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Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date

Boruto Chapter 68 is the upcoming chapter of Boruto: Naruto next Generations to be released on February, 2022, and all the manga fans are very excited about it.

Boruto Chapter 67 ended with many unexpected developments. Keep reading this blog post for more details about Boruto chapter 68 spoilers, raw scans, leaks, release date and where to read the upcoming chapter for free.

Boruto Chapter 67 Recap

In the previous chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Boruto Chapter 67), we saw:

  • Kawaki has killed Boruto in his effort to save Naruto;
  • The 7th Hokage is inconsolable and can’t accept that his son is dying;
  • Eida asked Code what he is planning to do now that his sacrifice Boruto is dead;
  • Code said that he will move on, and Eida warned him if he touches even a hair on Kawaki’s head, he will be sorry;
  • Code didn’t reply to this, he yelled at Kawaki for killing his sacrifice and told him his boosted strength doesn’t mean he’s free;
  • Code kicked Shikamaru away and tried to disappear from his claw marks;
  • Kawaki made his claw marks disappear into thin strokes, meaning Code can’t run away;
  • Kawaki then attacked Code, and they fought;
  • Shikamaru tried to console Naruto;
  • He asked Naruto to help take Code down;
  • Boruto chose to die and protect the rest of them;
  • Meanwhile, Code realized that Kawaki is overpowering him;
  • Kawaki told Code that he will get rid of anyone who wants to hurt the 7th Hokage, even the person who secretly instructed Code;
  • Code put a claw mark on his body and brought out Daemon, whose reflecting technique directed Kawaki’s explosive power back at him;
  • Code checked the unconscious Kawaki’s pulse and assured Eida that her prince is alive;
  • He said that he’s got to have his limiters taken out, and he will make Amado do it;
  • He then ran off through a claw mark;
  • Shikamaru expressed concern over what Kawaki did to Boruto, and Naruto said that it wasn’t his fault;
  • As they fight, Shikamaru said taht Kawaki killed his son;
  • Boruto woke up, asking who was killed;
  • Momoshiki healed Boruto using Ohtsutsuki data, and now it means Momoshiki can never resurrect;
  • It also means Boruto is now a complete Ohtsutsuki, so he will be the perfect sacrifice for Tentails;
  • Code will figure it, and when he did, he will come for Boruto;
  • Eida asked Code what he is planning to do about his limiters;
  • Amado lives in the heart of Konoha, and Code doesn’t have a single claw mark there;
  • Code said that he has just the scheme.

Boruto Chapter 68 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date

Boruto Chapter 68 Release Date is scheduled on March 20th, 2022 in Shueisha Japan’s monthly magazine V-Jump.

Boruto Chapter 68 Raw scans & Leaks will be out 2-3 days before the official Boruto Chapter 68 release date.

Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers will be out 2-3 days before the official Boruto Chapter 68 release date.

Boruto Chapter 68 Release DateMarch 20th, 2022
Boruto Chapter 68 Raw Scans & LeaksMarch 16th, 2022
Boruto Chapter 68 SpoilersMarch 17th, 2022

Boruto Chapter 68 Raw Scans & Leaks

As we said above, Boruto Chapter 68 raw scans and leaks will be out 2-3 days before the official Boruto Chapter 68 release date.

We will keep updating this blog post about Boruto Chapter 68 Raw Scans and Leaks when new details are available.

Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers Status: Released.

  • Boruto Chapter 68 Title: “Mark“;
  • Boruto Chapter 68 Cover Page (Colour):
Boruto Chapter 68 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date
  • Boruto Chapter 68 Subtitle: Recovery and Fate Caption: ☆ Along with the signs of an upcoming disaster, it will go into a new unfolding!!
  • Boruto Chapter 68 started with Boruto in the village;
  • Amado, Sai & Katasuke are talking about Momoshiki;
  • Kawaki is unconscious, and is lying in a bed;
  • Next to Kawaki, there is Sumire, Shikamaru, Ibiki & Naruto, they are watching over;
  • Sumire and Shikamaru talked about what they are going to do with Kawaki;
  • Sumire asked why they bring Kawaki to her instead of Amado;
  • Sasuke made an appearance after a very long time;
  • He was investigating Code all this time and talked about Code’s hideout with Shikamaru;
  • Then the scene shifted, and we saw Code, Ada & Daemon in a space;
  • Daemon is already awake and clinging to Code’s back;
  • Ada spoke of her partnership with Code as Code brought Kawaki to her, and she helped Code to retain his strength;
  • We saw Shikamaru angry, and he grabbed Amado by his collar;
  • Sarada, Mitsuki & Boruto are examining Boruto’s mark, and are talking about how Code is going to target Boruto for making him a sacrifice for the Ten-Tails;
  • Then Sasuke appeared, and they are all excited;
  • Sasuke told Team 7 about the upcoming danger, and that they should not underestimate Code;
  • Now, In Amado’s room, Shikamaru asked Amado why he reconfigured Kawaki’s karma without anyone’s knowing;
  • Amado replied in a satirical tone and said that now at least he has the power to save Naruto and others;
  • Then suddenly Code appeared from the mark he placed on Shikamaru’s neck;
  • Amado was shocked, Code asked to lift his limiters so that he can regain his full strength;
  • Amado said that Konoha’s sensory team will notice him in a second;
  • The same happened, and Ino and Shikamaru made sensory contact;
  • Shikamaru used ‘Kage mane no Jutsu, the coffin opened and Delta came out of it;
  • Code was shocked and shouted “Delta…?”.
  • Shikamaru mentioned that this now reconfigured Delta is to protect Konoha, and instructed Delta to attack Code;
  • Delta got Code by surprise and kicked him;
  • Code was able to put claw marks on the sidewall, and then Ada entered the battle;
  • Boruto Chapter 68 Last Page Preview Text: “At last, Eida finally joins in directly…!! Can the lifting of Code’s ‘Limiters’ be prevented!?”

We will keep updating this blog post about Boruto Chapter 68 spoilers when new details are available.

Where to read Boruto Chapter 68 online?

There are two legal platforms where you can read Boruto Chapter 68 in English:

  • Viz Media’s official website
  • Shueisha’s own service Mangaplus mobile app and website.

On both, you can read some Boruto: Naruto next Generations newiest chapters for free, but if you want to unlock the complete manga then you just have to pay a subscription fee.

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