Boku no Hero Academia 326

Boku no Hero Academia 326 Raw Scans, Leaks, Spoilers & Release Date

Every My Hero Academia fan is waiting for the upcoming Boku no Hero Academia 326 that will come out this sunday! Keep Reading this blog post for more details about My Hero Academia 326 raw scans, leaks, spoilers and release date.

Boku no Hero Academia 325 Recap

In MHA 325, we saw:

  • Mineta tried to run toward Deku, but Lida stopped him;
  • Kota called Deku “Midoriya Nii-chan” and apologized to him;
  • Kota added that he felt inspired when that “Giant woman” talked about what Deku did to protect her;
  • The Giant Woman cried, and said that she was very lucky to find Deku;
  • Kota and the Giant woman hug Deku;
  • An old man started defending Deku by saying that he is here for a little break;
  • He added that those civilians who are protesting are just spectators who want to see heroes fighting, and have forgotten that heroes are human too;
  • Ectoplasm went to see Endeavour, Hawks, and Todoroki who are outside the U.A High School;
  • Ectoplasm asked them if they have heard Uraraka’s speech, and told them to come in to see what is happening;
  • Endeavour was blaming himself for Deku’s current situation;
  • Hawks interrupted him saying that they can see the process now;
  • Some civilians were handing out umbrellas to Class A-1 students;
  • Hawks added that from now on the world will surely rise;
  • Todoroki told Endeavour that they have to stop Touya together;
  • Endeavour agreed;
  • Nezu talked to Aizawa about what Class 1-A carried out;
  • Kurogiri is hospitalized;
  • The search for Toga is still ongoing;
  • Researchers have found out Toga’s maximum transformation time;
  • To ensure her safety, all refugees have to go through an isolation period before they enter the U.A High School;
  • All Might is shown concerned when looking where he is standing near the U.A High School barrier.

Boku no Hero Academia 325 Raw, Leaks, Spoilers & Release Date

Boku no Hero Academia 326 Release Date

Boku no Hero Academia 326

Boku no Hero Academia 326 Release Date is scheduled on September 19th, 2021. MHA 326 raw scans, leaks and spoilers are not available yet. You can bookmark this blog post, and come back to check it on September 16th, 2021.

Boku no My Hero Academia 326 Release DateSeptember 19th, 2021
Boku no My Hero Academia 326 Raw Scans ReleaseSeptember 16th, 2021

Boku no Hero Academia 326 Raw Scans & Leaks

As we said above, My Hero Academia 326 Raw Scans and leaks will be released next week on September 16th, 2021 as BNHA manga series was on a break last week because Horishiki Sensei has some health issues.

You can check some of Boku no Hero Academia 326 Raw Scans & Leaks in the tweets below.

Boku No Hero Academia 326 Spoilers

  • MHA CH 326 Title:”Who are you?”;
  • We see All Might in a car considering his most recent conversation with Izuku;
  • All Might went to Kamino ground;
  • He looked at his statue and reminded the conversation he had with Aizawa before the war when the latter said that by just being alive he is helping many people;
  • All Might thought that he can’t do anything for Deku, and he is just retaining everyone;
  • Stain is there;
  • He was pointing his sword at All Might;
  • All Might recognized him, but Stain doesn’t know who he is;
  • All Might changed his form to introduce himself to Stain;
  • Stain didn’t believe All Might, and said that he is an impostor;
  • All Might said that maybe he was lying all this time, and the current situation of the country is the result of his struggles;
  • All Might added that even if he put his life on the line he can’t help Deku, and that he didn’t have enough courage to go to the U.A High School;
  • A lady, who was saved by All Might oneday, came;
  • Stain and All Might hided;
  • She took the sign “I am not here” off from All Might’s statue, then started cleaning the statue;
  • Stain said that All Might was distinct by his bravery and smile, and it is the only version of him he can admit;
  • Stain added that this is not the end, and that they are in a middle of the way;
  • All Might cried looking at the lady;
  • Stain added that actually he is not able to recognize All Might, but if he is the hero that Stain venerates, then he should use the information collected by Stain to kill the Heroes Killer;
  • Stain threw a piece of paper and a knife on the ground.

BNHA 327 Raw, Leaks, Spoilers & Release Date

Where to read My Hero Academia 326 Online?

There are two legal platforms in where you can read My Hero Academia 326 online and for free:

They provide you the latest chapters of Boku no Hero Academia for free. To read the complete BNHA manga series, you have to pay a subscription.

These are the available information for Boku no My Hero Academia 326 spoilers till now. We will keep updating this post if any new details are out.

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