Can Eren Yeager Time Travel & How Did He Manipulate His Father?

Can Eren Yeager Time Travel & How Did He Manipulate His Father?

The outlook of Eren manipulating his father into killing the Reiss family and initiating this whole theory changed Attack on Titan all of a sudden. How was Eren able to do so? Can Eren Yeager Time Travel and go to the past?

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 4 (Chapters 120 & 121) play an essential role in exploring the intervention of the Yeager brothers in reaching an “end” to the whole conflict in Shingeki no Kyojin. However, things turn out to be very different once they got into Grisha’s memories.

Keep reading this blog post to find out if Eren can time travel (Can Eren Yeager Time Travel), and how did he manipulate Grisha?

But, be careful! This blog post contains heavy spoilers from the Shingeki no Kyojin manga series! Read ahead at your own risk!

Can Eren Yeager Time Travel: Setting the stage for Grisha’s memories

Can Eren Yeager Time Travel & How Did He Manipulate His Father?

To start with, Grisha Yeager was planning to get the Originel Titan from the Reiss Family. For that reason, he reaches the cathedral where the family was praying and gets into an argument with Frieda Reiss, before transforming and killing the Reiss family before finally eating Frida and getting the Founding Titan.

We already know that when Eren saw those events when he kissed Historia’s hand. In fact, the memories of the Attack Titan inheritors seem to work like matryoshyka dolls: a memory inside another memory.

When the plot progresses to this point, it becomes evident that Eren saw way more than what was initially shown. To make it clear, Eren saw the events of chapters 120 and 121 four years before they were to happen.

Eren, saw Grisha’s memories that showed Eren and Zeke watching him, but how could Grisha see them too? It’s because the Attack Titan can see into the future.

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Can Eren Yeager Time Travel: Did Eren travel back in time with Zeke?

No, Eren didn’t travel back in Time with Zeke. In fact, Eren and Zeke just managed to see Grisha’s memories by activating the full powers of the Founding Titan.

However, when you take the powers of the Attack Titan into account, the plot becomes more complicated. What we see in the story has been seen by Grisha already.

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Can Eren Yeager Time Travel: How did Eren manipulate Grisha?

Can Eren Yeager Time Travel & How Did He Manipulate His Father?

Hence, we now know that Zeke and Eren weren’t actually present when Grisha killed the Reiss Family and stole the Founding Titan. They were just watching a “Replay” of Grisha’s memories. So, how did Grisha hug Zeke, or look right where Eren is?

As mentioned above, the Attack Titan has the capacity to look into the future. This means that Grisha saw Eren and Zeke through his memories in the future. By that logic, Grisha saw himself through Eren’s eyes.

This means that when Grisha actually went to take hold of the Founding Titan, he already saw these certain scenes. This is why he knew where Eren was standing and where Zeke was standing while they were watching these memories.

This means that Eren didn’t go back in time and “manipulate” Grisha. What happened in the episode 4 of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 was thanks to the power of Attack Titan and paths magic.

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Eren manipulated Grisha while watching, knowing that this was something he has to do thanks to the memories he saw when he kissed Historia’s hand. He knew in the future he would talk to his father, so when the time came, he just did what he had to do.

As a result, Grisha did what was needed because he had seen into the future and knew that when he would hesitate, Eren would try to reason with him. Eren forcing Grisha isn’t in real-time.

Grisha can’t see Eren, but he could hear him, and he knows this happens because he has seen this in a future memory before or he had a future memory right when he was there.

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Can Eren Yeager Time Travel: How did Grisha hug Zeke?

Can Eren Yeager Time Travel & How Did He Manipulate His Father?

Going by the same logic mentioned before, Grisha was able to see Zeke through Eren’s eyes. In the part where Grisha was hugging Zeke, Eren was standing right behind him.

So, if Eren’s memories from that moment were transferred to Grisha, he would see himself as well as Zeke standing in front of him. The same goes for when Grisha saw a glimpse of Zeke at the basement, Eren was standing right behind him.

So, when Grisha hugged Zeke, he just went and hugged the approximate location of where he was standing based on the memory. I know, the anime showed as if Grisha actually hugged Zeke, but that wouldn’t be possible with Shingeki no Kyojin logic, unless Grisha was present in the paths.

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So, Can Eren Yeager Time Travel?

In conclusion, Eren did not time travel during the events of chapter 120 & 121. He was simply watching Grisha’s memories with Zeke, the same memories that Grisha had already seen before.

This is why Grisha carefully chose his words and begged Zeke to stop Eren, knowing this was his last chance to pass on a message.

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