Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date

Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date

Boruto Chapter 70 is the upcoming chapter of Boruto: Naruto next Generations to be released on May 20th, 2022, and all the manga fans are very excited about it.

Keep reading this blog post for more details about Boruto chapter 70 spoilers, raw scans, leaks, release date and where to read the upcoming chapter for free.

Boruto Chapter 69 Recap

In the previous chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Boruto Chapter 69), we saw:

  • Eida and Delta got into an intense fight before Delta is fascinated by Eida’s powers;
  • Despite her long absence, Eida was alive and well when Amado saw her;
  • Shikamaru learned everything he needed to know about Eida’s powers from Amado, thanks to Ino’s jutsu;
  • However, it is already too late for Shikamaru to change anything;
  • Eida’s supremacy can’t be rejected even by a polished shinobi like Shikamaru;
  • Sasuke returned from his surveillance after a few hundred meters, and pointed out what went wrong with Boruto;
  • It didn’t occur to him that Kawaki would even kill Boruto for the sake of Konoha’s safety;
  • Moreover, Sasuke can point the finger at no one else but himself for the deterioration of the situation;
  • He apologized by asking Boruto to keep the headband as a gesture of apology;
  • The reason Sarada got jealous is that Boruto got priority over her;
  • It is evident that she must grow stronger in order to deal with a threat of Otsutsuki’s level;
  • Regarding the fight that is still going on, Shikamaru was the only person who has managed to remain calm before Eida;
  • In an attempt to negotiate with her, he paralyzed her with his classic shadow possession jutsu;
  • He told her that there is a way both Eida and Konoha can benefit, thus persuading her to listen to him.

Boruto Chapter 70 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers, Raw Scans & Leaks

Boruto Chapter 70 Release Date is scheduled on May 20th, 2022 in Shueisha Japan’s monthly magazine V-Jump.

Boruto Chapter 70 raw scans and leaks will be out 2-3 days before the official Boruto Chapter 70 Release Date.

Boruto Chapter 70 Release DateMay 20th, 2022
Boruto Chapter 70 Raw Scans & LeaksMay 17th, 2022
Boruto Chapter 70 SpoilersMay 17th, 2022

Boruto Chapter 70 Raw Scans & Leaks

As we said above, Boruto Chapter 70 Raw Scans & Leaks will be out 2-3 days before the official Boruto Chapter 70 Release Date.

We will keep updating this blog post about Boruto Chapter 70 Raw Scans and Leaks when new details are available.

Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers Status: Available.

Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date
  • Boruto Chapter 70 Title: “From the bottom of one’s heart”;
  • Boruto Chapter 70 started where it left off last month;
  • Shikamaru suggested to Eida that she should defect to Konoha in order to stay close to Kawaki;
  • Ada then looked thoughtful, and started thinking about Konoha;
  • Panel then switched to Amado and code;
  • Code warned Amado “Stop skipping out on your responsibilities”;
  • Immediately he confronted Ada about what she was doing;
  • Ada didn’t look happy to be confronted by Code;
  • Shikamaru immediately noticed something different. “Ada’s left eye…?!”
  • Before the scene changes again, Ada’s eyes are once again focused;
  • Shikamaru, looking worried and also sweating, wondered what Eida was trying to do;
Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date
  • Naruto appeared running and heading towards Amado’s lab;
  • He used the login password to enter the lab, but the door isn’t opening;
  • Suddenly, Shikamaru made contact with Naruto, and tried to convince him that this is a delicate situation, and he shouldn’t get interrupted in there;
  • Boruto and Sasuke then suddenly appeared right behind where Naruto was;
  • In Boruto Chapter 70, he scene switched back to the lab;
  • Ada realized what was happening;
  • She said that Naruto is outside and that the door has been locked for his safety so that Naruto and others can stay away from her technique;
  • Shikamaru was shocked by her perception, and wondered what that means;
  • But then it doesn’t take long for him to realize, and say, completely shocked “it’s senrigan!”;
  • It is then clear that this power is already something known within the universe of Naruto;
  • At the moment when Shikamaru thought about senrigan, he is in a mental connection with Amado, via Ino’s jutsu;
  • In Boruto Chapter 70, Amado told Shikamaru that she probably doesn’t just see the present, but should also be able to see things from the past too;
  • Shikamaru believes that at least what they are mentally talking about can’t be heard.
  • Ada started talking about what they probably think of her, but then she revealed that she has no reason to be konoha’s enemy in the first place;
  • Shikamaru said that she can be relatively considered an enemy of konoha, since she is by Code’s side;
  • And then he asked what’s the smartest choice, if it’s Code, or the Village?
Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date
  • In Boruto Chapter 70, the scene switched to Kawaki, who was already awake, next to Sumire;
  • Sumire kept talking to Kawaki, who remained silent for a minute;
  • Kawaki said: “this fucking bastard Amado…he already restored (the karma) without my consent”;
  • Kawaki and Sumire kept talking about karma and when Amado probably placed it on him;
  • Kawaki also admitted that the fact that he has karma now may be a result of his own desire to have it restored;
  • He went on to talk about being grateful that he had karma, because if it weren’t for the mark, Naruto would probably be dead by now, and that’s where he realized that he needs the karma from the bottom of his heart;
  • Sumire then began to reflect and relay her thoughts to Kawaki on what she believes to be Amado’s real intentions in this regard;
  • Kawaki listened as she gave her thoughts on Amado’s obsession with his karma;
  • In Boruto Chapter 70, the scene switched back to the lab;
  • Amado screams in pain as Code sunk into his left shoulder;
  • Code demanded, that for Amado, to start saying the command in order to remove the limiters from his power;
  • Amado desperately called for Shikamaru in their “mental discussion” to help him, but Shikamaru asks him to wait a little longer as Code won’t kill him, as he needs him alive to remove the limiters;
  • However, Amado doesn’t believe he can wait any longer;
  • In Boruto Chapter 70, the panel focused on Ada’s eye one more time;
  • In a desperate way, Ada lightly said that she wants to go home;
  • Code wondered what is wrong with her;
  • Ada then replied that Kawakil is coming;
  • Code seemed afraid at a certain point, now he needs to rush to get his powers back with Amado;
  • Shikamaru finally realized what Code was thinking about;
  • Amado and Shikamaru are still talking via telepathy about Kawaki;
  • The two started to argue because now Shikamaru believes that Kawaki might be able to go head to head with Code;
  • Code still has his claws punctured into Amado’s left shoulder collarbone;
  • As Amado was having a conversation with Shikamaru, Code opened up a Claw Mark Portal, and pushed Amado through;
  • As Amado started to descend into the portal, Shikamaru was shown to have a shocked expression;
  • Ada reminded Code to hurry before Kawaki arrived;
  • In an attempt to stop Code and Ada from Kidnapping Amado, Shikamaru used his infamous ‘Shadow Possession Jutsu’ on both Code and Ada;
  • However, neither Code or Ada were phased by this;
  • Shikamaru stalled for time by telling Ada to wait or visit Kawaki and see for herself;
  • However, Ada didn’t play into Shikamaru’s hand;
  • Ada instead summoned Delta, who is shown to be sitting on the floor with a blush-like’ look on her face, which clearly suggests that she has fallen in love with Eida;
  • Eida asked Delta for help;
  • Delta looked at Shikamaru with an intense face and proceeded to kick him, but Shikamaru managed to dodge Delta’s attack with ease;
  • As soon as Shikamaru dodged Delta’s attack his shadow paralysis jutsu retracted, allowing code and Ada to successfully go through the portal;
Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date
  • Code is the last one to go through the portal and before he went, he had some words for Shikamaru;
  • He implied that Shikamaru must be prepared for retaliation once his name is now on his list of enemies;
  • Just as Code’s eyes were about to go through the portal, Kawaki made his entry via the air duct;
  • Code didn’t miss Kawaki’s entry, but proceeded to retreat;
  • In front of Kawaki are just Code’s claw marks, meaning that code and Ada have managed to successfully run away with Amado;
  • Kawaki and Shikamaru shared a dialogue with each other, and talked about the incident;
  • Kawaki mentioned that Code’s, judging from the claw marks, has been here all this time;
  • Shikamaru asked Kawaki to use Isshiki’s Doujutsu; “Sukuna Hikona” in order to remove/destroy Code’s claw marks, to ensure that he doesn’t infiltrate, konoha again;
  • Kawaki told Shikamaru that he is here to speak with Amado;
  • In Boruto Chapter 70, the scene switched to the lair where Amado sat down and in front of him we can see Daemon, Code and Ada;
  • Daemon welcomed Amado by saying: “HEY OLD MAN LONG TIME NO SEE!!?”
  • Code proceeded to pick up Amado, and pinned him against the wall, grabbing him by the collar and saying: “Well….there’s nowhere to run now. So, have you given up yet?”;
  • Amado asked about what will happen once he takes the restrictions off;
  • Amado doesn’t trust that Code will spare his life after he removes his limiters;
  • Code told Amado that he is already on edge and to test his patience will result in more danger for Amado;
  • Amado seeing that Code is unwilling to negotiate states: “The restrictions will be lifted immediately. I won’t resist at all… In return, I beg you… Please spare my life.”;
  • Code unpleased with Amado’s response, calling him a man without any “pride”;
  • Amado said that he’s not interested in any of the crap and suggested to get on
  • with it;
  • Code got closer to Amado and said: “You’re a mouthy old man, just get on with it…and stop wasting your time talking nonsense…”;
  • Daemon and Ada haven’t said a word since Amado and Code started speaking, they are merely observing;
  • Code and Amado made eye contact for one final time;
  • Amado finally gave a sort of command;
  • As soon as Amado said those words, a cloud of smoke surrounded Code, he seemed to be in the middle of this cloud of smoke;
  • The smoke blew everything away, Daemon’s hair had been blown back by the smoke/wind;
Boruto Chapter 70 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date
  • Then, the smoke disappeared, and code stood in-front of Amado, with a back-shot look of code;
  • We then saw a full front view of code’s new design/look;
  • His hair is now more spiky, however the main difference is his eye, which now had way more detail, and not just in the eyes, but also around it;
  • Everyone around the room looked stunned by code’s new transformation;
  • Code stared at his incomplete karma, and proceeded to clinch his fists, suggesting that he now feels way more powerful than before;
  • Boruto Chapter 70 ends with Code, whose limiters have been taken off, pinning Amado against the wall and telling him that… “I am sorry, Amado… the wound is hurting, right? I’ll free you in an instant from that pain.”.

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