Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 317

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 317 Spoilers, Release Date, Raw Scans & Leaks

In Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 317, we will see what will happen after the mansion explosion. Are the heroes safe or they were trapped in the explosion? You can find it out by reading our Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 317 spoilers!

Boku no Hero Chapter 316 Recap

  • Endeavour is here;
  • Hawks lacks feathers to fly when he takes Nagant, so Midoria carries them using Black Whip;
  • Midoria speaks about the explosion;
  • Deku doubts that All for One may be involved in the explosion;
  • Hawks is yelling at lady Nagant that now her trust in Hero Society should be returned and that he will replace her;
  • Hawks invites Nagant to tell them everything about All For One;
  • Nagant says: ‘In the next 2 months, bring the target to a mansion in Haibori forest’;
  • They go there;
  • Lady Nagant tells them that All For One have many powerful members by his side;
  • Nagant wonders if Hawks is alright after all the stuff occurred?
  • Kid Hawks (flashback) is seen holding an Endeavour figurine;
  • Hawks says that someone was encouraging him and he is a positive dude;
  • Endeavour holds Chisaki who is screaming;
  • They enter the mansion;
  • the mansion seems empty;
  • All for one hologram appears asking Midoria if the moral dilemma presented by Nagant was amusing?
  • All-for-one tries to tease Deku during his speech;
  • Finally, he says: “You are next”, and then the mansion explodes.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 317 Release Date & Raw Scans

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 317 will be out Sunday the 20th of June, 2021. My Hero Academia Chapter 317 Raw Scans and leaks have already been released. You can see them below.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 317 Spoilers

  • Heroes ran away from the explosion and reunited at a factory;
  • The heroes don’t have any idea about the location of All-for-one and other villains;
  • Lady Nagant is sleeping so they can’t ask her;
  • Edgeshot says that they have to tell every hero about One-for-all and try to cover Midoria;
  • Death Arms left his job as a hero;
  • Mountain Lady wonders why All-for-one didn’t tell anyone about One-for-all;
  • Endeavour says that there is a reason behind that;
  • Endeavour gets a message from his son asking him to phone him;
  • Hawks gets a message that there is a villain who is trying to kill Midoria but the latter defeated him;
  • Midoria tells them that this assassin doesn’t have any information and he may blow up like Nagant;
  • All Might gives Midoria some food but the latter refuses it saying that he doesn’t need All Might taking care of him any longer;
  • Deku says that he can use his quirk at full strength so he is going to be all right;
  • Stain is there and he is listening to the conversation between Midoria and All Might;
  • People are talking about Midoria as an “urban legend”.
  • On the last page, Midoria is seen walking in the rain, looking like a monster.

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Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 317

There are two official ways to read Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 317 for free: and MangaPlus.

These are the available spoilers and information about Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 317. If we get new information on My Hero Academia Chapter 317, we will update this post according to that.

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