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Boku no Hero Academia 323 Raw Scans, Leaks, Spoilers & Release Date

Deku is back to the U.A. High School, but the protestation against his return is already firing up. In Boku no Hero Academia 323, we will see the next move of Pro heroes and students of Class 1-A as nobody knows what the future has to serve.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 322 Recap

Boku no Hero Academia 323 raw scans

In chapter 322 of Boku no Hero Academia manga series, we saw:

  • Deku couldn’t free himself from Lida’s hands;
  • Uraraka deactivated her quirk, and all of them fall down;
  • Kirishima catched them;
  • Minata asked Deku again to join them again in the U.A. High School;
  • Deku replied that he really wants to come back with them, but he doesn’t want to put them in danger;
  • Bakugou asked him If he remembers what he said when Shigaraki assaulted them;
  • Deku said that he didn’t remember, so Kacchan told him that it was “don’t try to win this alone”;
  • Bakugou told Deku what he thinks of him, and called him by his real name for the first time “Izuku”;
  • Kacchan lowered his head, and said that he is sorry for everything;
  • Kacchan asked Deku to share his burden with them in order to protect the U.A. High School and civilians;
  • Deku fainted, and Kacchan catched him;
  • When Deku woke up, they were in the U.A. High School;
  • The barrier was activated and it looks like an impenetrable fortress;
  • Some civilians were protesting about Deku return to the U.A. High School;
  • The U.A President tried to calm them down;
  • Deku heard them, and started walking to go out, but Uraraka held his hand and said that it is okey.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 322 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans & Release Date

Boku no Hero Academia 323 Release Date

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 323 Release Date is scheduledon August 22, 2021. Boku no Hero Academia 323 raw scans and spoilers are not available yet. You can come back here in the next 24 hours to check them.

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 323 Release Date22th August 2021
Boku no Hero Academia 323 Raw Scans Release19th August 2021

Boku No Hero Academia 323 Raw Scans & Leaks

As we said above, Boku No Hero Academia 323 Raw Scans and leaks are out. You can check them below:

Boku No Hero Academia 323 Spoilers (Chapter Title: “One Step”)

  • The chapter began with a flashback where Class A-1 students were at the principal’s office before they went to bring back Deku;
  • The principal told them that the U.A. High School barrier is impenetrable now, and bringing back Deku will be safe;
  • Nezu disagreed with that, and said that it’s not enough;
  • After the Tartarus invasion, Nezu made some changes to the school barrier;
  • Actually, the U.A. High School can move;
  • The campus is divided into several pieces and all of them are connected to transportation devices;
  • If there is any assault, these areas will be transported to an underground area;
  • Nezu explained that the underground area is covered by metal plates that activate the system when any abnormality is detected;
  • Meanwhile, civilians are still protesting against Deku return;
  • Deku’s mother, Kacchan, Jirou’s parents, Eri and Kota are shown and they look very anxious;
  • Best Jeanist interrupted Mic and started talking to the civilians;
  • He said that they used Deku as bait to attract the villains, but it didn’t work;
  • Best Jeanist added that even if Deku is Shigaraki’s main target, he is still heroes’ greatest weapon;
  • The civilians became angrier now, and blamed heroes for the country condition;
  • Uraraka took Mic’s megaphone, and went to the U.A. High School rooftop using her quirk;
  • Uraraka started her speech by saying that Deku has a special power, and that he is the most one who wants to change the current situation of society;
  • She added that he kept moving even though he knew he was in danger all this time;
  • The giant woman who was saved by Deku in Chapter 310 appeared, and recognized him;
  • Uraraka continued her speech while Bakugou appeared by Deku’s side;
  • The last page of the chapter showed Nezu’s internal monologue.

Boku no Hero Academia 324 Raw Scans, Leaks, Spoilers & Release Date

Where to read My Hero Academia 323 Online?

There are two legal platforms in where you can read My Hero Academia manga series online and for free:

They provide you the latest chapters of Boku no Hero Academia for free. To read the complete MHA manga series, you have to pay a subscription.

These are the available information for BNHA Chapter 323 till now. We will keep updating this post if any new details are released.

Boku no Hero Academia 324 Raw Scans, Leaks, Spoilers & Release Date

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