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Attack on Titan Season 5 Episode 8 Preview, Release Date & Leaks!

Anime Troops bring you updates on Attack on Titan Season 5 Episode 8 (Attack on Titan Final Season Episode 24 – Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 8 – Attack on Titan Episode 83).

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 7 Recap

  • As the Rumbling starts, many citizens debate whether Eren Yeager is their savior or a demon who will bring ruin upon the entire world;
  • Hitch and some other army members decided to prepare themselves in case of a disorder breaking out since the citizens can get easily agitated when they’re excited;
  • She went down to get supplies and noticed some strange liquid footsteps leading towards the basement;
  • Hitch investigated them and found Annie, free from her crystal;
  • Annie warned her that she can transform into a titan whenever she wants, but Hitch noticed how weak her state is;
  • Regardless of her condition, Hitch took Annie to the stable, and the two escaped from the castle;
  • Annie told Hitch that she knew their current situation because she could hear Armin and her talking to her occasionally;
  • We then got to see Annie’s backstory;
  • Annie was born to a Marleyan mother who had an affair with an Eldian man;
  • She was abandoned and taken in by a foreign Eldian who raised her to become a warrior so that they could have a better life;
  • The man was extremely harsh towards Annie, making her feel as if being a warrior candidate was all she was suitable for;
  • When the time came for Annie to leave on a mission to Paradis Island, the man treated her  as his daughter for the first time;
  • He cried for her to stay, ready to give up their honorary Marleyan privileges;
  • Annie promised him that she will come back for him;
  • As the flashback ends, we see the Eldians trying to warn the Marleyan guards about Eren’s plan to kill them all, but the latter dismiss it as nonsense;
  • Annie’s dad is one of them, and he tried his best to explain the situation, but got shot;
  • Meanwhile, Armin prepared to leave in search of Coni to win Gabi’s trust;
  • Mikasa asked him what she should do, and he told her to stay with Jean and help him;
  • He also told her to make her own decisions since Eren is a lost cause;
  • Just before leaving, Armin compared himself to commander Erwin Smith, and expressed how he should have been the one to live;
  • Mikasa then made her way to Jean and found Floch terrorizing the ex-volunteers to support him;
  • He killed one of them to set an example and threatened the others to support Eren;
  • He then turned to Jean and told him that the fight is over and he can go back to being his original irritating self;

Can Eren Yeager Time Travel & How Did He Manipulate His Father?

  • Mikasa asked him about Hange and Levi, and Floch boasted about how Zeke killed both of them;
  • This shocks Mikasa and turned Floch into a very terrifying person;
  • We then saw Connie and Falco going in the opposite direction to the castle;
  • Falco thinks that Coni is helping him, but Connie was planning to feed the boy to his mother;
  • As he thinks about his family, Falco thanked Connie again and again to save him;
  • After inheriting the Jaw Titan, he has forgotten all the events and thinks that Connie is a good person;
  • As Connie’s confidence falters, he slowly inched towards his mother;
  • The episode ends with Hange finding Pieck and Magath;
  • They’re wary of her, but she assures them that she’s unarmed;
  • Magath pointed his rifle towards an injured Levi, and Hange told them that he’s just someone who narrowly escaped death.

Attack on Titan Season 5 Episode 7 Preview, Release Date & Leaks!

Attack on Titan Season 5 Episode 8 Release Date

Attack on Titan Season 5 Episode 8 Preview, Release Date & Leaks!

Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 2 Episode 8 (Attack on Titan Season 5 Episode 8) is scheduled on February 27th, 2022.

Attack on Titan Season 5 Episode 8 (Attack On Titan Episode 83) titled “Pride” is Scheduled to be broadcast on NHK General TV!

Attack on Titan Season 5 Episode 8 Preview

According to the Attack on Titan Season 5 Episode 8 Preview, we might probably see the fight between Armin and Connie as they try to determine Falco’s fate.

Moreover, the characters seem to be desperately trying to come to terms with the Rumbling as the preview shows shots of Mikasa and Jean.

Where to Watch Attack on Titan Season 5 Episode 8?

You can watch Attack on Titan Season 5 Episode 8 on Netflix, on Hulu, on Crunchyroll on Funimation Premium Plus (Free Trial 1 Month) and on Amazon Prime Video.

About Attack on Titan – Shingeki no Kyojin

Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. Kodansha was serializing it in the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

The manga began serialization on September 9th, 2009, and finished on April 9th, 2021.

Attack on Titan follows humanity settled within three concentric walls in the Paradis Island to protect themselves from the dreadful titans that prey on them.

Eren Yeager is a young boy that believes that a confined life is similar to that of sheep and desires to go beyond the walls one day, just like the Survey Corps.

As new, more powerful and more dangerous titans arrive to enter the walls of the Paradis Island, Eren and his friends integrate the Survey Corps and fight for the survival of the human species.

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