Dr Stone Chapter 228 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 228 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Here is everything you need to know about Dr Stone Chapter 228 spoilers, raw scans, leaks, release date and where you can read it online and for free!

Dr Stone Chapter 227 Recap

  • Dr Stone Chapter 227 started with Senku and the astronauts finally stepping foot on the moon’s;
  • They are now about to discover Why-Man at the set location;
  • Back at ground control, concerns arised for the little gadgets in hand for the space mission;
  • Kohaku was carrying the Medusa that can be used as a weapon or a healing device if necessary;
  • Chelsea stated that since the Medusa is kept in an air-filled vacuum tube with a mic, they can activate it easily;
  • With much thought about how far they have come, the space crew venture towards the dark spot they found on the satellite image of the moon;
  • On their way to the location, the space crew found the equipment of the first moon landing;
  • Senku found it weird that the enemy’s location is close to humanity’s first steps on the moon;
  • Afterward, as they move further, Kohaku got an order to unseal the capsule;
  • She felt odd how Senku requested the task, but opened the capsule;
  • Senku grabbed Kohaku’s hand and asked what she is trying to do;
  • Kohaku realized the voice she heard wasn’t Senku, but mimicry of his voice frequency;
  • The space team realized it was Why-Man’s trick and took action to get rid of the device;
  • Thankfully, Kohaku tossed the capsule far enough to avoid a near petrification attack;
  • With the space crew away from danger, they stumbled upon a dark, ominous void-like element and now know why there was a dark spot on the moon;
  • Senku finally connected the dots of the whole mystery when he saw the phenomenon;
  • He stated the perpetrator behind the very event of turning humans into stone long ago was someone they knew this entire time;
  • He then said with a cunning smile: “Why-Man was you!”

Dr Stone Chapter 227 Spoilers, Raw, Leaks & Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 228 Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 228 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Dr Stone Chapter 228 Release Date isscheduled on February 6th, 2022 in this week’s Weekly Shōnen Jump issue.

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Dr Stone Chapter 228 raw scans and leaks will be available on February 3rd, 2022.

Dr Stone Chapter 228 spoilers will be out on February 3rd, 2022.

Dr Stone Chapter 228 Release DateFebruary 6th, 2022
Dr Stone Chapter 228 Raw Scans ReleaseFebruary 3rd, 2022
Dr Stone Chapter 228 SpoilersFebruary 3rd, 2022

Dr Stone Chapter 228 Raw Scans & Leaks

As we said above, Dr Stone Chapter 228 Raw Scans and leaks will be out on February 6th, 2022. You can check some of theme below:

Dr Stone Chapter 228 Spoilers

Dr Stone Chapter 228 Spoilers status: Available.

  • Yes, XX was Whyman himself!
  • Last week’s Whyman was the one in the capsule.
  • As everyone expected, it was not an attack, but just a petrification to prevent human being from dying.
  • Since they have been able to make diamond batteries, on the condition that they can replenish their life.
  • Petri-beam, Stop, Horrible, Straight forward.
  • Another Whyman.
  • Stop. Shut up for a second.
  • You’ll be satisfied if we maintain you, right?
  • Yes, sir, that’s correct.
  • I will give you all the information that turned you to stone.
  • From that time thousands of years ago.
  • And all will be revealed.
  • What these Dr Stone Chapter 228 spoilers are implying either:
  • Why Man was the Medusa all along. Basically those petrification devices were sentient this whole time, so the alien theory is actually confirmed here;
  • A human is communicating to Senku’s group via the petrification devices. Like, the devices are being used as communication devices. That would be XX, the actual Why Man.

Confirmed: Why-Mas IS Medusa, it is the giant black spot in the moon, which consists of possibly millions of medusa’s which creates a giant consciousness that is “possibly” the culprit of it all, or that someone is simply remotely controlling them all. No confirmed translations have been confirmed yet so far.

Dr Stone Chapter 229 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Where to Dr Stone Chapter 228 online?

There are two official ways to read Dr Stone Chapter 228 for free:

  • Viz Media’s official website;
  • Shueisha Japan’s official MangaPlus mobile website and app.

These two platforms provide the newest chapters of Dr Stone manga series for free. To read the complete Dr Stone manga series you will have to pay.

These are the available details for Dr Stone Chapter 228 Spoilers until now and if we receive any more information on Dr Stone Chapter 228 Spoilers then we will update this article as soon as possible.

About Dr Stone Manga Series

Dr Stone Chapter 228

Dr Stone is a Japanese Shounen manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. Its serialization started in Weekly Shōnen Jump since March 6th, 2017. Later on, chapters are collected and published by Shueisha into 13 volumes as of November 2019.

Every human on the Earth was turned into Stone after a mysterious flash of light hit the Planet. Four thousand years later, Senku, a Highschool student obsessed by sciences and chemistry, is confronted with a brand new World, an Earth without Humanity.

Dr Stone follows Senku’s journey in order to bring back life to the Earth while building his own Kingdom of Science.