Boruto Chapter 62

Boruto Chapter 62 Review & Analysis: Kawaki Vs Code

Boruto Chapter 62 released on September 20th, 2021, has left us with many questions about the current story arc and the outlook of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga series!

So, let’s not waste any time and start the Boruto Chapter 62 review and analysis, but before that let’s recapitulate the previous chapter!

Boruto Chapter 61 Recap

In Chapter 61 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, we saw:

  • Konoha village was stressed over the appearance of Code;
  • Boruto was taking pills;
  • Kawaki is starting to tense up with the situation at hand;
  • Naruto and Kawaki are becoming closer and closer;
  • Code’s marks found at different parts outside of Konoha village which means that an alarming threat is coming;
  • The different perilous techniques possessed by Code who is assisted by Ada, another dangerous member of Kara, and her young brother Daimon;
  • Amado explained Kawaki’s complex feelings towards Naruto, and described it as a pure madness;
  • Sasuke is back ;
  • Kawaki left Konoha discretely;
  • No one had noticed Kawaki’s disappearance;
  • Boruto sensed Kawaki’s presence and talked to his shadow clone;
  • Ada sensed Kawaki’s presence outside Konoha;
  • Code decided to confront Code.

You want to know what’s going to happen next? We are here with all the Boruto Chapter 62 spoilers, review and analysis.

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Boruto Chapter 62: Boruto’s Resolution

Boruto Chapter 62: Boruto’s Resolution

Boruto Chapter 62 begins with Kawaki leaving Konoha, while Boruto was stuck in a dilemma! Should he tell Naruto about Kawaki’s decision Or should he let Kawaki do what he wants?

As usual, Boruto just did what he felt like! However, this was easier to say than to do. The ninja on duty from the sensory system and Naruto both didn’t believe Boruto.

But, when Boruto told them that Kawaki was able to delete his chakra signature, Naruto became serious about that!

In Boruto Chapter 62, Naruto contacted the sensory unit and notified Shikamaru as well. However, he was still suspicious about all of this.

After all, how could Kawaki accomplish something as complex as deleting his chakra signature? He can hardly create a few shadow clones!

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Naruto walked to the duo’s room, and didn’t find Kawaki there. The sensory ninja arrived at that moment, perturbed as he couldn’t know where Kawaki’s chakra went which confirms that Kawaki did really delete his chakra signature!

Even though, Naruto decided to rely on the sensory unit instead of Boruto, who can sense Kawaki presence for some anonymous reason.

This is a negative point for many fans, because Naruto’s decision seems senseless. If Sasuke was in his place, he would have let Boruto take the lead.

It seems that Naruto still considers Boruto as a kid, which is natural, since he is his dad.

Strangely enough, Naruto could have easily activated his sage mode and felt Kawaki’s Chakra in a split second, but he didn’t!

As expected, Boruto won’t listen to his dad, and he will try to have Kawaki back, hoping that the Sensory Unit will follow his chakra and find both of them!

As Kawaki was running through the forest, he notices Code, and instantly goes on the attack. They battle for a few seconds, which Kawaki loses, obviously.

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Boruto Chapter 62: Kawaki’s Intentions

Boruto Chapter 62: Kawaki’s Intentions

In Boruto Chapter 62, Kawaki said that he left the Hidden Leaf Village to talk to Code! He also said that he assaulted him because he didn’t expect him to come that soon!

Let’s analyze Kawaki’s words, he is trying to negotiate with Code. He said that he is the one who killed Isshiki, so he asked Code to kill him to execute his revenge, and leave Konoha out of that.

Unfortunately, the negociation went bad, and Kawaki got beaten up by Code.

Another important thing to talk about in the midst of all those new events is our mysterious Amado! He surely expected Kawaki to do that.

Amado had already put the idea of having another Karma in Kawaki’s mind. This is what Amado was talking about during his talk with Shikamaru, when he said that there is a fine line between love and emotions like obsession.

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Boruto Chapter 62: Code’s Goals & Plans

Boruto Chapter 62: Code’s Goals & Plans

Unfortunately, Code has made it clear to Kawaki that his offer is not worth, and that he will carry on Isshiki’s will and harvest the chakra fruit!

So, The 7th Hokage and Konoha people are going to die anyway, it’s just that he wants to kill them with his own hands!

Code also mentioned that Kawaki or someone else could save themselves if they chose to go to a different dimension.

We see that Code is very disappointed by Kawaki’s decision. With that said, Code told Kawaki that he doesn’t intend to kill him.

Code told Kawaki that he is coming with him, and he was about to use his mark to teleport back to Ada when he was stopped by Boruto, who came in time!

Boruto Chapter 62: Boruto is here

With this, Boruto chapter 62 ends!

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