Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Ymir Tragic Past & The Beginning of the Story

Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Ymir Tragic Past & The Beginning of the Story

Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Ymir Tragic Past & The Beginning of the Story.

After nearly a decade, Attack on Titan changes its paradigm one last time, and its end finds its beginning: To you 2000 years later, from you 2000 years ago. Ymir’s message in time has finally found its recipient, and the oldest foreshadowing of the Shingeki no Kyojin manga series is finally fulfilled.

If at the beginning of the story the rest of humanity was attacking the humans who reside inside the walls with the titans, now it is up to this same humanity of the walls to attack the rest of the world with its own titans.

Here is the real and final Attack on Titan! Hello everyone and welcome to the complete analysis of the Attack on Titan episode 80.

If you want to understand all Attack on Titan episode 80 secrets and have the best experience with us, you’re in the right place, and all this without any spoilers from the manga!

Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Who is Ymir Fritz?

Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Ymir Tragic Past & The Beginning of the Story

Who was really the priestess Ymir, ancestor of all Eldians? What is the Truth? For the authorities in Marley, she is considered a demon, for the Eldian people, Ymir is a divine prodigy.

In reality, in Shingeki no Kyojin world, the truth does not exist. Anyone can become a God or a Demon if the others decide to do so.

Indeed, if Ymir Fritz had only meant purge and extermination, then the Republic of Marley would not exist today.

And if Ymir Fritz had only meant prosperity and benevolence throughout the world, then the world would not be at war.

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Thus, it is at the conclusion of his story where the end meets the beginning that Hajime Isayama finally decides to reveal to us the sad reality, that of an unhappy little girl, a girl who had never known her free will, a little girl who had never been able to speak or see.

Yes, everyone was right, both victim and perpetrator! In the past, Eldia used the power of Ymir to transform herself into a titan to build bridges across impassable valleys, to open new roads, and bring new cultivable lands for her people, but also as a weapon of extermination to conquer the world and exterminate the Marleyans.

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Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Season 2 Ending Theme Explained

This is the brilliant tour de force of the mangaka who, in 2017, presented us his new creation: “Yuugure no Tori”, the ending theme of season 2 of Attack on Titan.

A fabulous and very intelligent ending that actually has two readings, and that is finally fully explained after Attack on Titan episode 80. Indeed, the first reading of “Yuugure no Tori” was a clever lie letting us believe that there was presented the fall of humanity 107 years ago.

You know that story that we are constantly told since the beginning of Shingeki no Kyojin manga, that of Karl Fritz who has, in fact, erased the memory of his people as well as of us, readers, making them believe and making us believe that one day the super predator titans appeared from the south and that humanity, having become the prey, had to flee and barricade itself behind three concentric walls (Rose, Sina & Maria) to protect itself.

However, the ending offered a second reading, that of reality. A little girl who discovers her powers, today translated in a Marley iconography that judged her therefore as an enemy, that she had received them from the “Devil” since she is a “witch”.

Yes, it is all a question of point of view. Then, here is the high priestess Ymir confronting the Marley people, confronting Roman soldiers thanks to the power of the Founding Titan before, thirteen years later, she was devoured entirely by her three daughters Rose, Sina and Maria, not knowing that her power resides in her cerebral-spinal fluid.

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Hundreds of years later, Eldia finally reaches the end of her world conquest, “historical dramas” were told to the young Eldians of Liberio to explain the hegemony of Eldia that conquered the Marley continent on all geographical levels.

Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Ymir Tragic Past & The Beginning of the Story

All this before, 107 years ago, the Original passed to Karl Fritz who, feeling guilty about the horrors committed by his ancestors, ordered Ymir to create hundreds of colossal titans to build the walls, bringing half of his people to the Paradis Island while leaving the other half as slaves to the republic of Marley to repent: This is what is known as the Great Eldia Exile.

Finally, Marley sends Eldians transformed into primary titans to assault the island of paradise. Titans who, every morning, wake up to attack the Maria wall.

Thus, from the encounter with the origin of all life to the Exile of Eldia on Paradis Island, here is the complete story of the attack on Titan in one and the same ending without anyone at the time being able to understand it.

It was a masterly tour de force of the author who wanted to prove that his characters as well as his spectators are capable of being indoctrinated.

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Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: The Legend of Helos

Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Ymir Tragic Past & The Beginning of the Story

107 years ago, in order to make Eldia’s defeat during the great titan war look real, the 145th king Karl Fritz had decided in secret with the Tybur family to invent a story and rewrite history.

In fact, in order for Marley to be perceived as the victorious nation over the titans, Karl Fritz invented the legend of Helos, the hero who with his spear slayed the demon of the earth, forcing him to take refuge on the Paradis Island behind three great walls.

A myth that, like any clever lie, is taken from a reality of that day when a brave Marleyan soldier, two thousand years ago, sacrificed himself to slay with his spear the original titan, the demon of the earth.

Perhaps this man was called Helos and Karl Fritz, heir of the Original Titan and of these two thousand years of memories, decided to use his story.

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Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: The beginning of the story

Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Ymir Tragic Past & The Beginning of the Story

Our story seems to begin on the day someone freed the pigs from their cage, the day a little girl discovered this cruel yet beautiful world, the day of her childhood when she discovered death as well as love.

