Boruto Chapter 66 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date

Boruto Chapter 66 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date

Boruto Chapter 66 is the upcoming chapter of Boruto: Naruto next Generations to be released on January 20th, 2022, and all the manga fans are very excited about it.

Keep reading this blog post for more details about Boruto chapter 66 spoilers, raw scans, leaks, release date and where to read the upcoming chapter for free.

Boruto Chapter 65 Recap

In the previous chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Boruto Chapter 65), we saw:

  • Boruto is still on the ground and screaming in pain;
  • Code is just observing him;
  • Kawaki was concerned and thought that it might be the effect of the drugs;
  • Next, we see a cloud of smoke and a figure can be seen sitting on a tree;
  • Momoshiki is back and said that those drugs just delayed the outcome but nothing is changed;
  • Boruto turned his head and found Momoshiki standing next to him;
  • Boruto remembered the same moment from the past;
  • Momoshiki was staring at Code and said something about Jyuubi;
  • The time resumed and Code attacked Boruto;
  • Then, Boruto has turned into Borushiki and had a broken horn on his right side;
  • Borushiki attacked Code with a giant Rasengan;
  • Code managed to avoid the attack;
  • Then, the scene shifted to the Hokage Office in Konoha where Amado and Sai were discussing Kawaki and Code’s confrontation;
  • On the battlefield, Borushiki threw another giant Rasengan;
  • Ada warned Code to leave the battlefield as the foe is very strong;
  • Code appeared right behind Kawaki using his claw mark and told Borushiki that he needs an Otsutsuki like Kawaki to feed Jyuubi in order to cultivate the chakra fruit;
  • Code started to disappear in his claw mark;
  • Borushiki formed his hand like a gun and fired it like a bullet;
  • This Rasengan bullet pierced directly through Code’s arm and Kawaki was free from his grab;
  • Borushiki charged straight towards Code and punched him in the face;
  • Then he grabbed Kawaki and started to take him away from Code;
  • Kawaki struggled, Borushiki put his leg on Kawaki’s right arm;
  • Kawaki’s bones were cracking, but suddenly a shadow appeared and he was not able to press his leg down;
  • Sennin Mode Naruto took Kawaki away while Shikamaru stops Borushiki;
  • Naruto then asked Kawaki if he is okay;
  • Kawaki asked Naruto why they came here;
  • Meanwhile, Code took Shikamaru hostage and threatened Naruto that he will kill him;
  • Borushiki came to attack Naruto, but Kawaki interfered and got kicked;
  • Naruto made his hands into X to defend himself;
  • Borushiki was going to attack Naruto with an ultra big Rasengan, But suddenly we see a hand inside that Rasengan and it seems to be absorbed;
  • We see that Kawaki was absorbing it as his Karma has evolved.

Boruto Chapter 65 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date

Boruto Chapter 66 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 66 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date

Boruto Chapter 66 release date is scheduled on January 20th, 2022 in Shueisha Japan’s monthly magazine V-Jump.

Boruto Chapter 66 raw scans and leaks will be out 2-3 days before the official Boruto Chapter 66 release date.

Boruto Chapter 66 Release DateJanuary 20th, 2022
Boruto Chapter 66 Raw Scans & LeaksJanuary 17th, 2022
Boruto Chapter 66 SpoilersJanuary 17th, 2022

Boruto Chapter 66 Raw Scans & Leaks

As we said above, Boruto Chapter 66 raw scans and leaks will be out 2-3 days before the official Boruto Chapter 66 release date.

We will keep updating this blog post about Boruto Chapter 66 Raw Scans and Leaks when new details are available.

Boruto Chapter 66 Raw Scans and Leaks status: Available.

Boruto Chapter 66 Spoilers

We will keep updating this blog post about Boruto Chapter 66 spoilers when new details are available.

Boruto Chapter 66 Spoilers Status: Available.

