Attack on Titan Is Armin a girl

Is Armin a girl or a boy (Attack on Titan)?

A friend of mine read a post claiming that Attack on Titan‘s Armin Arlert was a girl. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Is Armin a girl or a boy? Keep reading this post to know the answer!

Attack on Titan Is Armin a girl: Yes

In the mentioned post claiming that Armin is a girl, we had the following statement:

  • Question: Among the group of female characters on the 104th Training Corps, who did Mikasa get along with the most?
  • Answer: Armin Arlert!

in addition, a related article stated that Isayama has revealed that Armin is a female character. Now, this is a huge surprise for Shingeki no Kyojin fans. Everyone thought Armin was a boy, but it looks like she was a girl.

Finally, here’s another post on the possibility of Armin being a girl.

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Attack on Titan Is Armin a girl: Armin is a boy!

Is Armin a girl?

Is Armin a girl? the answer is No! Armin Arlert is a boy. There are a few reasons to consider:

  • His appearance is masculine. This is not always revealing, because of the traps!
  • Armin uses a distinctively masculine language in Japanese. (He refers to himself as (boku), which is a masculine pronoun, quite rarely used by females unless it is a matter of traps.
  • The Shingeki no Kyojin wiki refers to him as a male.
  • Armin is the name of a boy (source).
  • He is voiced by a male voice actor (Grelle Josh) in the English dub.

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Although he is voiced by a female voice actor in Japanese, it is common for young boys (Naruto, Gon, Luffy, Edward Elric, etc.). However, a man voicing a female character is extremely rare, and I doubt the mangaka would have allowed that.

After this post, Armin Arlert was confirmed later to be a man by the mangaka himself at a public event found in this Japanese video at 3:09.

  • Question: What is Armin’s gender?
  • Answer: Male.

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Finally, Armin is confirmed to be a boy in the story when he is kidnapped while pretending to be Krista/Historia. While the kidnappers originally think he is a girl, they are shocked when they find out that Armin is a boy.