Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Spoilers, Raw Scans & Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Spoilers, Raw Scans & Release Date

Fans are looking forward to the release of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 since it would kick off a new arc in the Dragon Ball Super series that fans had been waiting for, especially since the debut of Frieza in his new form has sparked speculation that he may be the next primary antagonist for the upcoming arc.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 87 Recap

In the previous chapter of DBS, we saw:

  • Granolah was extremely exhausted after his final battle against Gas;
  • Fortunately, Monaito has gone full Dende with his healing abilities, restoring the Cerealian to full strength;
  • Granolah, on the other hand, informed Goku and Vegeta of the drawback to his desire for such a significant power boost: he only has three years to live;
  • A stray energy bolt pierces Monaito’s chest as Goku criticizes Elec for attempting to flee the area without his siblings;
  • Gas, completely recovered but still zombified, returned to the battlefield and effortlessly defeats the Saiyans;
  • Elec ordered his younger brother to kill their opponents, but the Heeter sister, Macki, noticed how sick Gas looks;
  • Frieza appeared just as Gas responded to the discovery of the curse contained in his desire;
  • The last time we saw the iconic Dragon Ball villain, he wasn’t much of a danger to Goku and Vegeta;
  • Frieza, however, one-shots Gas and Elec left everyone in shock, and on top of that, he revealed his new form, “Black Frieza.”
  • Frieza has been training in a Hyperbolic Time Chamber he discovered on a planet he captured;
  • He managed to fit in a decade’s worth of training;
  • He demonstrated his dominance by easily defeating Ultra Ego Vegeta and Ultra Instinct Goku;
  • He could certainly take out the two Saiyans at this point, but he explained that he just came to Cereal to find the Heeters, so he let them go and left;
  • Monaito appeared to succumb to his injuries, but Whis appeared out of nowhere and cured him;
  • Finally, Granolah and the Saiyans said their goodbyes as friends, with Whis transporting them off-planet while suggesting that the “strongest fighter” may have arrived somewhere in Universe 7;

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Spoilers, Raw Scans & Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Release Date is set on Saturday, November 19th, 2022. 

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Raw scans & Leaks

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Raw scans have not yet been leaked yet. Such raw scans usually start surfacing on the net 1-2 days before the official release date, so keep an eye out for updates.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 Spoilers

  • Frieza was able to defeat Goku and Vegeta almost immediately, even in their most powerful form;
  • Our heroes are far from being as powerful as they would like to be, which is why Dragon Ball Super chapter 88 may focus on their new training regimen;
  • To reach Frieza’s level, Goku and Vegeta will have to train harder than they ever have;
  • The chapter may also focus on the Saiyans attempting to master their new transformations;
  • While Goku is still learning how to wield his True Ultra Instinct successfully, Vegeta must learn how to harvest the force of destruction without killing himself in combat.

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