  • Boruto Chapter 66 Title: “Kill or Be Killed”;
  • Boruto Chapter 66 Cover Colour Page: Kawaki striking yet another model pose;
  • Boruto Chapter 66 Subheader: Their fierce battle is rapidly unfolding… As for the curse of “Karma”, what future lies ahead of it, since it’s continuously evolving…!!
  • Boruto Chapter 66 opens up panning to Kawaki’s new Karma-activated arm, which is glowing with a sinister aura;
  • Kawaki has a flashback to Amado’s words from Boruto Chapter 59;
  • We then got treated to a neat left profile view of Kawaki, in addition to a close-up of his new left eye;
  • Naruto was staring at Kawaki;
  • Code is surprised and wondered why does Kawaki have “Karma” again;
  • Shikamaru is just nervous sweating;
  • The scene moved to Daemon and Ada;
  • Daemon has his mouth agape;
  • Ada’s single eye is still activated;
  • Ada said that Amado knew that Kawaki wanted “Power” again, probably by the time his Right Arm got repaired, the treatments for that Karma were finished too;
  • Kawaki just stared down at his left arm, but doesn’t make any comments about it;
  • Kawaki looked at the back of his hand, and then flipped it over to gaze at his palm;
  • Borushiki said that it’s not usually possible for a Karma to manifest again after you’ve already lost it, so is this the work of Amado;
  • Kawaki just coldly stared back at Borushiki;
  • Borushiki told Kawaki he would be better off if he would just keep letting other people use him like that, without ever knowing about anything at all, up until he become some fodder to feed to the Jyuubi;
Boruto Chapter 66 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date
  • Kawaki’s left eye now has a white pupil. There are four little triangles in his iris instead of the one that he started off with;
  • Nine black rods got materialized, and were aimed straight at Borushiki;
  • Borushiki nimbly stepped away and dodged the first 4-5 of them;
  • They just became angled stakes in the ground;
  • Code watched intently, but silently;
  • Kawaki then transformed his right arm into a scythe shape;
  • He swiped around him, which launched about eight pieces of finger-nail sharp tips at Borushiki;
  • Borushiki had just landed back on the ground after dodging Kawaki’s initial black rod onslaught;
  • The spikes mostly just kicked up clouds of dust and cause damage to the rocky terrain around Borushiki;
  • Borushiki has evaded by moving a bit to the side of the attack;
  • Borushiki then noticed that something was materializing above him;
  • Four ornate, black cubes with concentric, geometric square designs are now floating right above him in the sky;
  • They suddenly crashed into the ground;
  • Naruto braced himself for the impact;
  • Kawaki is just standing there as the clouds of dust billow all around him;
  • Code’s claw is still digging into the side of Shikamaru’s neck;
  • Kawaki looked back over his shoulder as Naruto called out to him;
  • Code seemed to dig in one of his claws a bit further into Shikamaru’s neck which draws a little bit of blood;
  • Kawaki stared back at sweaty and anxious Naruto and told him that he is just doing whatever needs to be done, for his sake;
  • Borushiki tried to rush at Kawaki from his left side, while Kawaki is seemingly distracted and just looking straight ahead;
  • Kawaki just gave Borushiki some major side eye;
  • Borushiki has formed a normalized Rasengan in his right fist;
  • Kawaki just swiped his left arm in between them, and the chakra got dispelled;
  • Kawaki then puffed up his cheeks, inhaling some air;
  • He blew out an unnamed fire ninjutsu;
  • Borushiki countered it by swiping with his right arm;
  • The flames just dissipated;
  • Borushiki then attempted to straight-up kick Kawaki at his current range;
  • However, Kawaki dodged his attack by just suddenly shrinking himself into a tiny size;
  • Kawaki has now re-sized himself back to normal proportions, but reappeared right behind Borushiki;
  • Kawaki’s right arm has transformed, with his fingers ready to strike;
  • Kawaki lunged in, but Borushiki just ducked down to avoid it;
  • Borushiki is then able to kick Kawaki away;
  • Borushiki took the opportunity to jump up and threw a few shuriken at Kawaki;
  • It seemed like Kawaki has just shrunken them down to an ineffective size;
  • With three triangles in his left eye, Kawaki materialized ~10 of his finger spikes all around Borushiki;
  • Kawaki clanged them together in midair, trying to pierce Borushiki in the middle of the group like a pincushion;
  • He tried a few more times, but Borushiki is just flying through the air and managing to evade getting crunched;
  • Borushiki landed and dashed straight for Kawaki;
  • Kawaki and him are now engaging each other head-on: Borushiki has formed a Rasengan in his right hand, while Kawaki has a transformed right hand;
  • Their hands clashed, which kicked up more dust clouds and rubble all around them;
  • Naruto, Code, and Shikamaru braced for the aftershocks;
  • Kawaki and Borushiki briefly lingered in the air, as the remains of the blast settle down around them;
  • Borushiki threw a punch with his right arm at Kawaki, but Kawaki just ducked to avoid it;
  • Kawaki punched right back and landed a hit on Borushiki, but he had his arm up to block the blow;
