Blue Lock Chapter 172 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

[Inmost Thoughts] Blue Lock Chapter 172 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

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Blue Lock Chapter 171 Recap

In Blue Lock Chapter 171, we saw:

  •  In Bastard Munchen’s Locker room, Isagi prioritized winning the match by his own goal even if his team won this time;
  • Igarashi mentioned that the whole match is broadcasted live all over Japan, but private rooms and locker rooms are usually not under the watch of the cameras;
  • Later, Igarashi congratulated Isagi on his getting a 17 Million dollars salary, but Isagi replied that the salary is not that big of a deal;
  • Meanwhile, we get some peek into the Neo-Egoist Overall chart ranking, where all the players including Blue Lock and non-Blue Lock players are ranked according to several criterions;
  • Rin got the first position since he managed to score 2 goals when France and Italy had a match.

Blue Lock Chapter 172 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 172 Spoilers, Raw Scans, Leaks & Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 172 Release Date is scheduled on May 11th, 2022.

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Blue Lock Chapter 172 raw scans and leaks will be available on May 7th, 2022.

Blue Lock Chapter 172 spoilers will be out on May 9th, 2022.

Blue Lock Chapter 172 Release DateMay 11th, 2022
Blue Lock Chapter 172 Raw Scans ReleaseMay 7th, 2022
Blue Lock Chapter 172 SpoilersMay 7th, 2022

Blue Lock Chapter 172 Spoilers

Blue Lock Chapter 172 Spoilers status: Available.

  • Blue Lock Chapter 172 Title: “Inmost Thoughts”
  • Yukimiya Kenyu’s egoism revealed to be in contrast with Isagi! The “secret” of this princely young man that was never revealed, and the reason why he is so desperate to become the “best in the world”;
  • While Yukimiya is out shopping with his friends, a photographer asked him if he wants to be a model, and if he’s from an agency somewhere because of his strong aura;
  • Yukimiya said sorry and he’s just shopping with friends and not interested in modeling;
  • The photographer asked for one photo, but Yuuki said he can’t because of the Japan Soccer Championships next month;
  • He got his picture in a magazine, and when asked what Yuuki’s future path will be, he said that he is going to be a pro in soccer;
  • Fangirls were cheering for Yuuki while he was playing;
  • He thought that he will be the best striker in the world and that he can do it;
  • Looking back, Yuuki thought that it was the peak of his happiness, then one day, while walking with his friends, his vision suddenly became clouded;
  • Yuuki went to a doctor to have his eyes checked;
  • He’s getting tunnel vision and blind spots appear when he is tired;
  • it’s an optic nerve disease;
  • Its progression can’t be stopped;
  • Symptoms are headaches and nausea, but if worst comes to worst, it can lead to blindness;
  • However, with proper treatment, the progression of the disease can be slowed down so he doesn’t need to worry about being blind, and he can model and lead his daily life without any problems;
  • Yuuki asked: “How about… soccer?”;
  • The doctor said that as a hobby, soccer is fine, but it’s honestly difficult to keep playing and the path to go pro will be hard;
  • Yuuki’s tears were welling out from his eyes and thought to himself why take it away and is it because he doesn’t want anything else;
  • Then, Yuuki finally said while crying: “Give me back… my dream…”
  • The doctor said that he will do his best, but as his condition continues he has limited time to play and asked Yuuki if he still wants to follow his dream;
  • Yuuki said yes;
  • Yukimiya thought that he didn’t have much time before he lost sight of his fading dream, he will become the world’s best striker;
  • In Germany’s training room, Yukimiya was done training and looked back at what Isagi said that if lip service is enough to be in the regulars, even an idiot can do it, and he couldn’t see the reality;
  • Yuuki can’t believe that he is really annoyed with Isagi, but he himself can’t do anything after joining the Neo-egoist League, and Isagi got what he wanted;
  • It’s frustrating for Yuuki but he must admit that he also has his weakness… that in this kind of world he wants to enter, it doesn’t matter how much he wants it or how much he works hard for it… it’s the path of the pro where results are everything;
  • However, Isagi’s way is opposed to his;
  • Yukimiya needs to prove his existence in his own way, and he is ready to die with his dream/ideal.
  • Blue Lock Chapter 172 ends.

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