Metaphor of slavery, this little girl will be deprived of her senses, speech and identity. With her eyes hidden, she will be deprived of her free will. Indeed, the perverse irony of the Mangaka will make sure that the only time someone announced to Ymir that she was free, it was to kill her.

More than 500 million years ago in the deep waters where light did not exist, lived a very curious Ecdysozoan.

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Too weak to walk, its spikes and tentacles were used to cling to walls or other living species.

This worm had, as indicated by the fact that it belonged to the ecdysozoa, the particularity of moulting, evolving, and transforming into a new form, i.e. it could, by a simple growth, acquire new organs or a change of form like when a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly.

After its discovery in 1909, Simon Conway Morris chose for this strange animal the name of Hallucigenia because of its strange and fanciful qualities seeming to come from a dream.

Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Ymir Tragic Past & The Beginning of the Story

2000 years ago, when a young slave girl came into contact with the origin of all life, it clung to the spine and evolved.

Because life always finds a way, the caterpillar had just turned into a butterfly. The final stage of evolution, the result of unparalleled despair, was born.

Ymir, now Fritz and high priestess of the Eldia tribe, was the only human capable of transforming into a Titan, she was the first titan in history, she was the Original Titan.

Only 13 years after the discovery of these powers, Ymir died. At his death, his three daughters devoured the column of the original titan and thus of their mother where the fusion with Hallucigenia had taken place, to acquire in their turn the powers.

Now, three living beings possessed the power of the titans. By splitting in this way, the Original went to one of the three daughters, while the other two created unique primordial titans.

So, at that time there were three primordial titans. Maria, Rose and Sina in turn married and each had three children.

Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Ymir Tragic Past & The Beginning of the Story

Thinking that they had to eat the column by 3 to inherit the powers of the titans, not knowing that one heir was enough. When they died, each of the three children of Ymir’s daughters inherited a new titan.

Faced with the number of 3 x 3 = 9, the royal line decided to keep control of the descendants and ordered that the heirs should not be divided. There were thus nine primordial titans.

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Thus, the eight families allied to the royal family were established, each with a royal offspring. In order not to subdivide the power of the titans, the families each erected a chamber of handover rituals where after the 13 years of life of the titan, it would be devoured only by a descendant of the family.

Thus, and for 2000 years, the powers of the titans were kept in allied families like the Tybur Family until, 107 years ago, the 145th king, Karl Fritz, decided to foment the fall of his own empire.

In a terrible internal war, the eight families killed each other, allowing the Marley Republic to finally defeat the terrible Eldia Empire and capture almost all of the titans.

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Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Submission & Will to Live

Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Ymir Tragic Past & The Beginning of the Story

This little girl, Ymir, who was at the origin of two thousand years of history and war, had known nothing but submission!

Another trick of Hajime Isayama who, since the beginning, made us believe that Ymir was a super-powerful being. This god or demon had in reality no power and was only the slave of the man and his ambitions.

We are shown during the assault on Liberio by the Paradis forces that if a primordial titan holder, though capable of regeneration, no longer has the will to live, he can let himself die like Reiner Braun who, at that moment, only wished to end it.

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In 13 years of suffering after obtaining these powers, Ymir has known nothing but submission and wished to end it all. Only she had to serve her master. And because she no longer had the will to live, she will serve in death for eternity until you, two thousand years later.

A submission of the servant that will be reflected in the soul as well as in the form in his very last descendant, Historia Fritz, a little blonde girl who, once again and in a terrible irony, wished to be like Ymir: a decent girl, always benevolent and always very attentive to others like a slave.

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Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Who is really Ymir Fritz?

Attack on Titan Episode 80 Full Analysis: Who is really Ymir Fritz?

But then who was the high priestess Ymir, ancestor of all Eldians? What is the Truth? Well, Eren Yeager finally answers us in Attack on Titan Episode 80. Ymir is not a slave or a goddess. She is just an ordinary person whose decision is her own.

So, for two thousand years, Ymir in the paths was waiting. She who has never known anything but submission. This caged pig was waiting for his bird and sent him a message in time, to him under that tree.

This Attack Titan, this insubordinate rebel, the one who will thwart the royal egocentrism, the one who always goes forward, the one who will not liberate her, but give her the possibility to choose, give her what she never had, give her free will, give her eyes.

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The notion of freedom is very important in Shingeki no Kyojin, but here it is necessary to understand that Eren Yeager doesn’t give Ymir his freedom, he only gives her the freedom to choose.

So Eren answers an age-old question: who was Ymir Fritz? She was neither a demon nor a goddess, she was just an ordinary person, an unhappy little girl and then surprisingly it echoes on who?

On Eren Yeager, who is also an unhappy little boy who will start writing the history. He is considered a demon in Marley and a God in Paradis. The one who will save the island of Paradis, the one who will save Eldia, but who will also, with the Rumbling, destroy the whole humanity.

So, once again, history is being rewritten in Attack on Titan Episode 80. Who was Ymir Fritz? A Demon or a Goddess? No, she was an unhappy little girl.

Who was Eren Yeager? A Demon or a God? No, he was just an unhappy little boy.