  • Borushiki then got sent flying backwards;
  • Kawaki tried to continue his assault, but ends up only striking into the ground;
  • Kawaki’s left eye changed again, so that they’re three triangles in his iris;
  • Light coloured rectangular prism-columns suddenly popped up right in between Kawaki and Borushiki;
  • Borushiki managed to lunge back just in time to avoid getting squished by them, though;
  • However, Borushiki’s left eye started to open up;
  • Kawaki’s right arm is normal now;
  • He made an open palm gesture at Borushiki with his right hand, and four black rods instantly pierce through Boruto/Borushiki: Through his left upper arm, right shoulder, mid-abdomen, and right knee;
  • A mega-sized ornate, black cube appeared right on top of Boruto/Borushiki;
  • Borushiki/Boruto’s left eye is opening even wider;
  • Naruto managed to swoop in and grab Boruto Chapter 66/Borushiki out of harm’s way right before he would have been squashed;
Boruto Chapter 66 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date
  • Kawaki seemed to be surprised by what just transpired;
  • Naruto layed Borushiki/Boruto Chapter 66 down on the ground;
  • He glared right at Kawaki;
  • Naruto asked Kawaki if he is seriously trying to kill boruto;
  • Kawaki replied that he is doing what’s necessary;
  • Naruto said: “Don’t say such stupid things!!!! That’s my son!!!!”;
  • Naruto is perspiring a bit more;
  • Kawaki just casually kept talking;
  • Boruto has suddenly sat back up;
  • He’s shoved Naruto aside in the stomach with his right hand;
  • Naruto glanced down at Boruto Chapter 66;
  • Boruto’s left eye is now completely open;
  • Boruto looked straight back at Kawaki;
  • Boruto steadied himself with one hand on the ground, still kneeling;
  • Naruto asked Boruto if he has regained consciousness;
  • Boruto ignored him, and just stared off into the distance;
  • Momoshiki said: “This damn brat, I would be better if you just obediently went back to sleep.”;
  • Boruto reached for his eye with his right hand, and then covered it with his palm;
  • Boruto told Momoshiki: “That goes for you too, you bastard… Don’t get in the way”
  • Boruto said the effects of the drug definitely worked, and actually, he was even able to Control Momoshiki’s powers to some extent, but that was only a temporary thing… It’s not a fundamental solution. The repercussions caused this mess… He almost killed… His own dad…”
  • Kawaki said to Boruto: “Boruto, don’t you remember what I said?”;
  • Kawaki (In a Flashback from when he didn’t have his right arm attached): “I will be the one who will make your Karma disappear”);
  • Boruto is still speaking to Kawaki, with his right hand still covering up his right eye;
  • Kawaki is just looking straight back at him;
  • Boruto has clasped his palms together and intertwined his fingers to make the serpent hand seal;
  • Boruto told Naruto that he is sorry, and please send my regards to Mom and Hima;
  • Naruto rushed towards Boruto Chapter 66, and then grabbed a hold of Boruto’s right arm;
  • Boruto then pressed his left palm onto Naruto’s abdomen;
  • Naruto seemed taken aback;
  • The light blast pushed Naruto further away from Boruto;
  • Boruto used both of his eyes to glance back over his shoulder at Naruto’s shocked expression;
  • Naruto is trying to dig his left hand into the ground, to slow and steady himself;
  • Naruto then started running back towards Boruto immediately;
  • Boruto stared back at Kawaki, with a determined look on his face;
  • Boruto’s hands are by his side, his left eye is still open, as if normal.
  • Boruto asked Kawaki to kill him while his consciousness is still suppressing Momoshiki;
  • Three triangles are now swirling in Kawaki’s iris;
  • Kawaki winded back his right arm, and pierced Boruto straight through the chest;
  • At least a meter of Kawaki’s transformed arm has gone out the other side of Boruto;
  • It’s dripping in blood.
  • Naruto watched on, speechless;
  • Kawaki plunged a bit deeper, so that Boruto and him are now face to face;
  • Shikamaru’s eyes widen in shock;
  • Code’s reaction seems neutral, as does Ada;
  • Boruto started to cough up some blood;
  • Kawaki then retracted his right arm;
  • Boruto Chapter 66 got sent flying backwards;
  • Dust clouds surrounded them;
  • An ornate, black cube just sat in the background;
  • Boruto landed in a crumpled heap at first;
  • Kawaki just observed the scene with two triangles left in his iris;
  • Boruto is then laying down flat on his back, with his head turned to his right side;
  • There’s an obvious, gaping hole in his chest;
  • Naruto stood by in complete shock;
  • Boruto’s limbs are askew in the final panel of Boruto Chapter 66 as he lays in the rubble;
  • He is motionless, and still hasn’t made any attempts at vocalizing anything.
  • Boruto Chapter 66 ends.

Where to read Boruto Chapter 66 online?

There are two legal platforms where you can read Boruto Chapter 66 in English:

  • Viz Media’s official website
  • Shueisha’s own service Mangaplus mobile app and website.

On both, you can read some Boruto: Naruto next Generations newiest chapters for free, but if you want to unlock the complete manga then you just have to pay a subscription fee.