Did Jigen Seal Naruto

How Did Jigen Seal Naruto And Why? (Boruto Episode 204 discussion)

Ōtsutsuki Isshiki (Jigen) thinks that he is the strongest being after he beat Sasuke and Naruto.  While Sasuke succeeded to run away from Jigen after being gravely wounded, Naruto, unfortunately, couldn’t because Jigen sealed him. Hence, you’re maybe wondering how did Jigen seal Naruto et why he did so?

Keep reading to find out the answers!

How did Jigen seal Naruto?

Jigen sealed Naruto within a box in another dimension after beating him and Sasuke. All those events began when Jigen visited Kawaki in Naruto’s house in episode 203 of the Boruto: Naruto next Generations anime.

At first, Jigen came to bring back Kawaki with him quietly, however, it was obvious that it will not be that simple. Naruto started attacking Jigen first to stop him from picking Kawaki up to Kara’s refuge.

As the fight became more aggressive, Jigen teleported himself and Naruto to another world dimension. Being aware that the 7th Hokage is unable to use a Space-Time Ninjutsu like Sasuke, Jigen envisaged to put Naruto down in this dimension forever.

But unfortunately for Ōtsutsuki Isshiki, Sasuke came and ruined his plan by teleporting himself into the same dimension while pursuiting Naruto’s Chakra, which prevents Jigen from quitting this parallel dimension and forced him to fight them.

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Jigen Vs Naruto and Sasuke

How did Jigen seal Naruto

Did Jigen seal Naruto? In episode 204 of Boruto: Naruto next Generations anime, we saw that Naruto and Sasuke managed to hold on against Jigen inspite of his bothersome abilities! But unfortunately, things went somehow wrong as Jigen activated his Karma Seal when he saw that he was cornered.

Now, Naruto and Sasuke were not able to damage Jigen enough and found themselves gravely injured with multiple chakra rods.

Jigen thought that Sasuke is a big threat since he can teleport wherever he wants using his space-time jutsu, so he decided to get rid of him. Naruto incited Sasuke to run away when he saw that Jigen is determined to kill him.

As Ōtsutsuki Isshiki already used a huge amount of power to defeat Naruto and Sasuke, his vessel (Jigen) began to fracture.

Did Jigen seal Naruto? Knowing that his vessel is unable to stand up anymore, Isshiki summoned a big box where he can seal Naruto and tried to end Sasuke.

Then, Jigen ran towards Sasuke to kill him, but Naruto intervened with his shadow clones jutsu to procure enough time for Sasuke to go back to the hidden leaf village.

When Jigen was about to seal Naruto, the latter tried to provoke him, but the Kyûbi told the 7th Hokage to stop doing that to avoid Isshiki’s anger which can lead to Jigen killing Naruto instead of sealing him.

Next, Jigen did seal Naruto inside of the big box, reduced its size and went back to Kara’s refuge, leaving Naruto behind in the dimension.

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Why Did Jigen Seal Naruto instead of killing him?

why did Jigen seal Naruto

If you are asking why did Jigen seal Naruto instead of killing him, the answer gonna be very simple! Jigen just could not kill Naruto.

Of course, Naruto is not an immortal being but there are many reasons behind why Jigen couldn’t kill him. Let’s explain them right now!

In Boruto episode 203, Jigen said that he has no problem with Naruto and that his existence doesn’t mind him.

So, getting rid of him would only be tiresome and bothersome since he’s only interested in Boruto, as he is Momoshiki’s vessel so he can drop him into the Jyûbi mouth, and Kawaki as he is his own vessel.

Besides, as a member of the Uzumaki Clan, Naruto has a huge life force, while the Kyûbi is the most powerful of all Bijû.

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Did Jigen seal Naruto? In the Versus Momoshiki Arc (from chapters 1 to 10 of the Boruto manga and from episodes 51 to 66 of the Boruto anime), it took a lot of time for Momoshiki to extract about half of Naruto’s powers.

With that being said, putting an end to Naruto’s life is without a doubt going to be an extremely slow process and Jigen doesn’t want to waste so much time since he has no business with Naruto.

Did Jigen seal Naruto?

Finally, Jigen was badly damaged due to the multiple attacks caused by Naruto and Sasuke, and the repercussions of using Isshiki’s massive power. Actually, Jigen’s chakra almost over and he needs about 2 days of the healing process to go back to normal.

So, Jigen couldn’t waste his precious lifetime trying to end Naruto’s life and he chose to seal him instead.