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Boruto Chapter 64 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks and Release Date

Boruto Chapter 64 is the upcoming chapter of Boruto: Naruto next Generations to be released on November 21th, 2021, and all the manga fans are very excited about it.

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Boruto Chapter 63 Recap

  • Code re-established the contact with Ada;
  • Ada is angry because Code wasn’t listening to her;
  • Code and Ada had a short discussion about how Boruto found Kawaki;
  • Ada was jealous of the exceptional link between Boruto and Kawaki;
  • Kawaki wanted to go with Code;
  • Boruto didn’t allow this to happen, and tried to hold Code as long as the Konoha ninjas arrive;
  • Kawaki tried to sacrifice himself in order to protect Naruto’s life;
  • Kawaki thinks that Code was taking orders from someone else, and he wanted to talk to his superior;
  • Ada has a crush on Kawaki;
  • Boruto kept trying to convince Kawaki to change his mind, and said that he will save him;
  • Ada is moved by Boruto’s words to Kawaki;
  • Code thinks about using Boruto as a sacrifice, and wanted to test his quality as a sacrifice;
  • Kawaki knew that Boruto and Code are not on the same level and he wanted Boruto to run away;
  • In Konoha, everyone was looking for Kawaki;
  • Ino and Naruto were discussing how kawaka deleted his chakra signature;
  • Naruto and others were not able to find Kawaki, but then they noticed that Boruto is gone;
  • Boruto Vs Code;
  • Boruto used Rasengan, Taijutsu, shadow clones technique, but he is way weaker than Code;
  • Code disappeared using his claw marks and punched Boruto many times ;
  • Cold told Boruto how to correctly use his karma seal;
  • Code explained the Karma path as the fighting technique of the Ōtsutsuki Clan;
  • Boruto unleashed his Karma seal, and he looked like his “Borushiki” form except he doesn’t have a horn;
  • Code is satisfied by observing Momoshiki’s power by himself;
  • Boruto Chapter 63 ends.

Boruto Chapter 63 Spoilers & Review: Boruto Vs Code

Boruto Chapter 64 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 64 Spoilers

Boruto Chapter 64 release date is scheduled on November 20th, 2021 in Shueisha Japan’s monthly magazine V-Jump.

Boruto Chapter 64 raw scans and leaks will be out 2-3 days before the official Boruto Chapter 64 release date.

Boruto Chapter 64 Release DateNovember 20th, 2021
Boruto Chapter 64 Raw Scans & LeaksNovember 17th, 2021

Boruto Chapter 64 Raw Scans & Leaks

As we said above, Boruto Chapter 64 raw scans and leaks will be out 2-3 days before the official Boruto Chapter 64 release date.

We will keep updating this blog post about Boruto Chapter 64 Raw Scans and Leaks when new details are available.

Now, you can check some Boruto Chapter 64 Raw Scans and Leaks below:

Boruto Chapter 64 Spoilers (Chapter Title: “Control”)

Boruto Chapter 64 Spoilers Status: Already Released.

Here are Boruto Chapter 64 spoilers, enjoy reading them until the official Boruto Chapter 64 Release Date.

  • Cover Colour Page: Shikamaru standing in a cool pose;
  • Code is still slightly astonished that Boruto liberated Momoshiki’s powers;
  • Ada is still watching from a distance;
  • Ada told Code about Boruto being on Amado’s drugs;
  • Daemon is still asleep for the entirety of Boruto chapter 64;
  • Boruto is able to maintain his own consciousness, without being abducted by Momoshiki;
  • Ada believes it’s an effect of Amado’s drugs;
  • Boruto tried to overwhelm Code with his Kage-Bunshin and taijutsu techniques;
  • Boruto’s Kage-Bunshin didn’t manifest with Karma marks or a different right eye;
  • Boruto’s eyes were just normal;
  • Code applied a part of his black and studded belt onto the real Boruto’s shoulder;
  • Code used it as a gateway;
  • Code put his arm into a Claw Mark applied to a tree;
  • Code’s partial arm emerged right out of Boruto’s shoulder, and easily defeated Boruto’s adjacent shadow clones;
  • Code kept teleporting without risk behind Boruto and then reemerging from Claw Marks to avoid Boruto’s attacks;
  • Boruto’s shadow clones manage to tear off Code from the original Boruto’s shoulder;
  • Kawaki remarked that those aren’t Boruto’s ordinary movements;
  • Ada told Code to not joke around, in case he gets killed before regaining his powers;
  • We see two shadow clones of Naruto who are manifesting chakra for Sennin-Mode;
  • Naruto tolf Ino to drop their search for Kawaki’s chakra and focus on Boruto’s chakra instead;
  • Nishi apologized for not properly doing his sensing job;
  • Shikamaru said that he will go into battle with Naruto too;
  • Sasuke still hasn’t come back from his man-hunt for Code;
  • Sai is currently watching over Amado;
  • Hinata wanted to go with them as well, but Naruto asked her to stay behind and take care of Himawari;
  • Himawari and Hinata hope that everyone will come back safely;
  • Boruto could’nt absorb Code’s Claw Marks, so Kawaki explains why;
  • In fact, Code’s Claw Marks are comprised of iron (from his blood content) mixed with materialized chakra;
  • Kawaki told Boruto not to rely on a power that he doesn’t fully control;
  • Boruto just wanted to settle everything right here;
  • Code reiterated his plan to feed Boruto to the Jyuubi and cultivate the Chakra Fruit;
  • Code said that Boruto is the most premium quality sacrifice for the Jyuubi;
  • Code added that he will come back and pick up Boruto when his transformation is complete;
  • Code teleported behind Kawaki and put him into a headlock;
  • Code told Kawaki that there is a girl waiting for him;
  • Kawaki made a shadow clone to punch Code in order to escape him;
  • Boruto tried to separate them with a Rasengan, but Code teleported away into a Claw Mark;
  • Kawaki is freed from Code’s hold;
  • Code is now disturbed by Kawaki’s sudden change of heart;
  • Code said that he hates both of them;
  • Naruto’s Sennin-Mode tracked down Boruto 40 km away;
  • Naruto noted that there is a chakra signature with Boruto that he doesn’t recognize;
  • Shikamaru was worried that Naruto won’t be able to maintain Sennin-Mode for very long;
  • Naruto replied that he can maintain it for even longer than he used to be able to;
  • Naruto said that it’s because he is more experienced now, and he’s gotten older and wiser too;
  • Shikamaru warned Naruto not to get too careless as they head out together to Boruto’s location;
  • Code VS Boruto is still ongoing;
  • Boruto managed to surprise Code with his Vanishing Rasengan, but the attack wasn’t strong enough;
  • Boruto suddenly dropped down to the ground on one knee, apparently unable to move;
  • Boruto started clutching his chest and he was unable to form any coherent words or sentences anymore;
  • Kawaki called out Boruto in vain;
  • Ada and Code were just silently observing this spectacle;
  • Boruto collapsed down on his side on the ground, still clutching his chest;
  • Boruto Chapter 64 Ends.

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Where to read Boruto Chapter 64 online?

There are two legal platforms where you can read Boruto Chapter 64 in English:

  • Viz Media’s official website
  • Shueisha’s own service Mangaplus mobile app and website.

On both, you can read some Boruto: Naruto next Generations newiest chapters for free, but if you want to unlock the complete manga then you just have to pay a subscription fee.

These are the available details for Boruto Chapter 64 Spoilers until now, and if we receive any more information on Boruto 64 Raw Scans and Leaks, then we will update this article as soon as possible.