Karma seal, Kawaki created a resonance field that expanded his Karma’s powers, and opened a space-time hole to the dimension where Naruto was sealed!

Then, Kawaki and team 7 get into the space-time hole and went to save Naruto and bring him back with them! The four of them found themselves on desert land, with no sign of life, and they have to face Boro, an inner of Kara, who was guarding the sealed Hokage.

How did Naruto escape Jigen’s seal: New team 7 Vs Boro

Naruto escape Jigen's seal
New Team 7 Vs Boro

In order to make Naruto escape Jigen’s seal, the new team 7 fought bravely against Boro who was so strong thanks to his super regenerative abilities allowing him to heal fast.

However, Boro’s signature technique had begun working a while ago. The Dark Mist, which is unaffected by wind release Jutsu, can be used for many goals.

Boro could mix gunpowder with his technique in order to realize attacks out of nowhere! He can even use it as a tool to diffuse a fast-acting virus that can paralyze its target’s body! This means that Boruto, Kawaki or even Jigen can’t use their Karma seal to absorb this attack!

This virus attack almost led to the new team 7’s defeat, before Sarada and Mitsuki somehow managed to run away with Boruto and Kawaki.

While that’s going on, Mitsuki managed to extract some of Boro’s blood using his snakes. He asked Sarada to use her Sharingan to understand the virus’ origin.

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Thanks to Sarada‘s Sharingan, they made an antidote against Boro’s virus! However, team 7 was still in trouble. With everybody fighting Boro, Sarada, thanks to her Sharingan, noted that Boro is using a simple hand sign to transfer his core to a certain part of his body which allows him to heal from any damage fast!

Sarada had located the core, and knowing that Boro can do the hand sign rapidly, she just has one chance to finish him! This constatation left her with one and unique option: to use the Chidori Justu which she never used before!

Fortunately, that was a successful attack, and Boro’s body went haywire as soon as Sarada destroyed the core. While everybody was anxious, Kawaki affirmed that they’re safe now and should focus on making Naruto escape Jigen’s seal instead.

The new team 7 rushed towards the sealing box, but they don’t know how to open it. Luckily, Kawaki had an idea. Since Boro said that only Jigen can open this seal, so that’s mean that he can do it too!

So, Kawaki asked Boruto to synchronize his Karam with him once again and used the Resonance Power to open the sealing box! Fortunately, this worked perfectly and Naruto escaped Jigen’s Seal!