Boruto Chapter 63

Boruto Chapter 63 Spoilers & Review: Boruto Vs Code

In Boruto Chapter 63, we had Boruto Vs Code fight Code. Boruto is fighting Code in order to stop him from taking Kawaki away and that he can buy some time until the Shinobis from Konoha arrive.

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Boruto Chapter 62 Recap

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 62 covered the fight between Kawaki and Code. The main events in the chapter are:

  • Kawaki left Konoha by erasing his chakra signature and ended himself against Code in return for saving Konoha and Naruto’s life;
  • Kawaki’s negociation failed as Code started beating him;
  • Boruto came in time and saved his brother.

After this fight against Code, Kawaki will have no choice to take Amado’s deal of the karma seal, which he will use to save Naruto’s life against the Chakra fruit which code is planning to harvest.

But how will Boruto and Kawaki go back to Konoha as no one strong is here to save them from Code? Maybe Sasuke will come to rescue them or maybe Kashin koji will be back or maybe Eida will intervene.

Boruto Chapter 62 Review & Analysis: Kawaki Vs Code

Boruto Chapter 63 Spoilers & Review (Chapter Title: “There’s no use in Arguing”)

Boruto Chapter 63 Spoilers & Review (Chapter Title: “There’s no use in Arguing”)
  • Code restored the contact with Ada;
  • Ada is furious because Code wasn’t listening to her;
  • Code and Ada had a short talk about how Boruto found Kawaki;
  • Ada is jealous of the extraordinary link between Boruto and Kawaki;
  • Kawaki wanted Code to take him with him;
  • Boruto didn’t allow this to happen, and wanted to hold Code as long as the Konoha ninjas arrive;
  • Kawaki wanted to sacrifice himself for Naruto safety;
  • Kawaki thinks that Code was taking orders from someone else, and he wanted to talk to his superior;
  • Ada has a crush on Kawaki;
  • Boruto keeps trying to convince Kawaki to change his decision, and said that he will save him;
  • Ada is moved by Boruto’s words to Kawaki;
  • Code thinks about using Boruto as a sacrifice, and wanted to test his quality as sacrifice;
  • Kawaki knew that Boruto and Code are not on the same level and he wanted Boruto to run away;
  • In Konoha, everyone was looking for Kawaki;
  • Ino and Naruto were discussing how kawaka erased his chakra signature;
  • Naruto and others were not able to find Kawaki, but then they noticed that Boruto is not there too;
  • Boruto was fighting Code;
  • He used Rasengan and Taijutsu, but he is way weaker than Code;
  • Boruto used his shadow clones technique, Raiton: Jinraisen, but Code disappeared using his claw marks;
  • Code punched Boruto many times and told him how to correctly use his karma seal;
  • Code explained the Karma path as the fighting technique of the Ōtsutsuki Clan;
  • Boruto unleashed his Karma seal, and he looked like his “Borushiki” form except he doesn’t have a horn;
  • His other eye also seems normal;
  • Code is satisfied by observing Momoshiki’s power by himself;
  • Boruto Chapter 63 ends.

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Where to read Boruto Chapter 63 online?

Where to read Boruto Chapter 63 online?

There are two legal platforms where you can read Boruto Chapter 63 in English:

On both, you can read some Boruto: Naruto next Generations newiest chapters for free, but if you want to unlock the complete manga then you just have to pay a subscription fee.

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