Boruto Chapter 60 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Boruto Chapter 60 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Boruto Chapter 60 is the current chapter of Boruto: Naruto next Generations to be released on July, 2021, and we are very excited about it. Keep reading this post to know more about Boruto chapter 60 spoilers, leaks, raw scans and release date.

Boruto Chapter 59 Recap

In chapter 59 of Boruto: Naruto next Generations, we saw:

  • Kawaki woke up from a nightmare where Code was annoying him for being Isshiki’s elected vessel when they were kids;
  • He commented on Code’s sentiments towards him even though he’s not a vessel anymore;
  • Amado pointed out that even though Isshiki’s soul was gone, Kawaki will always be Isshiki’s vessel, because his body is still Ōtsutsuki;
  • Kawaki menaced Amado, who remained calm;
  • Amado discussed Kawaki’s plan to implant Code with Boruto’s Karma, accepting it theoretically, but wondering about its applicability;
  • Amado concluded that Kawaki’s plan is bad, and that he only needs more power to defeat Code;
  • Kawaki wondered if Naruto can defeat Code;
  • Since Kawaki is looking for power after he lost his Karma, Amado proposed taking power in form of Karma, and claimed that he can do it for Kawaki.
  • Kawaki couldn’t believe that Amado would make such a suggestion, and left;
  • At Boro’s worship place, Ada noted Kawaki’s anxiety at being unable to protect Naruto from Code;
  • She asked if Code will let them off the hook;
  • Code refused and insisted that those who killed Isshiki must be punished;
  • Code said that Kawaki is the exception he is making for her;
  • Ada agreed, and asked him to not tell Kawaki that she is involved;
  • Bug tried to make them leave, but Ada wants to take her time, as Naruto and Kawaki are both heavily guarded, and the shinobi villages are vigorously looking for Code;
  • Ada is confident that when an opportunity presents itself, her Senrigan will spot it;
  • Code said that he can defeat Naruto & Sasuke easily if he could remove his limiters;
  • Ada told him about her limited ability, restricted to basic taijutsu, as she dislikes fighting and pain;
  • Kawaki was walking through Konoha, thinking of Amado’s words;
  • Shikadai called him and told him that a lot of false and true rumors have spread;
  • Shikadai added that since the 7th Hokage had made it Kawaki’s home, Kawaki should just keep his head high;
  • Sumire asked Amado about his intentions;
  • Amado thought that she became his assistant to spy on him, and explained the situation to her;
  • Sumire wonderer if there are no other reasons to revive Kawaki’s Karma;
  • Ada ordered Bug to activate another cyborg, the only non-Ōtsutsuki able to kill her;
  • He is non other than Ada’s younger brother Daemon;
  • Other guards came, and Bug told them that they will be killed if they don’t leave;
  • Ada told Code to watch;
  • Each guard that attempted to attack Daemon is killed by his own attack;
  • She explained Daemon’s ability to Code;

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Boruto Chapter 60 Release Date

Boruto Chapter 60 Raw Scans & Leaks

Boruto Chapter 60 release date is scheduled on July 20, 2021 in Shueisha Japan’s monthly magazine V-Jump. Boruto Chapter 60Spoilers and leaks are already out and you can read them below.

Boruto Chapter 60 Raw Scans & Leaks

Boruto Chapter 60 Raw Scans and leaks hasn’t been released yet but we will add them as soon as they get released. In the meantime, you can read Boruto Chapter 60 spoilers below.

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Boruto Chapter 60 Spoilers

  • Boruto Chapter 60 Title: “Where You Belong”
  • Shikamaru said that Code’s “Claw Marks” are like the Yondaime’s teleportation marks;
  • Code’s “Claw Marks” have been found around the outer wall of Konoha and in other villages;
  • Sai said that Code’s goal is Boruto, Sasuke, and Naruto and he will probably watch out Amado and Kawaki;
  • Kawaki is being watched out by Shinobis.
  • Sumire asks about what Amado meant by reviving Kawaki’s Karma;
  • Amado didn’t answer her and kept working on something mysterious;
  • At the same time, Code and Daemon are playing together;
  • Bug’s face gets smashed in by Daemon;
  • Code was testing out his “Claw Marks” on Daemon;
  • Ada is being suspicious, and she may conceal one or more abilities from Code;
  • Boruto has been taking two pills per day during a week;
  • Kawaki is bad at lying about not liking Hinata’s food;
  • Kawaki is trying to avoid the Uzumaki dinner;
  • Naruto brought Kawaki with him back home for dinner;
  • Boruto gave Kawaki his old headband on one condition: Kawaki has to return it when he becomes a real ninja;
  • Kawaki refused, at first, then later he accepted it.

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Where to read Boruto Chapter 60 Online?

You can read Boruto Chapter 60 online and for free on these two official and legal platforms: Manga Plus (for Spanish translation) and VIZ (for English Translation).